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a simple thank you to Honorable Stan Strickland

Clearly I am not alone in my appreciation of you, Judge Strickland. So many of us share in appreciation and gratitude for the stalwart work you have done over these long two years.  (Of course, we would have liked to have seen you preside over the next two years also.)  There is great angst among us, but sometimes life has a way of inserting itself into situations that are beyond the beyond of confounding.  So, acceptance and understanding is the order of the day, I suppose.

My friend and fellow blogger, auntdeedee, calls those of us who seek the truth, (like my friend Marinade Dave), “Caylee’s Friends.”  We are all bloggers and lovers of truth.  We have taken up the cause of this little girl with the woeful eyes and lilting little voice as if she were our own.  I can say with some conviction that I think you have, too.

It is terribly depressing, as you well know, to see the extent that human beings will go to hurt, maim or kill one another for sport. But, when the victim is a child, there is an anger that rises and burns in me and seems never to heal. Injustice turns my stomach but the murder of a child rips it in two.

The thought of all the hatred and crime in this community of humans is too much at times for me to ponder. So, I am thankful for folks like you who do the job for the citizens of the community. I am grateful for the men and women like you who can stomach the horrors of such crimes, and who seek truth.

I cannot mourn all the children who are lost or battered or thrown aside like yesterday’s news. So, I have taken up the cause of seeing justice for little Caylee, who is for me, a symbol of all children who suffer and have suffered.  For all the children like Caylee who never had a voice, I stand for them.

And I stand for you, Judge Strickland, and I honor you for your work.

When you said in your final ruling:  “An innocent is dead and the life of an accused citizen hangs in the balance.”  It said it all.

An innocent is dead.  There is an accused citizen.

I can think of only one thing worse than the death of a child and that is wrongly accusing an innocent of the act.

As you say, there is great “gravitational force [and] consequence” in ensuring that justice for Casey is also given it’s due.  That is why I applaud what you did, and how swiftly you did it.

I am sorry this happened, but I thank you for standing up and doing the right thing.  I know my friends would join me in saying: We thank you for your impeccable service to this case.

Lastly, I wanted to close this missive by sharing with you a note left on my blog by a reader, Judy, from Pennsylvania, who writes:

I’m not a follower or a blogger but I would like to know where I can leave a post for Judge Strickland. In my opinion his stance on being recused and his recusing himself was absolute genius. He did so with grace and dignity and Florida has to be very proud of him. I watched every live feed I could find from my home in Pa., about the Casey Anthony case and felt he always based his decisions on the strictest order of the law. I feel Florida needs to honor this man for the great jurist that he is. I’m extremely pleased that the new judge is one of Florida’s meanest and toughest because this case needs to be tried only once. By meanest and toughest, I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way but in a way of keeping the defense in their place and not allowing them the least bit of leeway. I haven’t judged Ms. Anthony guilty but the evidence that I heard is overwhelmingly against her. I truly hope that justice will prevail for her and her family. I can only imagine what it’s like for the Anthony family that has lost a sweet little grandchild.

Now I will also “Let It Be”.

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