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April 22, 2010


a simple thank you to Honorable Stan Strickland

by Andrea O'Connell

Clearly I am not alone in my appreciation of you, Judge Strickland. So many of us share in appreciation and gratitude for the stalwart work you have done over these long two years.  (Of course, we would have liked to have seen you preside over the next two years also.)  There is great angst among us, but sometimes life has a way of inserting itself into situations that are beyond the beyond of confounding.  So, acceptance and understanding is the order of the day, I suppose.

My friend and fellow blogger, auntdeedee, calls those of us who seek the truth, (like my friend Marinade Dave), “Caylee’s Friends.”  We are all bloggers and lovers of truth.  We have taken up the cause of this little girl with the woeful eyes and lilting little voice as if she were our own.  I can say with some conviction that I think you have, too.

It is terribly depressing, as you well know, to see the extent that human beings will go to hurt, maim or kill one another for sport. But, when the victim is a child, there is an anger that rises and burns in me and seems never to heal. Injustice turns my stomach but the murder of a child rips it in two.

The thought of all the hatred and crime in this community of humans is too much at times for me to ponder. So, I am thankful for folks like you who do the job for the citizens of the community. I am grateful for the men and women like you who can stomach the horrors of such crimes, and who seek truth.

I cannot mourn all the children who are lost or battered or thrown aside like yesterday’s news. So, I have taken up the cause of seeing justice for little Caylee, who is for me, a symbol of all children who suffer and have suffered.  For all the children like Caylee who never had a voice, I stand for them.

And I stand for you, Judge Strickland, and I honor you for your work.

When you said in your final ruling:  “An innocent is dead and the life of an accused citizen hangs in the balance.”  It said it all.

An innocent is dead.  There is an accused citizen.

I can think of only one thing worse than the death of a child and that is wrongly accusing an innocent of the act.

As you say, there is great “gravitational force [and] consequence” in ensuring that justice for Casey is also given it’s due.  That is why I applaud what you did, and how swiftly you did it.

I am sorry this happened, but I thank you for standing up and doing the right thing.  I know my friends would join me in saying: We thank you for your impeccable service to this case.

Lastly, I wanted to close this missive by sharing with you a note left on my blog by a reader, Judy, from Pennsylvania, who writes:

I’m not a follower or a blogger but I would like to know where I can leave a post for Judge Strickland. In my opinion his stance on being recused and his recusing himself was absolute genius. He did so with grace and dignity and Florida has to be very proud of him. I watched every live feed I could find from my home in Pa., about the Casey Anthony case and felt he always based his decisions on the strictest order of the law. I feel Florida needs to honor this man for the great jurist that he is. I’m extremely pleased that the new judge is one of Florida’s meanest and toughest because this case needs to be tried only once. By meanest and toughest, I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way but in a way of keeping the defense in their place and not allowing them the least bit of leeway. I haven’t judged Ms. Anthony guilty but the evidence that I heard is overwhelmingly against her. I truly hope that justice will prevail for her and her family. I can only imagine what it’s like for the Anthony family that has lost a sweet little grandchild.

Now I will also “Let It Be”.

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  1. auntdeedee
    Apr 23 2010

    Thanks for this post, Andrea. My sentiments exactly.
    You said, “Injustice turns my stomach but the murder of a child rips it in two.” I have tears welling up in my eyes having read this. All of Caylee’s friends, I’m sure, feels the same way.

    I will miss Judge Stan Strickland. But, hey, Casey wanted him recused. Now she may wish she hadn’t done that. It appears that Judge Perry has been made aware of the defense tactics and will put a stop to it.

    I wonder if the defense was hoping there would be more lashing out against Casey with this move so they can collect bloggers’ comments as evidence for a change of venue once again. Little did they know that the blame would be placed on our friend, MD, and the defense, and not Casey.

    I sign my name to your letter to the Honorable Judge Stan Strickland.

  2. Linda
    Apr 23 2010

    OMG- Excellent, Excellent post! I too, feel the same way Judy from Pa feels, couldn’t agree with her more. Honorable Judge Strictland is an outstanding man and nothing short of a real class act. He will be truly missed.

    Andrea, fantastic read- with great intentions.


    • Andrea
      Apr 23 2010

      Oh Linda, I am so pleased you feel as I do. Yes. I think, like you, that Judge Strickland did fantastic work, and more importantly, I believe he suffered the slings and arrows with great honor and now Judge Perry will take up where Strickland left off to take this case further down the straight and narrow path of justice.

      All the best Linda, and thank you for posting!

  3. Andrea
    Apr 23 2010

    Hey auntdeedee,

    Thanks for signing your name here, too! That means a lot to me.

    I hope that Judge Strickland knows how much he’s honored and appreciated.

    I am so sure that Casey never dreamed in a million years what the alternative would be for her and her team.

    The fact is, the best thing that could have happened, did happen: we got Judge Perry who has, I see, just sent a decorum edict to the lawyers!!

    I love it!

    Oh my, I sure have a feeling that this will be a no-nonsense affair with Honorable Judge Perry steering the ship – he’s seen first hand what Judge Strickland had to deal with, and it’s evident he’s prepared to nip it all in the proverbial bud!

    I am so pleased at this turn of events.

    All the best! 🙂

  4. Boston
    Apr 23 2010

    Judge Perry is going to step in now and attempt to do what Judge Strickland tried to do – afford Ms Anthony a fair trail before an impartial jury.

    Judge Strickland knew that the truth and Ms Anthony were strangers but what he didn’t know was that his reputation for being a fine legal scholar and a fair minded judge would be questioned by the dumbest of the dumb-someone who entered this case with questionable motives and without adequate experience and who is not DPQ.

    Mr Baez knows nothing more about criminal procedure than what he can remember from his first year of law school. I wouldn’t take a refresher course from Ms Lyon but he did. He hired her! She has no thinking or speaking skills and the Motions she helped Mr Baez write were poorly written and often times had no basis in fact.

    He hired Mr Lenaman and although he was not death penalty qualified Mr Baez passed judgement on his work product. Mr Lenaman was out the door in short order after he suggested a possible defense of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. Casey’s narcissism kicked in and Mr Lenaman was kicked to the curb.

    He hired Mr Macaluso and his right to represent Ms Anthony was interrupted. He “recused” himself from Fl v Anthony “with a little help from his friends” – his client base. Talk about the “appearance of impropriety”!!!

    I am sure that 6 months ago Mr Baez was biting at the bit to Disqualify Judge Strickland but he had to have Ms Lyon on board in order to do so. She wasn’t interested or perhaps she thought she’d keep it as an appellate issue.

    Mr Mason was hired and the deed is done.

    There is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope Judge Perry shines that light where it belongs-on the victim and the accused. Maybe the light will be bright enough for Ms Anthony to see the error of her ways.

    • Andrea
      Apr 23 2010

      Hey Boston, I love reading your posts. You do such a fantastic job of recalling facts. You are clear and concise and I thank you.

      Yes, I sure do remember that wonderful moment when the Judge said “Ms. Anthony and the truth are strangers…

      It is hard to fathom that the likes of Baez could bring such a predicament down upon Judge Strickland….. But, like Bill Sheaffer pointed out, they had to warn Casey of the potential bias, whether it was real or not, if they had not broached the topic the issue would raise its ugly head again via appeal process.

      It’s just maddening to say the least. Had they taken Mr. Lenaman’s suggestion, there might be a plea deal right now…. but, things happen for a reason, I suppose…. It’s too bad Baez has made such a mockery of the system, but it will now stop with Judge Perry given what the rules of decorum that he recently published….

      Thank you again for you excellent points and for the walk down the recent attorney line up!

      Talk to you soon!

  5. Boston
    Apr 23 2010

    Judge Strickland will not be the last person she snears into her web of lies. According to Hare, the best way to survive the lies, deceit and manipulation of a psychopath is to get the hell away from them. The Judge a lucky man in so many ways.

    If Casey had the “power” to destroy the people who gave her life, what did all those wannabees think she would do to them? She exposed their character flaws, their hubris, their criminal records and their triumphs and failures. Joyless Wray, Mr Thompson, Annie D. Amy H. Mrs Roy Kronk, TES volunteers,Jessie Grund and Mr and Mrs Grund, River, Skye and the Moon Up Above, etc.,etc.,etc! are all on the Witness List and they never witnessed a thing.

    The only one who “witnessed” everything is the same person who was charged with Murder-not the appearance of impropriety. Isn’t it sad that the murder of this precious child could have been forgiven by 12 good men and woman but it is the lies that could shuff her life out?

  6. MicynEly8
    May 11 2010

    Helpful piece of writing. Appreciate your sharing


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