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More documents today but an oddly quiet day

It has been a quiet day in the Casey Anthony case, though it surely was a loud week!

The Honorable Judge Perry reveals his management style

I am pleased that Judge Perry has scheduled a status hearing for April 30th, at 9:30 a.m.  And oh my, won’t it be interesting?!

I can hardly wait to see the tip toe-ing and the pleasantries in that Orlando courtroom!

I was also very pleased to see the Honorable Judge Perry lay down the law with his recent edict regarding decorum in the courtroom.  It reads more like a course called “Courtroom Manners 101”.   And it even mentions no gum chewing!  No doubt the cameras will be focused on Cindy Anthony to see if she read the rules, too.

Here’s the link to the document – it’s priceless:  Judge Perry’s Orders.

Discovery released today

There were some 250 pages of discovery evidence released today in the case.  What was most striking was the “lack” of substantive FBI evidence against Casey, or so it seems at first glance.

The news sources are reporting that there was a great deal of testing as a result of a single hair found at the crime scene.  This particular strand of hair from a Caucasian was compared to the hair of several investigators, and others, and a match has thus far not been found.

Now, in the big scheme of things, this has little import, in my opinion.  My goodness, a single strand of hair could travel for miles and could be attributed to anyone!  I have no doubt that my hair is in the park that I take my dog to….If the defense tries to use a phantom piece of hair as proof or reasonable doubt….well, it would be plain silly.

It reminds me of the butterfly analogy: i.e. if a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil will the tides change in Florida?  Conceivably, yes, but there have to be many more aspects aligning as well to make a substantive reaction – to make waves happen.

Phantom hair

Remember the OJ trial?  Well, today someone from WFTV asked my favorite attorney, Bill Sheaffer, if he thinks the defense could potentially use the phantom hair as proof that someone other than Casey could have been there to commit the crime.  Sort of like how Johnny Cochran used the nursery rhyme: “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

I thought, oh dear, it would be just like the defense to try to sing:  “If there’s no hair she wasn’t there?!!

Seriously, Bill Sheaffer put that question to rest when he told the WFTV interviewer that a phantom hair cannot compare (forgive the rhyming… I can’t help it now!) to what was used in the OJ trial.  The jurors clearly saw the glove as unable to fit OJ’s hand hence the rhyme.  So, I doubt they’ll be singing “Aint her hair – so there!”

Mr. Sheaffer pointed out the following with regards to mentioning a bloody glove and strand of mystery hair in the same breath:

There is so much other circumstantial evidence indicating that Casey Anthony killed her child. In the OJ case, there was not that quality or quantity of circumstantial evidence.

We’ve come a long way since OJ….there is not a chance under the Florida sky that OJ would get away scot-free today.

River or Sky? – I can’t keep them straight!

Also released with the evidence today was an interesting interview with “Sky” about her sister “River Cruz”.

I get terribly forgetful with these two ladies, I cannot seem to remember which is the river and which is the sky.

It was an accident

The gist of the interview revealed that the Anthony’s have allegedly repeated to both Sky and River that Caylee’s death “was an accident”.

I have to leave it at that for now – some nights I simply cannot revisit thoughts of that child’s death.  If you would care to read to read the interview, here is a link:  River Cruz’s Sister.

Some nights I would just like to forget the reality of this case, you know what I mean?

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