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Texas EquuSearch is fed up with the Defense attorney’s refusal to peruse the files of the volunteers searching for Caylee Anthony. Pursuant to the orders of Judge Stan Strickland, the defense may not remove the records, may not photocopy them, and may only review them at the law offices of Mark NeJame, counsel for Texas Equusearch.

According to WESH, NeJame plans to make a request to Judge Perry to have the defense, once and for all, review the records they had previously cried were so critical to their case. So critical the defense has yet to review them.

The story is located at this link: WESH

Blink on Crime is reporting that Todd Macaluso, former Defense attorney/volunteer aid to Baez, was summarily removed from practicing law effective today.  However, after reading the document issued by the California court, total and forever removal may not be the case, rather it appears that California is requesting that Macaluso enter into a “program” to regain his law license at some point in the future.  This is very sketchy information at best.  More information will be forthcoming.

Additionally, Blink On Crime is also reporting that Baez is taking an eleven day vacation after Friday’s Management hearing.  Initially they intimated that Baez was being investigated by the Florida Bar Association, but this too is not clear.  Further research into this matter is necessary, as the article seems to contradict itself.  You be the judge: here is the link: Blink on Crime

Finally, our friend and fellow blogger, Marinade Dave, is in the news!  Here’s the very friendly article in the Orlando Sentinel about Dave.

In the meantime, we wait with anticipation for Friday’s hearing with the Honorable Judge Perry!

What a day that will be!

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