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the first hearing with Judge Perry scheduled tomorrow! don’t miss it….

I am home today with a miserable cold….my head is not in the mood to write, but I did want to remind us all about tomorrow’s hearing in the Anthony case.

I will miss seeing it live as I have to work tomorrow.  Needless to say, I will anxiously await any online updates.   It will be very interesting, to say the least!

As far as other news, well, it’s been slow. The fact that Todd Macaluso is requesting to be off the Anthony case is no surprise as he’s in serious trouble with the California bar. Macaluso has been facing disbarment; WFTV is reporting that he has been disbarred already.

Regardless, he is not in good stead in California, and has not been in a long while.   But heck, he’s welcome in Florida!

I would imagine that the defense rues the day when Macaluso, blindly, stood up and made that blanket statement (in open court) about Casey Anthony’s innocence.

Remember?  He stated that Casey is innocent and they can PROVE it?  They claim someone put little Caylee’s body in the woods while Casey was incarcerated.

The prosecution has been asking for months now for proof to back that statement up and have gotten ZIP from the defense.  This is why the defense is steadfastly trying to place one of the TES workers in the area where Caylee was located – to prove that Caylee was not there, hence Casey was not involved.

Now, maybe this is a silly question, but Macaluso has been in trouble for a while – why would Baez want to associate himself with a lawyer who is under suspicion and with such a shady past?

Makes one wonder about scruples.  Does the defense team have ANY scruples?  Can we make a list of any?  I wish I could think of one or two.

However, if anyone can force scruples on a set of lawyers, I think Judge Perry might just be the one to do it.

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