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April 29, 2010


the first hearing with Judge Perry scheduled tomorrow! don’t miss it….

by Andrea O'Connell

I am home today with a miserable cold….my head is not in the mood to write, but I did want to remind us all about tomorrow’s hearing in the Anthony case.

I will miss seeing it live as I have to work tomorrow.  Needless to say, I will anxiously await any online updates.   It will be very interesting, to say the least!

As far as other news, well, it’s been slow. The fact that Todd Macaluso is requesting to be off the Anthony case is no surprise as he’s in serious trouble with the California bar. Macaluso has been facing disbarment; WFTV is reporting that he has been disbarred already.

Regardless, he is not in good stead in California, and has not been in a long while.   But heck, he’s welcome in Florida!

I would imagine that the defense rues the day when Macaluso, blindly, stood up and made that blanket statement (in open court) about Casey Anthony’s innocence.

Remember?  He stated that Casey is innocent and they can PROVE it?  They claim someone put little Caylee’s body in the woods while Casey was incarcerated.

The prosecution has been asking for months now for proof to back that statement up and have gotten ZIP from the defense.  This is why the defense is steadfastly trying to place one of the TES workers in the area where Caylee was located – to prove that Caylee was not there, hence Casey was not involved.

Now, maybe this is a silly question, but Macaluso has been in trouble for a while – why would Baez want to associate himself with a lawyer who is under suspicion and with such a shady past?

Makes one wonder about scruples.  Does the defense team have ANY scruples?  Can we make a list of any?  I wish I could think of one or two.

However, if anyone can force scruples on a set of lawyers, I think Judge Perry might just be the one to do it.

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  1. Hilde
    Apr 29 2010

    Andrea~~ sorry You are not feeling well, just take good care of Your self and get better! 😉
    Thanks for reminding us about tomorrows Hearing. I set my VCR to record it, I don’t want to miss it. It should be interesting and it will give us an Idea how this Case will go forward from now on. Hopefully the Pace will pick up some and some of that Non Sense will be cut out.
    As to Macaluso it is no Surprise like You stated. It was not a smart Move on his Behalf to make such a silly Statement which he couldn’t back up with any kind of believable Evidence.
    Basically Macaluso put his Foot in his Mouth with that Statement.
    Casey has been proven to be a lot of things but innocent in the Death of her Daughter I believe is not of of them. JMO

    • Andrea
      Apr 30 2010

      Thank you, dear Hilde. I am so much better today. Still stuffed up, but much better!

      Did you get a chance to watch the trial? I was really impressed with the tone that that judge set….. what a difference!

      Baez didn’t dare step out of line!!! It was just amazing, too, to see him so controlled……

      This Judge is definitely no-nonsense!

  2. Kitt
    Apr 29 2010

    Hi Andrea,
    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I hope it runs its course quickly and you’re better soon!

    Anybody know what time the hearing is tomorrow? I also have to work, so would like to know what time to set my DVR. Looking forward to this!

    • Andrea
      Apr 30 2010

      Hey Kitt,

      Thanks so much. Hope you had a chance to see the hearing today…. Very interesting!

      Have a happy weekend!

      I have a good friend coming to visit from NYC – she’s staying until Wednesday, and I am so looking forward to it!

  3. Hilde
    Apr 29 2010

    Kitt~~ 9.30 AM

  4. Boston
    Apr 30 2010

    Andrea-You just get back into bed and take care of yourself.

    The atmosphere in that courtroom this morning will be much more business like. I hope the next to go will be Baez and Lyon. Mr Baez negotiated the sale of the victim’s last day on earth and pocketed the money with the incompetent DPQ lawyer he hired. The two people who were without ideas or a theory or strategy to move forward didn’t even memorialize their billable hours.

    • Andrea OConnell
      Apr 30 2010

      Thanks Boston! LOL! Mom’s cooking helped yesterday and I am back to work… So anxious to hear what you and everyone thinks of today’s proceedings!!!

      I am sure the tenor of the court will be oh so changed…..

      Thanks to all for your posts wishing me well!

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Hilde
    May 1 2010

    Andrea~~ good to hear You on Your Way to Recovery and are feeling better. 🙂
    Yes I watched the Hearing. I believe Judge Perry will make sure this Case will go forward in a timely and cost efficient
    Way, meaning he won’t put up wasting time on childish Games.
    Both Sides tried to be on their best Behavior and seemed
    nervous at times.
    I didn’t care much for Baez to correct Judge Perry as far as Ms. Lion’s Name. He made the Statement it is Ms. Lyon, like roar,not Lyon’s! The whole time he was grinning?
    I am sure the Judge could have done without Baez’s Correction!
    As for Casey, what can You say, I guess she put a stoic Impression on her Face for this Hearing, I really don’t care what Face she puts on, it will be the Evidence against her
    which counts, not what she looks like and what facial Expressions she will put on at the Hearings. Naturally she couldn’t help but fidgeting with her Horse Tail which is getting longer each time she comes to the Hearing. Again, who really cares it is just an Observation, nothing more and nothing less.
    It seems like George was a tad irritated, maybe it had to do something with Casey’s Letter accusing him of improper
    sexual advances toward Casey but wait she isn’t quite sure
    about her Dad improper Behavior towards her?
    Anyway that would I think be enough to explain why George wasn’t too happy to be in Court. This is like always just my Opinion. 😉

  6. Andrea
    May 3 2010

    Hi my dear Hilde…
    Sorry it’s taken a bit for me to respond… I’ve had a busy couple of days with my friend in town from NYC and yesterday having such fun bopping from theatre to theatre seeing shows! 🙂

    I am so glad you mentioned the bit about correcting the Judge about “Lyons” versus “Lyon”. I thought that was a very awkward moment, too, and not something that should have been said in open court, for crying out loud!

    And, it was very interesting to watch the parents…. George did seem a bit out of sorts, for sure. And, yup… no doubt he’s a bit chagrined about this whole letter writing escapade getting out in the open…. I’m sure it will be used for full effect by the defense…it’ll be a “poor Casey” line that we’ll hear over and over….yuck. If it is the truth, I am sorry for Casey… it’s horrible indeed. And surely she’s affected, if it’s true. However, how many abuse survivors go on to murder their children? No matter how one looks at it, it is not a defense.

    Anyway… all the best & thanks for your wise words.


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