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order in this court today

Judge Belvin Perry

Today’s hearing in the Casey Anthony case was fascinating.

Casey Anthony looked more than a little somber today.  Her hair has gotten long and it was pulled back in a neat pony-tail.

The trial date is still set to begin May 9, 2011.

How to compare the courtroom of Judge Perry and Judge Strickland?  To me, it was akin to the different air of War and Peace and The Great Gatsby. Masterpieces both, though starkly different atmosphere and tone.

The tone today?  Solemn and heavy-heeled versus the lilting, impetuous, ragtime with Judge Stickland.

The pall and pause over the court was not quite timorous, but felt apprehensive during a discussion of the penalty phase of the case.  Today, the reality seemed to sink in – yes; this case is moving forward.

Judge Perry asked the parties to guesstimate about how long their case-in-chief would be.  The State replied: 3 to 4 weeks. The Defense: 3 weeks. And then, the Judge asked, if there is a finding of First Degree Murder, and “if there is” a penalty phase, how long would it last?  The state said: 1 day.  The Defense: 1 week. The pause after this discussion was palpable in the air.

Another topic of interest, the number of witnesses each side will call.  The State has a list of 250 persons, 90 of which the state asserted that the  Defense will want to depose.  Will the defense only depose 90 versus all 250? That remains to be seen.

Also discussed was the need for sequestering the jury, once they were seated.

Jose Baez made if clear the defense is opposed to a sequestered jury, and mentioned that the type of juror they want would not take kindly to being sequestered.

Perhaps the defense has in mind a younger juror who would be loath to be without their computers, IPhones, TV and radio for nearly two months?

The plugged-in Generation Y-er’s are truly Casey’s peers. They are the impetuous and impulsive “I want it now” generation who grew up with technology.

Are they less law-abiding?  No.  Will they be less lenient?  Doubtful.   Gen Y’s have souls and spirit and sense and are just as unforgiving of  murder as the rest of us.

Gen Y’s are smart, but they have a need to be connected and will hate to be disconnected from the Internet. This is pure speculation on my part, but it appears this just may be the model juror for the defense, however, it would be difficult for most in this group to handle being sequestered.  If this is the model juror for the defense, how will they deal with this? Time will tell.

George and Cindy Anthony were present with their attorney, Brad Conway.  If Casey acknowledged her parents today, it was beyond the view of the courtroom camera.

Cindy Anthony (who was not chewing gum) could be seen kissing the air and mouthing “I love you” to Casey.

The cameras did not reveal if the words were said to the back of Casey’s pony-tail, or if she briefly glimpsed back at her parents to catch the blown kiss.  Perhaps she caught it as she was being escorted out?

Sad.  So pitifully sad.

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