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Baez to media: ‘leeches and pseudo news media’

There were a great many defense requests argued in today’s motion hearing in the Casey Anthony case.  What was chief among the requests was the question of whether the public could have access to the records of the defense’s spending on experts.  In short, the defense lost on that front.  However, the Judge will allow for a case-by-case basis review, particularly if releasing the name or specialty of an expert would hamper the defense’s ability to deliver its case without pretrial publicity.  Therefore, the Judge will have the option to seal the records on a case by case basis.

In WFTV’s coverage of today’s hearing, the following is most telling:

Baez argued that the media,  “leeches” and “pseudo news media” are most interested in having access to the documents but, while there’s a public right to know, it could damage her right to a fair trial. In its motion, the defense wrote, “Documents and requests for funding will lead to endless speculation as to the defense strategy for defending Miss Anthony and could ultimately affect her right to a fair trial.”

“Quite frankly, the Orlando Sentinel is going to have to find another way to sell newspapers,” Baez told Judge Perry on Thursday.

Below is an overview of the defense requests and the decisions by Judge Perry, as well as the basis for the decisions made:

Defense Request Decision/Status Basis
Mitigation / investigator Specialist Approved Okay to continue with current defense expert
Out of state expert witnesses Approved but with a budget cap. Spending cap at 300 hours.  JAC asked for 30-50, Baez asked for 480 hours
Seal the defense spending Denied but with flexibility Perry will review on case by case basis whether to seal some spending for expert witnesses.
Approved Experts:

Forensic Entomologist;  an Anthropologist, a forensic Botanist, a forensic Pathologist, a Digital forensics expert, a DNA expert, two forensic Chemist experts,  and a Canine expert

These experts are approved but must follow JAC spending guidelines Payment is allowed for up to 20 hours of work.
Jury consultant Denied Denied without further motions for a hearing
Taphony expert (study of decaying organisms) Denied Defense can file a motion for a hearing on this
Funds for purchase of 2 Pontiac Sunfires for testing Denied Defense can file a motion for a hearing on this
Cell phone expert Denied Defense can file a motion for a hearing on this
Casey to waive presence at motion hearings Denied Casey may waive appearance only at status hearings
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