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May 6, 2010


Baez to media: ‘leeches and pseudo news media’

by Andrea O'Connell

There were a great many defense requests argued in today’s motion hearing in the Casey Anthony case.  What was chief among the requests was the question of whether the public could have access to the records of the defense’s spending on experts.  In short, the defense lost on that front.  However, the Judge will allow for a case-by-case basis review, particularly if releasing the name or specialty of an expert would hamper the defense’s ability to deliver its case without pretrial publicity.  Therefore, the Judge will have the option to seal the records on a case by case basis.

In WFTV’s coverage of today’s hearing, the following is most telling:

Baez argued that the media,  “leeches” and “pseudo news media” are most interested in having access to the documents but, while there’s a public right to know, it could damage her right to a fair trial. In its motion, the defense wrote, “Documents and requests for funding will lead to endless speculation as to the defense strategy for defending Miss Anthony and could ultimately affect her right to a fair trial.”

“Quite frankly, the Orlando Sentinel is going to have to find another way to sell newspapers,” Baez told Judge Perry on Thursday.

Below is an overview of the defense requests and the decisions by Judge Perry, as well as the basis for the decisions made:

Defense Request Decision/Status Basis
Mitigation / investigator Specialist Approved Okay to continue with current defense expert
Out of state expert witnesses Approved but with a budget cap. Spending cap at 300 hours.  JAC asked for 30-50, Baez asked for 480 hours
Seal the defense spending Denied but with flexibility Perry will review on case by case basis whether to seal some spending for expert witnesses.
Approved Experts:

Forensic Entomologist;  an Anthropologist, a forensic Botanist, a forensic Pathologist, a Digital forensics expert, a DNA expert, two forensic Chemist experts,  and a Canine expert

These experts are approved but must follow JAC spending guidelines Payment is allowed for up to 20 hours of work.
Jury consultant Denied Denied without further motions for a hearing
Taphony expert (study of decaying organisms) Denied Defense can file a motion for a hearing on this
Funds for purchase of 2 Pontiac Sunfires for testing Denied Defense can file a motion for a hearing on this
Cell phone expert Denied Defense can file a motion for a hearing on this
Casey to waive presence at motion hearings Denied Casey may waive appearance only at status hearings
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  1. Molly
    May 6 2010

    Like there hasn’t been “endless speculation” already in this case. It’s not going to make any difference that the public is allowed access to his list of experts. Everyone knows he will have his own experts to try to refute what the state & their experts are going to present.
    Baez better have excellent records of the money already paid to these experts. I have a feeling the $163,000.00 spent will come back into question as this goes on & on & on.

  2. Boston
    May 6 2010

    Nice job Andrea! I like the way you set this up.

    I never knew he had such a disdain for the 4th Estate. My oh my do we get a little hot under the collar….

    Doesn’t he know that without the media many trials that came long before his infamous client, were protected through full disclosure and both the defendant and the system benefited from a close up of the proceedings and an objective analysis of what went right and wrong in the courtroom? I value the media just like I value my ability to speak my mind, practice my religion and evaluate what government does and fails to do.

    Was he a little too quick to describe them as “leeches” and “pseudo news media”? Perhaps WordPress Bloggers are not mainstream reporters or analysts but does he want to bite the hand that made it possible for Judge Strickland to recuse himself?

    If the Huntington Post, The Christian Science Monitor or Politico was writing about the case I daresay he wouldn;t have a leg to stand on nor would he be so quick to evaluate their contributions in such a negative fashion.

    Marinade Dave was so accommodating and to think he welcomed Mr Baez’s investigator right into his living room and was so forthcoming and all he gets is the implied put down of being a “pseudo news media”. Surely the well established Orlando Sentinel is not the bain of his existence.

    Cheer up Mr Baez you used them when you needed them and you used Dave Marinade when you needed him. Too late now to cry over your bad choices.

    • Andrea
      May 6 2010

      Hey Boston! Well, thank you for your excellent comments! I am totally with you on this… If the taxpayers are footing the bill, the taxpayers have a right to know. I believe Baez likes to criticize the media when it’s convenient to do so. Clearly he speaks out of both sides of his mouth on this issue, as Judge Strickland acknowledged in his parting ruling: “the irony is rich.”

      LOL! How about Ms. Anthony requesting not to be present at hearings? That floored me, just floored me.

      Thanks for your comments, my friend! 🙂

  3. May 6 2010

    the only pseudo news that i witnessed was when the anthonys and bozo wee in front of the camera. kc does not want to be bothered with coming to the hearings, because in her evil mind, “it’s all about that little girl and she is dead, but i am alive. it would be a waste, a huge waste.” Justice for precious Caylee!

    • Andrea
      May 6 2010

      Hey Midget… yes! Well said.

  4. Ideas
    May 6 2010

    Don’t you think Casey would want to come out of that prison every once in a while and wear different clothing and have a reason for make-up? Is this truly a request from Baez for her or for himself somehow? Has she been reacting poorly to this new judge and he’s concerned about her or is he tired of trying to explain again and again what happened in the courtroom and how now he looks like he might be losing with no wiggle room?

    • Andrea
      May 6 2010

      LOL Ideas…Yeah, one would think… but I bet, like Midget48 said, Casey thinks it’s not important…it’s a waste, a huge waste. I also think this is how she faces reality…. by placing herself outside of what is really going on…like it’s happening to someone else, or it should be happening to someone else because she didn’t do this, so she believes. Judging by her letters, she believes that she’s going to prevail in this case, and so she pretends these hearings are not really important, even though she surely loves getting out of the jail…it’s a trade off for her twisted logic. But, there’s no way she truly wants to be absent from Baez in the courtroom, her “father figure”….. I wonder how she’ll think of Baez when he loses this case?

  5. auntdeedee
    May 6 2010

    I love the chart! Thanks, Andrea!

    Well said, everyone!
    Ideas, 😆

    I found it interesting that the mitigator was so extremely important for a defense attorney who says Casey is innocent and when everything comes out in court, we will all say, “…aha! Now I understand!” or something like that. Yep, MOTY needs a mitigator.

    I really like the new judge and the new feel of the courtroom. I about choked on my water when I heard Baez say, “Your Honor”…

    • Andrea
      May 7 2010

      Well, Hi Aunt Deedee…. 🙂

      Thanks re: the chart… I also think it helps to see the info laid out like this….

      I really really like Judge Perry, too. He’s quick and fair and i really think that justice will be carefully and methodically served in his courtroom…

      LOL! it’s about time we see Baez behave like a real attorney…. Today he (Baez) seemed a bit more cogent and somewhat more rational. But, he still seemed to be infusing his arguments with a lot of emotion, the judge was patient with him. And, it seemed like the Judge made it so clear he would not tolerate any nonsensical response that did not follow the law. He seemed to put Baez in his place a couple of times today….

      This is getting very interesting indeed!

    • Andrea
      May 7 2010

      p.s. Dee… I forgot to ask you, what does MOTY refer to? LOL… can’t figure that one out….:) LOL @ mitigator! It’s bizarre indeed.

  6. VivianDarkbloom
    May 7 2010

    I believe MOTY is mother of the year!!!! 😉

    • Andrea
      May 7 2010

      Ohhhh! LOL, Thanks so much VivianDarkbloom!

  7. jon
    May 7 2010

    It seems to me that if the public is expected to cough up the money for her defense, then the public has a right to know how much is being spent as well as how it’s being spent. I’m really getting tired of this attitude of Casey and company. She should be required to be at each and every hearing and maybe then she’d get a sense of the reality of what she’s in for. Maybe she’d like to be tried “in absentia” as well! She should be dragged into the courtroom, kicking and screaming if necessary. I’m so tired of her and her parent’s (esp. Cindy’s) sense of entitlement. I read somewhere that Cindy was texting in the courtroom during one of the hearings and it might have been to send Casey a message through Baez. If this is fact, why is it allowed? Maybe I’m just in a crappy mood this morning, but the Anthony’s are getting to me big-time today. I need the weekend.

    • Andrea
      May 7 2010

      Well, hey Jon,
      I agree that since the public is having to cough up the dough to put this party on, they should also know who’s invited! I think Judge Perry is very sensitive to this and will keep a good balance between the Public’s right to know, and Casey’s right to a fair trial.

      I agree with you that she should be at every hearing – you’d think she’d want to get out of that cell for a little while…. But, Casey cannot face reality… she lives life from outside herself, it seems. Maybe that’s how it’s so easy for her to lie and deceive…? Perhaps there are clear personality demarcations within her.

      She’s a pure narcissist-controller and loves her own “shell” (body), and then there’s the person in her who could snap and murder at the drop of a hat…. Could the demarcation be that simple?

      I don’t think I’ll ever understand what goes on in a mind like that, other than to say that real thought and feelings are totally shallow……what a dark mind Casey must live in.


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