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May 7, 2010


motion-full monday after mother’s day; tuesday argues death

by Andrea O'Connell

Monday, the 10th of May, 2010

May 10th is, ironically, the day after Mother’s Day, and the Casey Anthony case has a motion hearing.  (Mothers Day and Casey Anthony; a paradox if ever there was one.)

On the roster for Monday, quite a number of things, not the least of which is a discussion (motion) concerning the “party pictures” of Casey.  At issue for the defense is whether they should be admissible.

Surely these “party photos” should be ruled to be relevant as they speak to Casey’s activity and state of mind during the time Caylee was missing? One would hope the defense argument to keep these photos out will fall short…  Monday will tell the tale.

Also, according to the Orlando Sentinel, a motion will be heard concerning the change of venue.

And, finally on tap for Monday:  Keeping the jail visitation logs private.  Presumably the defense would like Judge Perry to seal these records.  Though, in truth, why the defense wants this motion argued is unclear.  It would be pure speculation on my part; however, one may assume this argument concerns the defense wanting to protect the identity of defense experts who visit Casey in the jail?

Monday should shed some light on this story as well.

Tuesday, the 11th of May, 2010

Now, Tuesday’s hearing brings the defense to the courtroom to argue the relevance of the death penalty in this case.  I am not a proponent of the death penalty, not for Casey Anthony or anyone, and yet, I do see why some folks in the community are bound and determined to see justice in the form of death for the murder of Caylee Anthony. As cruel a crime as this is, I could not ask for death.

I think a surer penalty for Casey Anthony will come in the future, perhaps far into the future.  I believe there will be a time when Casey grows up and realizes what she’s done.

Imagine a fifty-year old Casey Anthony waking up every fine morning in her jail garb to face the reality of what she’s done?  A bitter cup of coffee, if she drinks it.

Perhaps when (and if) reality sets in for her, she will wish she were given the death penalty.

We can hope.

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  1. May 7 2010

    Hi Andrea. The defense wants everything to be put away and forgotten about. Heck, let’s pretend the whole thing didn’t happen while we’re at it and let her out! Just plain assinine. The jail logs – it would be benificial to Baez to let people see that he actually makes contact with ‘his girl’ since he took all her money and maybe is really doing something. And, also, is that so C & G can sneak in there supposedly unnoticed to see her without being taped? I think so.
    Ah, Tuesday, yes, let’s talk about death or LWP. I hope they make her come to both these hearings. Her face is priceless with the eye burning stares. Scary indeed. I think she is starting to crack and really lose it. When this is all over, she will become a T shirt of the week at best.

    • Andrea
      May 7 2010

      I also thought about C & G sneaking in there under-cover, but I think LE would never go for that… and I think that Casey truly does not want to see her folks…. I can’t blame her, or them.

      It will be interesting to have the lawyers and the Judge discuss the DP with her present. And she has to be present… I wonder if she’s been medicated? She does tend to stare off in space… it’s really bizarre. I think you’re right, she is starting to crack behind her icy demeanor.

      Boy! She gives me the creeps…eck!!!!

      LOL @ T-shirt of the week!

      • May 7 2010

        Casey is so pi$$ed off at Cindy for buying her all those crappy blouses that she has to wear. Nah, I don’t think she is medicated, she is just trying to concentrate and get that hex through to Berry.

  2. Venice
    May 7 2010

    Hi Carol. I just love reading your posts:)

    Only a TRUE IDIOT turns down an offer to save her life…..and puts her fate in the hands of 12 strangers.

    Didn’t she watch the Scott Peterson trial? He’s another narcissistic loser…..I wonder if his sentence has hit him yet?

    • Andrea
      May 7 2010

      Hey Venice!

      Boy, good points.. and Scott Peterson was convicted on way less evidence than what Florida has to work with.

      Mark Geragos (sp) in the Peterson case had a little bit of “doubt” to work with, though it was not too reasonable, IMHO, at least there was some doubt. But in the Anthony case… there appears to be zip!

      Baez has done Casey great harm by going along with her innocence fantasy…. Baez (and company) may just cost her her life….

      She needs to pray at the feet of Professor Lyon at this point, and also come clean, perhaps then her life will be spared….

      I doubt that Peterson’s sentence has hit him yet. He and Casey: two peas in a pod, huh?

      Too bad he and Casey never met – what a pair they’d be.

      • May 7 2010

        I didn’t see any ‘excuse/ mistruth experts’ on Baez’s list. He must have forgotten to add that one! HA!

      • Andrea
        May 7 2010

        Hahahahaha!!!!! I was also looking for an expert ventriloquist for Casey (like in the movie musical Chicago!)

  3. May 7 2010

    Hi Venice; Thanks Babe. Her mind is so full of herself that she can’t get it in her thin brain why her lie isn’t washing with the world! I know- we’re all crazy! I bet that it is just killing her ( insert pun here) that we all talk about what she eats and looks like and squirms around picking at herself all the time. Aww, gee, I know my heart is bleeding for her – NOT!
    Andrea; no, I can’t imagine what she will look like when she is 50 and I don’t want to. Sports bra hanging down to her knees, fish belly winter white skin, acne from pork rind grease all over her body, and that stringy hair with gray streaks. Beautiful life – not! Ugh!

    • Andrea
      May 7 2010

      LOL!!!! OMG, Carol…what an image!!!! You’re right…….Her mind, like her is: “a waste, a total waste”….. LOL!

      Thanks so much for making me laugh good and hard! ❤

  4. sophie
    May 7 2010

    I too do not agree with the death penalty. It costs much too much in the long run, and is not a deterrent. It didn’t stop someone from killing little Caylee Anthony. It doesn’t work.

    Plus, the inmates sentenced to death are segregated from other prisoners. They enjoy a sense of security that the general population inmates don’t have.

    I say throw her in general pop and let her live in fear each day of at minimum, having the $#!+ beat out of her. At worst, someone taking her life for the recognition of it. I want her watching her back for a long, long, long time. I want her to see herself growing fat and old and gray and ugly.

    I want her to get her hopes up at every possible parole hearing, fantasizing about her freedom, only to have it refused over and over and over like those Manson gals.

    • May 7 2010

      Yay sophie, I don’t think she would live very long either in general pop. And, she wouldn’t be able to lie and snow her way to making friends. From what I’ve heard, you don’t mess with some of those hard core prison women. I think two of the Manson women died already in jail.

    • Andrea
      May 7 2010

      Wow Sophie… very well stated…

      i agree…. the DP is not a deterrent, and in a sense, it’s an easy way out for the murderer.

      She’d not last long in general population either and that would be a death sentence as those women would beat the @#$% out of her – there’s an unwritten rule among inmates – to say they disdain people who have harmed or killed children is an understatement. They abhor them and will create havoc for them inside the jail – possibly kill them.

      Unfortunately, Casey will not go into general population – at least not until her crime is long forgotten (if it ever is). The jails and prisons have to protect their brood so they place the notorious ones away from the general population.

      thanks again, Sophie for your somber but insightful thoughts.

  5. weezie10
    May 8 2010

    Carol; Not sure why you think George & Cindy would want to see Casey given the horrible accusations and claims she made in her jailhouse letters! How could anyone forgive that lying bitch, throwing all her family under the bus, so she can save herself. You can’t honestly say that she and the other girl were going to throw these letters down the toilet do you? Casey knew that once these got out to the public it would be in defiance of Baez’s wishes and the system, it would show the world and the State how much she wanted to get rid of her family, that they were so screwed up and that is why she is in jail. Laughable. She is cunning, smart and dumb. She had 30 days in which to drive that little girl as far away as possible to dump her, never to be found. That was dumb. She left her car abandoned in a general public place, to be towed away, she basically tortured Cindy and George by lying to them at every turn about where Caylee was for 30 days. I really hope Cindy’s 911 call is allowed, I hope her first conversation from jail is allowed. Those comments speak to Cindy and George knowing that it was Casey all along who did this horrible deed. Because they love her so much they have made fools of themselves to the world, so they will never be credible on the stand, and therefore it is curtains for Casey. JMO

  6. weezie10
    May 8 2010

    Oh, by the way; I would be just as happy if the DP was off the table. Let’s get rid of 1/2 the court’s time, lawyers and make this a trial about 1st degree, life sentence. I’m sure most of you would agree that by tying up the system like this, the possibility that Casey might be found not responsible with such a high degree to prove laid out for the state, it might be better with a lower burden and be done with it. Andrea Lyon’s case against death was compelling but I don’t think it moved the judge one way or the other. However I guess we get to see her do it all over again next week. yawn…

    • Andrea
      May 9 2010

      Hi Weezie,

      Absolutely. I do agree with you; let’s give Caylee justice by ensuring the one who did her the ultimate harm spends the rest of her days without sunlight, without joy but for the occasional Twinkie from the commissary as a Birthday cake sans candles, sans happiness.

      Hugs and Happy Mother’s Day, Weezie!


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