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May 9, 2010


Happy Mother’s Day

by Andrea O'Connell
Coming home

Coming home

How lucky are we who can celebrate our Mom’s today.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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  1. weezie10
    May 9 2010

    I have celebrated my Mom since I can remember. I had 20 beautiful years with the most compassionate, understanding, lovely woman I have ever met. She was always letting my friends in, making ice cream cones, talking to them about their problems. She never failed me nor did she shield me from her wrath if I did something wrong. The light is still strong in my heart, my memories sometimes fade but one small incident can bring it back as if she was here right now. I can honestly say I hate Mother’s Day. I know I should be honouring it, like the others, but I just feel sad and yet happy for my friends who still get to care for them. I don’t have children, so it’s a day my husband and I forget and then next day May 10th, we celebrate – Mother’s Day and his birthday. Once every seven years it falls on Mother’s Day, so then we have an even better double celebration. It’s just hard to put into words, but when all your parents are dead and gone, you like to avoid the greeting card section, you really don’t want any flowers just cause you are a mom to your pets. It’s for the real Moms accomplishments, and I honour that every day of my life, thanking god that he gave me a wonderful Mom. I should also add that I had a wonderful Step Mom for 30 years too. You see I got lucky and had a lot of great women in my life. They don’t go unnoticed but they don’t see me in a restaurant on Mother’s Day either.

    To all those Moms out there, one BIG SMOOCH and HUG to all of you. Your children are so blessed to have you as their leaders, teachers and guides. May today bring you joy of memories.

  2. Andrea
    May 9 2010

    Oh my dear, Weezie, I don’t have words to do justice to what you’ve written… my tears as sit here reading this should say how you’ve touched me.

    I understand the orphan-like feeling – I am 1/2 an orphan – thankful to have my mom, still. She is the one who really knows where I’m coming from and tells the truth even when it hurts. I am blessed, as you were, to have this grounding and the strength of that influence.

    A friend of mine avoids stores in May as it’s too painful to be reminded of the loss. I was thinking of her just the other day as I was picking out a Mother’s Day card. I would have to do the same, I truly would.

    Happy Birthday to your husband, Weezie! I do hope you both have a lovely time together tomorrow! I am sure you will.

    I have to dry my tears now and call my mom.

    Sending heart-felt thanks to you.

  3. auntdeedee
    May 9 2010

    Is that your mom and dad in the pic, Andrea?

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the terrific moms like Weezie’s and Andrea’s!

  4. weezie10
    May 9 2010

    Aunt Dee Dee;
    yes I want to know who is in that picture too?
    Thanks for your words, you always know what to say.
    I just posted over at my favourite jaunt. My buddies are struggling and they need my support. We just lost 3 pals this past 2 months and it really makes it so real = to live every day fully, because it is brief no matter if you last till 100 or you go at 24.

    Oh I got a big surprise. My husband Peter brought home a lovely orchid for me this afternoon. Isn’t that sweet. My spirits are bright, my kitties are warm, and I have a big teddy bear husband. I’m a lucky Mom.

    • Andrea
      May 9 2010

      Hi Weezie and Aunt Dee Dee… It’s my mom and my brother who came for a visit to celebrate mumsie’s day! 🙂

    • Andrea
      May 9 2010

      Oh what a lovely day you have had, Weezie!

      I went to visit your favorite jaunt… I am so sorry for the loss of your friends, my dear weezie. Cancer is a devil. I have bookmarked the site and will keep all these folks in my prayers.

      You are a lucky mom with a nice teddy bear, too! Will you tell him (Peter your Teddy Bear) that I think he’s pretty swell? 🙂

    • auntdeedee
      May 10 2010

      Your too kind, Weezie!

      I wish the best for everyone at Blog for a Cure. What a wonderful support group.

      BTW, my husband’s name is Peter, too!


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