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today’s hearing – inflammatory videos, showtunes, and other “krunk”

The great American musical Showboat, based on the novel by Edna Ferber, takes place on the “Cotton Blossom” a floating theatre “show” boat. 

Showboat, which opened on Broadway in December of 1927, was incredibly influential and changed the face of musical theatre in America because it infused song with a real story, with real people, versus the light vaudeville or operetta-type fare that was popular up until then.

Having just now finished reviewing today’s video of the hearing in the case against Casey Anthony, tunes from Showboat float in and out of my head.

In the first part of the hearing where Jose Baez was allowed to parade out his inflammatory video of the madding crowd in Orlando, I immediately thought: this is staging, this is theatre, this is purely to RE-create the emotions of the time when the crowds in Orlando were picketing outside the home on Hope Spring because Casey Anthony was out of jail and not looking for her daughter and people were MAD.

When attorney Baez took the stage, I mean, the dais in the courtroom and began to argue for change of venue, and then introduced his inflammatory self-made video, I knew he wanted it aired in Orlando at 5:00 and 11:00.

Why show that annoying video about the tenor of the madding crowds in Orlando when the court – both sides – had JUST stipulated that a change of venue for the jury was a done deal?

One cannot help but realize that Mr. Baez simply wants to MANUFACTURE increased media attention.

Surely Mr. Baez wanted to gain something from airing this video.  What do you think that was?

My take?  When you haven’t got a case, you MANUFACTURE one. If Casey is found anything but innocent, Show-boating with a song and a dance about the media and the inability for a fair trial, clearly will be the defense’s prologue and epilogue.

The fact is, like Linda Drane-Burdick, the Assistant State Attorney said, not everyone is sitting at home thinking about Miss Anthony. The news is not about Casey Anthony any longer.  And let’s be real here, this story was never about Casey Anthony anyway, it was about Caylee!

So, despite the tap dancing and showboating, there were  decisions made. Judge Perry did his best to get Attorney Baez focused, and though the hearing was only 90 minutes in duration, when warranted it was decisive.

Today’s Decisions and Non-Decisions

  • The Party Pics:  No Decision.  The State wants to use pictures (the notorious June 20, 2008 blue dress photos) that dispute statements made by Casey that she went to clubs to look for her daughter.  The Judge will rule on this issue in March, when particular testimony and witness statements are proffered with regards to the relevance of the photos.  With regards to the “party” pictures taken around and prior to the time when Caylee was last seen alive, the state contends that if the defense wishes to argue as to Casey’s character as a good mother, there should be ample doors open for the state to bring in the photos.
  • Cindy Anthony 911 calls – The state wants to use the third call in the series (the one in which Cindy Anthony is hysterical).  The reason: The rule of excited utterances as being admissible in most instances.  Judge Perry should rule on this in due course, today he did not.
  • Jail visitation logs – not discussed due to Cheney Mason needing additional time to prepare.
  • Motion to dismiss indictment – ha!  Denied.
  • Expert witness documents.  This is where Jose Baez lost footing and seemed to flounder, not really certain of what the defense is entitled to under the rules of discovery, he was asking for the kitchen sink from expert witnesses – notes, documents, bench notes, curriculum vitae, and more.  The Judge had to remind Jose that not all of the State witnesses are considered “expert” and therefore would not supply curriculum vitae, and would not share opinion.  Furthermore, other witnesses for the state are not obliged to share anything with the defense as they do not fall under the purview of the State of Florida rules.  (Note to self to research the following: could these entities be in possession of some of the most damning evidence against Casey?  Would this material, since it’s not discovery under the rules of the State of Florida, be held back until trial???)
  • Change of venue – No change of venue but for the jurors.  The jury will be chosen from a county in Florida that will be held under wraps.
  • The defense reversed its original stance on juror sequestration – Jose Baez announced his team is no longer opposed to a sequestered jury

Some of these motions that had been previously left on the shelf, were brought back out into the light and discussed anew.  However, not everything in the 35 page motion filed by the defense on Thursday was discussed.


In the 35-page motion written and filed by the defense this past Thursday, on page 2, the defense writes the following:

This issue involves a significantly material fact, to wit: whether or not it is possible that the defendant could have placed the body there during a time when she was incarcerated.  it also brings into significant question the role, if any, of another witness, Mr. Krunk.

Yes, in the 35 page motion filed by the defense on Thursday, the defense blatantly proffers Mr. Roy Krunk as a suspect. If you want to “frame” a witness, it’s insult upon injury to mangle his name.

Therefore, still on the table is the question of the TES records and Joe Jordon’s statement.  Not only his “statement” but also the fact that he illegally recorded two people (it is illegal to record anyone without their knowledge, unless the act is done with the express direction of law enforcement).

Why is Joe Jordon so important? Because if Joe Jordon’s testimony that there were no remains in the area while Casey was in jail, the body was placed there by someone else, namely, a Mr. Roy Krunk.

Just like their misstating his name (Krunk for Kronk) this theory of theirs is a laughable pile of JUNK!

There’s no business like SNOW business.

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