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May 10, 2010


today’s hearing – inflammatory videos, showtunes, and other “krunk”

by Andrea O'Connell

The great American musical Showboat, based on the novel by Edna Ferber, takes place on the “Cotton Blossom” a floating theatre “show” boat. 

Showboat, which opened on Broadway in December of 1927, was incredibly influential and changed the face of musical theatre in America because it infused song with a real story, with real people, versus the light vaudeville or operetta-type fare that was popular up until then.

Having just now finished reviewing today’s video of the hearing in the case against Casey Anthony, tunes from Showboat float in and out of my head.

In the first part of the hearing where Jose Baez was allowed to parade out his inflammatory video of the madding crowd in Orlando, I immediately thought: this is staging, this is theatre, this is purely to RE-create the emotions of the time when the crowds in Orlando were picketing outside the home on Hope Spring because Casey Anthony was out of jail and not looking for her daughter and people were MAD.

When attorney Baez took the stage, I mean, the dais in the courtroom and began to argue for change of venue, and then introduced his inflammatory self-made video, I knew he wanted it aired in Orlando at 5:00 and 11:00.

Why show that annoying video about the tenor of the madding crowds in Orlando when the court – both sides – had JUST stipulated that a change of venue for the jury was a done deal?

One cannot help but realize that Mr. Baez simply wants to MANUFACTURE increased media attention.

Surely Mr. Baez wanted to gain something from airing this video.  What do you think that was?

My take?  When you haven’t got a case, you MANUFACTURE one. If Casey is found anything but innocent, Show-boating with a song and a dance about the media and the inability for a fair trial, clearly will be the defense’s prologue and epilogue.

The fact is, like Linda Drane-Burdick, the Assistant State Attorney said, not everyone is sitting at home thinking about Miss Anthony. The news is not about Casey Anthony any longer.  And let’s be real here, this story was never about Casey Anthony anyway, it was about Caylee!

So, despite the tap dancing and showboating, there were  decisions made. Judge Perry did his best to get Attorney Baez focused, and though the hearing was only 90 minutes in duration, when warranted it was decisive.

Today’s Decisions and Non-Decisions

  • The Party Pics:  No Decision.  The State wants to use pictures (the notorious June 20, 2008 blue dress photos) that dispute statements made by Casey that she went to clubs to look for her daughter.  The Judge will rule on this issue in March, when particular testimony and witness statements are proffered with regards to the relevance of the photos.  With regards to the “party” pictures taken around and prior to the time when Caylee was last seen alive, the state contends that if the defense wishes to argue as to Casey’s character as a good mother, there should be ample doors open for the state to bring in the photos.
  • Cindy Anthony 911 calls – The state wants to use the third call in the series (the one in which Cindy Anthony is hysterical).  The reason: The rule of excited utterances as being admissible in most instances.  Judge Perry should rule on this in due course, today he did not.
  • Jail visitation logs – not discussed due to Cheney Mason needing additional time to prepare.
  • Motion to dismiss indictment – ha!  Denied.
  • Expert witness documents.  This is where Jose Baez lost footing and seemed to flounder, not really certain of what the defense is entitled to under the rules of discovery, he was asking for the kitchen sink from expert witnesses – notes, documents, bench notes, curriculum vitae, and more.  The Judge had to remind Jose that not all of the State witnesses are considered “expert” and therefore would not supply curriculum vitae, and would not share opinion.  Furthermore, other witnesses for the state are not obliged to share anything with the defense as they do not fall under the purview of the State of Florida rules.  (Note to self to research the following: could these entities be in possession of some of the most damning evidence against Casey?  Would this material, since it’s not discovery under the rules of the State of Florida, be held back until trial???)
  • Change of venue – No change of venue but for the jurors.  The jury will be chosen from a county in Florida that will be held under wraps.
  • The defense reversed its original stance on juror sequestration – Jose Baez announced his team is no longer opposed to a sequestered jury

Some of these motions that had been previously left on the shelf, were brought back out into the light and discussed anew.  However, not everything in the 35 page motion filed by the defense on Thursday was discussed.


In the 35-page motion written and filed by the defense this past Thursday, on page 2, the defense writes the following:

This issue involves a significantly material fact, to wit: whether or not it is possible that the defendant could have placed the body there during a time when she was incarcerated.  it also brings into significant question the role, if any, of another witness, Mr. Krunk.

Yes, in the 35 page motion filed by the defense on Thursday, the defense blatantly proffers Mr. Roy Krunk as a suspect. If you want to “frame” a witness, it’s insult upon injury to mangle his name.

Therefore, still on the table is the question of the TES records and Joe Jordon’s statement.  Not only his “statement” but also the fact that he illegally recorded two people (it is illegal to record anyone without their knowledge, unless the act is done with the express direction of law enforcement).

Why is Joe Jordon so important? Because if Joe Jordon’s testimony that there were no remains in the area while Casey was in jail, the body was placed there by someone else, namely, a Mr. Roy Krunk.

Just like their misstating his name (Krunk for Kronk) this theory of theirs is a laughable pile of JUNK!

There’s no business like SNOW business.

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  1. Kitt
    May 10 2010

    Hi Andrea,

    Great wrap-up of today’s hearing.

    I am in total agreement with you on your “Showboat” theory, if I may call it that. Seems like the defense is way past the trial, in a way, and looking ahead for the reasons they lost their case. They must know that it’s a no-win for them.

    Thank you so much for lining it all out here. I DVR’ed the entire thing, but somehow still missed a few things, such as the 911 calls, the jail visitation logs, and the “Krunk” part. I sat and watched every minute of the hearing, but missed these issues. Of course, with three other ppl in the house, I was probably not fully engaged in the tv at all times!

    • Andrea
      May 10 2010

      Hey Kitt!

      Thanks so much for your comments…LOL! The “Krunk” was in the 35 page motion…they misspelled his name….Maybe I need to clarify that a bit… That’s what I get for trying to write after a long Monday at work!

      They hardly even mentioned the Jail visitation logs…. Cheney Mason just responded to the Judge that he wasn’t ready and the Judge was okay with it. The Judge seems to show real respect for Mr. Mason, and for the State Attorney’s … As for Mr. Baez, well he is not disdainful towards him at all, but I sensed some impatience.

      I hope you had a wonderful Mom’s day! 🙂

  2. Molly
    May 10 2010

    I thought they said krunk!! thought i was hearing things. hahahahahha

    I also wondered why baez wanted to play his malfunctioning video AFTER perry had already ruled change of venue. as LDB said all of the things on the video were “stale” as they happened 2 years ago! he was just sensationalizing. Notice he had nejame on it & tim miller (no LP?). he did show cindy with her bat!! he is really something.

    I love perry’s comment that our sheriff’s dept & LE can handle protestors, etc. end of story!

    • Andrea
      May 10 2010

      YES!!! Molly, Oh yes I forgot about that, YES!! Did have NeJame and TES on the video! Oh, it was so transparent…. so shallow!

      What a show-boater… what a crock of KRUNK!!!

      hahahahhaaha! Thanks Molly!

  3. Molly
    May 10 2010

    and speaking of acting in the courtroom, his reference to To Kill A Mockingbird! Very theatrical. lol He must be thinking what a good movie this all will make. He’s planning his “stage”.

    • Andrea
      May 11 2010

      YES!! OMG, how could I forget about that, tooooooo! Yes, he DID mention To Kill a Mockingbird and when I heard it, I thought…OMG, this is just crazy….
      And poor Judge Perry, he was clearly not entertained…. I kept getting the feeling like the Judge wanted to just YAWN so badly!

      Oh my….. thanks for the laugh, Molly! 🙂

  4. jon
    May 11 2010

    Hi. Since the 911 call from Cindy ( the “hysterical” one) is what began the whole investigation, how could it not be included?

    I hope the party photos are all allowed because they show Casey’s “state of mind” during her desperate search for her missing child (gag). Defense attorneys are always spouting on about their client’s “state of mind” during or after a supposed crime, so why not show these to give jurors an idea of Casey’s state of mind in the days following Caylee’s “kidnappng”. What a farce! I personally think the one of her squatting and urinating in the parking lot will add a touch of class to her defense as well.

    • Andrea
      May 11 2010

      Hi Jon!

      I totally agree with you… that 911 call will probably come in, there’s every reason that it’s important as it’s about Caylee, who was a missing child as far as everyone knew then. Surely the prosecution will argue that, taken in context, on that day, at that time, and given the excited utterances rules in the law, the 911 call is relevant and it will come in.

      Oh my, oh my – i know the picture you’re talking about! LOL….!

      With regards to “state of mind” don’t you wonder how a person who has harmed his or her child can live inside their own head?

      I am sure that law enforcement understands the psyche of these types of individuals, I surely cannot fathom it, hence my fascination with just how it is that this farce continues, like theatre of the absurd.

      Where in Casey’s head does she hide from herself?

      Is it a subliminally treacherous tightrope she walks in there? When will she break from the stress? How does a human being live that way?

      Maybe I don’t want to know…LOL!

  5. michellefrommadison
    May 11 2010

    The act of carrying out a death penalty to a convicted murderer first requires the defendant to be found guilty of first-degree murder as charged. But, the facts of the Anthony case do not support a conviction of that nature, at least according to many experts and to the facts of that case. With all of the screw-ups by the previous Judge, the prosecution, the police, and the sheriff’s department, why have they all seemingly abandoned the fight for Caylee’s Justice?

    • Andrea
      May 11 2010

      yes, Michelle, you are absolutely correct. We do not have a convicted murderer here. We have an innocent until proven guilty person who has the odds stacked against her, in my opinion.

      We must always bring discussions back to Caylee and I thank you for the reminder and thank you for your opinion.

      • michellefrommadison
        May 11 2010

        From a legal perspective, the odds are staked against the prosecution in this case, not the defense, as the likelihood of a conviction of first-degree murder is almost impossible at this point to obtain with all the damaging things the prosecution-side has done to this case, at least according to the facts of the case. This will be interesting to see how the prosecutors explain why eight of the police and corrections officers have all been suspended, transferred, or fired after Casey was in custody, and that’s just the tip-of-the-iceberg for the screw-ups committed by the prosecution-side of this case. There remains ample evidence that the body of Caylee was planted at the scene, at least according to the Experts as another example of the problems for the prosecution. Why no one care on the prosecution-side cares about reaching Justice for Caylee is something that is quite disturbing.

  6. auntdeedee
    May 11 2010

    I just looove the way you write!

    All I could think of while the video was going was, “Oh, cut the draaamaaa!” LOL
    I think Baez was trying to show what may occur at the trial if held in Orange County. But, it was showboating.

    Did I hear right? At the end, did Judge Perry ask Baez if he had any more “piddly” motions? I’ll have to watch that part again.
    I noticed that Judge Perry did alot of staring at the defense when they were done prior to speaking-yes, I think he was suppressing yawns. Or holding his tongue!


    • Andrea
      May 11 2010

      Hey Dee,

      I’ve just returned home and found saw your lovely comments. Thank you for kind words, the feeling is mutual as I am a fan of yours, too. 🙂

      I think you’re right that Baez was setting the stage for what “could” occur, but I sure think it was pure sensationalism, plain and simple, as one of the commentators here pointed out.

      One of the journalists – Kathi Bellich I believe – pointed out that all the hooting and hollering and demonstrating occurred during the time that Casey was out of jail and NOT participating in the search for her own missing daughter… she was not cooperating with the police, she was forbidden by Mr. Baez to speak to anyone, and yet there she was, as bold as can be, enjoying her freedom.

      That’s why the crowd was so mad, I think. I truly think he wants to be sure to remind everyone of the popularity of this case. The fact is, I truly believe that the defense manufactures much of the hulla-balloo themselves with their TV appearances and court-step rants.

  7. weezie10
    May 12 2010

    Andrea and Aunt Dee Dee, Jon, Molly, MFM & Kitt;
    I am without video to see what happened yesterday but I can only imagine that the Defence was in their glory, since it was their’s to contend the issues. Even though they only won 1, it was big. They now have forced the Prosecution to set out their case in black and white. oh oh, how do they list their aggravating circumstances and not say why? I don’t know. I am only hoping that they come to court with the list and that’s all. Why should they give their theory of the case away before the trial and I don’t think it will hold up in the next hearing if the Defence argues that they need more than a list. It’s up to the Defence to come up with their own theory of what happened not, find and discover what the State plans to lay out. That’s like have a public trial before it begins. I hope the Judge only meant a list and not the whole bloody case. Yikes this is getting confusing.

    • Andrea
      May 12 2010

      Hi Weezie… It’s past my bedtime, but I remember reading that there are something like 12 factors, and the state has 4 they can go with for sure, and there are two more they may use…. I’m on my way to dreamland and too tired to search for it now, but I will find that tomorrow and post it for you.

      I also want to write about Ms. Lyon in court yesterday. I really like her (don’t everyone faint!). I think Casey is lucky to have her.

      I will probably get some nasty letters about saying I like Ms. Lyon, but I don’t care. She’s a fine attorney and I thought she really did a great job yesterday.

      remind me to find that info for you, weezie…..

      hugs and goodnight!

  8. michellefrommadison
    May 12 2010

    I didn’t yet see the video yet either, but by the way things have been going in this case, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the defense won out big again on that issue too, as the prosecution’s case against Casey for first-degree murder continues to crumble on a near-weekly basis, at least if one is able to adequately interpret the facts of this case. 🙂


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