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why death?

The death penalty.

It is a terrible topic.

Our current laws in certain states, Florida is one of them, require human beings to have the responsibility of pronouncing and performing murder of another human being to maintain civil and social laws.

When so many in a society thwart the law and maim and kill, what can we do to cure those who murder?  Well, we murder them, that’s how.

Does murder of one to pay for the murder of another work?

Of course, in a civil society we protect innocent civilians potentially in the path of a murderer as soon as we learn of their potential for murder, or their conviction of murder.  But, must we kill, too?

Is it not a sort of freedom for the criminal when we kill them?   Can we not put them away and out of reach and let them live out the rest of their miserable lives in their own private hell?   Does not that make more sense?

If we knew how to save criminal people from themselves – from going to that place in their heads where crime is like a walk next door…. if we could stop one person from taking that path, this discussion would be moot.

When you look at our society in its gritty realism, it seems a delicate balance between depravity (evil) on one end;  apathy in the middle, and loving-ness (a heart free of judgment and prejudice) on the other end.  It is a constant struggle for balance.  So too do the scales of justice struggle.

Apathy shouldn’t be the fulcrum.

Has our society evolved in such a way that it has become socially acceptable to be apathetic about death?

Jails and prisons, though we think of them as “corrections” they hardly practice that aspect and the prisoner experience often mirrors the depravity the prisoner left on the street.

I don’t feel it is up to us to “fix” the murderer and then set them free in death. The murderer must take responsibility, if proven to be such, and live the rest of their days in confinement.

It is my fervent hope that the murderer will die of old age or of natural causes.  Living in a state of perpetually begging for forgiveness to whomever they believe their God to be.

That is enough. Isn’t it?


Death is different. Judge Perry is liberal in allowing death arguments but death penalty stands

Death is Different. Judge Perry is extremely liberal in allowing the defense to present its death penalty argument.

Stereotyping is real, we all know this.  But we also know that the question of gender is real as is racial prejudice that lingers like bad breath in the morning.

However, the ‘gender’ aspect, in the humble opinion of this author, has not been and is not questioned – there appears to this author to be no bias.

The only bias to this author is the death penalty is wrong, not just for Casey Anthony, but for anyone.

Regardless, the court must follow the law and has ruled.

The death penalty stands.

More on this later.

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