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May 12, 2010


only dreamin’ blog email address….

by Andrea O'Connell

Well, I feel pretty silly.  I gave out the email address of this blog but never really dreamed (pun intended!) that anyone connected to this case would care to write to me!

The truth is, I thought that this email address was hooked into my Outlook mail box, just like my personal “gmail” email address is.  Well, I goofed apparently because I have emails from a while ago in the onlydreamin in-box.

I just happened to check this email address tonight, on a whim, and was shocked, but also extremely honored to see your email.

Thank you.

I assure anyone who is kind enough or interested enough to contact me via email, that I will check this email account every evening from now on!


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  1. weezie10
    May 13 2010

    Andrea; Are you referring to Hornsby? I know you are gaining readership just by the very articles that you write. It is incumbent of you to continue your path and enlighten and invite those who wish to be part of your readership, with due respect of course. I was wondering if you had a chance to read the email I sent to you regarding the women’s rights in Iran? I hope you post it because I believe many women and men are not aware of the seriousness and brutality a woman has to endure under the religious Islam. The horror of it all and now it prevades America , Canada and Europe. This is not a fear induced email that I sent to you. There is proof to back it up. I know it is one of many subjects, but I just wanted to address it. Hope you snuggle up tight tonight and get a lot of needed rest. Tomorrow will open up like a new flower.
    nitey nite.

    • Andrea
      May 13 2010

      Hi Weezie,

      No, I am not referring to Richard Hornsby, but I am surely honored that he came to visit. He appears to be a fine attorney, so well spoken and full of great insight, obviously, into this case.

      No, I am referring to people who have sent me kind emails, and who happen to be close to the case in Orlando. I was under the impression that no one ever emailed me via the blog email address! LOL! I was surprised to find your generous emails, as well as missives from others that I cherish.

      I wanted people to know publicly how much I appreciate anyone who chooses to write to me via email, or comment here, especially those with whom I have the greatest respect, like Richard Hornsby.

      I will most assuredly study what you’ve sent to me, Weezie! You’re the best and I thank you! I love getting ideas about something to write about… and it’s nice to get off of the Casey Anthony case now and again!

      All the best my friend.


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