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what if casey anthony had melissa huckaby’s attorneys?

The sick, sadistic, utterly disgusting case of the murder of little Sandra Cantu at the hands of Melissa Huckaby has recently been decided.  To avoid the death penalty, Melissa Huckaby has changed her plea from not guilty to guilty.  Her sentencing will be in June, but the sentence has already been decided: 25 years to life without the possibility of  parole.

You may recall that Sandra Cantu was the darling little 8 year old girl, from Tracy, California, last seen skipping with joyful abandon across her neighborhood street – caught in the act of happiness by a surveillance camera

The Sandra Cantu Case

The Sandra Cantu Case.

That was the last anyone saw of Sandra.  She was later found in a suitcase belonging to the killer, Melissa Huckaby, in an irrigation ditch two miles from her home.

Sandra Cantu was reported missing on March 28, 2009.  Her body was discovered April 7, 2009. Melissa Huckaby was charged the very next day with the murder.

This guilty plea was entered on May 12, 2010, more a year after her arrest.

Should this have happened in the Casey Anthony case?  Did Casey Anthony have an attorney capable of laying out for her EXACTLY what evidence Law Enforcement had against her?  Instead of going along with her lies, perhaps Attorney Baez could have approached the State of Florida with a negotiable plan of action for a plea?

Having spoken to Criminal Defense attorneys in the South Florida area about this case, they are in agreement that if Jose Baez did not do this he did not do his client any favors.

Last week, Assistant State Attorney Ashton made mention of a “phantom plea.”  Was the plea dreamt up by Casey Anthony?  This seems to infer that there was NEVER a plea deal on the table, or even discussed.  And if memory serves me, the State Attorney’s Office DID give Casey Anthony a DEADLINE to respond with information surrounding Caylee’s disappearance.  The State of Florida was quite clear in the information it wanted: “Where is Caylee’s Body?” is what they wanted to know.   That would have been the PERFECT time for Baez to work with Casey on a plea before the deadline ended. One can rightly assume, given other case history, this is generally the time (early in the game) when the State is amenable to a discussion about a plea.

Had all this happened, Casey might not be facing the ultimate penalty right now.

Had Baez really cared for Casey Anthony, he would have told her what that State Attorney deadline meant to her and to the rest of her life.

Casey apparently has mental issues that prevent her from grasping truth, or reality.  Baez surely could have helped her with this.  Since Baez was not able to help her, he could have WALKED AWAY from the case, forcing Casey Anthony to hire an attorney who could help her save her own life.

Another more experienced attorney would have negotiated with her, scared her into seeing what the future would hold for her – that death WAS an option for her.

Another attorney may have gotten her to see the evidence that the rest of the country saw, which is irrefutable proof that she murdered her daughter.

Another attorney would have known that the aggravating factors in the case measure up to the death penalty.

Another attorney would have approached the State asking them to deal.

Apparently this is what Mellisa Huckaby has done. She is avoiding the death penalty, plain and simple by pleading guilty.

Now, chances are that Casey Anthony has been lying to Baez and the other attorneys all along – claiming her innocence.

Despite all the evidence against her, what lie is Casey sticking to?  Is it Zanny the Nanny at Sawgrass Apartments, or Blanchard Park…?  An accident in the home pool?   Whatever her story is, she is apparently sticking to it. But where’s the evidence?

Perhaps the defense will play the OJ case-card and come up with Media bias, or even gender-bias?  Nah, that won’t work.

Perhaps, in the spirit of the OJ case, they’ll pull a “Mark Furman” and find fault with and attempt to destroy an Orlando a Law Enforcement representative?  I pray that doesn’t happen.

Or they may concoct a nursery rhyme similar to “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit.”  How might Casey’s nursery jingle go?  Let’s see….what rhymes with Zanny the Nanny?  Oh never-mind – the defense could use it and I’d never forgive myself. (Just kidding!)

Why did Baez keep the Casey Anthony case?  Why would he take a case, where a human life is on the line (Casey’s) and use this case as his Internship to learn how to try Murder One trials?  Is it ego or hubris that drives this?  I would truly like to know what his thinking was.

I hate to think it was merely fame and fortune he was after and yet one cannot help but go there…..

I often hear people saying: “this case will never go to trial, she’ll cop a plea.”   If she did “cop” a plea, would the state drop the death penalty?  From what I’ve  learned by talking to other Criminal Defense Attorney’s, the answer is a resounding: NO.  The deadline has passed – the State of Florida will not go there now.

Regardless, I doubt that Baez would go there, he and Cheney Mason seem to be having too much fun – they’re enjoying themselves too much to consider giving up the ghost this early in their game.

If any of you know the attorney’s working for Melissa Huckaby, please ask them to contact Casey Anthony….maybe it’s not too late?

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