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forgiveness. gratitude. a quick hello. plus my new photo blog!

You know, thinking and writing about forgiveness, gratitude, and humility is so far inferior to experiencing it; I cannot stop smiling.

I am having a wonderful weekend; busy with work and theatre and catching up with old friends.  The weekend started with seeing a delicious concert version of Into the Woods, at the Caldwell Theatre.

Also, because I love photography, I decided to start a photo blog that I’d like to share with you.  It’s called Lovingjazz’s Photo Blog.  (Yup, it’s named after my dog, who is the subject of a few of my photos!)

I love to photograph nature, as you will see.

I am also working on another blog.  It’s about a topic that I am passionate about: Bullying (in schools and in the workplace.)  It’s not ready for prime-time, though!  I will post a link soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I will, even though I have to go into the office for a bit, it’s still a lovely weekend… 🙂

Here’s the URL to Loving Jazz’s Photo Blog:

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