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June 6, 2010


a daily dose of inspiration, and then some…

by Andrea O'Connell

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I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. – Gilda Radner

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  1. auntdeedee
    Jun 7 2010

    A very wise quote from Gilda Radner. Her life was cut short due to cancer and I suspect this quote was made after that diagnosis.

    I will have to come back to watch the video of the hummer but they are beautiful birds! Their nests are so tiny and the eggs are so teeny-tiny! I just put down a note to make sugar water for my hummers tomorrow. Its been so rainy here that when the sun has appeared my mind has not been on refilling their feeders-I’m a bad mommy of my little ones. 😮


  2. Andrea
    Jun 7 2010

    Hello there, again, my friend. Yes, I do love this quote – it kind of says it all for me. I think you’re probably right that her thinking on this came as a result of her horrible diagnosis. She was too young when she left us – I adored her.

    Oh yes, and you will have to watch the video! It is lovely – nothing quite like it. My friend Sookie sent it to me. ((((((Thanks Sookie!)))))

    Do you have regular Hummingbirds that visit you??? Oh, how lucky you are! They are so very tiny, aren’t they? One of these days, when I am a little bit “richer” I will get one of those high speed shutters that allow one to capture a hummingbird, in focus, as they are so faaasssst! Hugs my dear!

  3. auntdeedee
    Jun 7 2010

    Hi, Andrea!

    Yes, I get to see the Annas-so very pretty. I think its why I love the colors of purple, blue and green. I fill the hummers’ feeders but its the morning glory vines, impatiens and the Four O’Clocks that I tend to spot them at. Oh, and the nasturtiums, too. I plant those in my veggie garden everywhere and sometimes I get a visit or two from those flying jewels when I’m working out there.

    That would be wonderful to see your pics of the hummers in flight someday! Tomorrow I will have more time on the computer so I will enjoy the video then. (I need hubby to go back to work-geesh! he keeps me busy!lol)

  4. Jan 27 2012

    Loved Gilda. Love that quote.

    This video was awesome! Those wee warriors are incredible. I’ve always had a fascination for hummingbirds, but I’ve never quite seen them in this light before. Love that super-camera!

    Oh, to have a life of a wildlife film-maker photographer. THAT would be amazing!

    • Jan 30 2012

      Hi Carol…. I’m glad you liked it! I agree its super amazing.

      Oh, and wasn’t Gilda so special? So talented and left us far too soon.


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