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June 6, 2010


anthony case news roundup – a slow week

by Andrea O'Connell

Yes, it was a slow news week for those of us interested in the goings-on in the Anthony case.

The Elevator Fall

Although the news media was agog over the fact that Casey Anthony fell in an Orlando Courthouse elevator, other than that, it was a quiet week.

The elevator fall this past week also brought to light some of the Casey Anthony hate mongers, allowing them to discuss what they wished would have happened in that elevator.

Comments left on blogs and news reports with regards to enjoying Casey’s fall were beyond the beyond of ugly.  Some of the comments from people posting on blogs and news reports were excessively repulsive.  Why such vitriol?  What do we learn from this?  Why the hate?  It’s about the death of a little girl.  We hate what was done to Caylee Marie Anthony.  That’s what we hate. No need to spew more ugliness or hatred.

Defense Depositions

Additionally, there were depositions held by the defense.  The prosecution witnesses deposed this week were:

  • Brian Burner – Loaned Casey Anthony a shovel.
  • Debbi Bennett – Cindy Anthony’s co-worker.  This witness told LE that Cindy claimed Casey’s car “smelled like a dead body.”
  • J.P. Chatt – a former friend of Casey’s.  Associated with Amy Huizenga and Ricardo Morales.
  • Nate Leiniwicz – Tony Lazzaro’s roommate.
  • Sandra Mellich (Yuri Mellich’s wife) – Assisted in the investigation.

On June 11th, John Allen, OSCO Detective, is scheduled.

What’s to Come

  • This week should bring a ruling on the defense’s motion regarding whether they can keep Casey Anthony’s jail visitor logs secret.
  • There is a status hearing on June 21st.
  • Right around the corner – June 15th, we will mark another anniversary of Caylee Marie Anthony’s death.

Can two years have passed?

Am I dreaming?

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  1. auntdeedee
    Jun 6 2010

    Andrea, some people love to hate. Those people you will never reason with-they don’t get an inner nagging like normal people do when spewing hateful words. I can understand hating Casey but to be as vicious as some are over her is rather sickening.

    I’m glad to see some motion other than motions by the defense! They’re getting a move on, thank you, Judge Perry!

    Auntdeedee…you are a dear. A complete dear!

  2. auntdeedee
    Jun 7 2010

    Hey, friend~do you think your friends that pop in will understand why I’m such a dear? Hm…maybe you need to delete these comments, too, and no one will be the wiser! Unless you want to have them wonder what it’s all about…. 😀 hugs

  3. Andrea
    Jun 7 2010

    Okay… I’ll explain why you’re such a dear…LOL!

    You were kind enough to point out that I mistakenly lost count of the years since sweet little Caylee’s death and wrote three years, not two years.

    (I honestly thought it was three years ago; though two years is still a long time to wait for justice.)

    Anyway…you are a dear!!!!!

    Oh my goodness, it’s late! That’s why my brain cells are not quite firing correctly… And I have to get up tomorrow for work at the crack of dawn, too! oh my!

    G’ night, friend.

  4. Andrea
    Jun 7 2010

    ooops the comments are out of order! Sheesh! We are silly tonight!

  5. Hilde
    Jun 7 2010

    auntdeedee~~ I agree with Andrea, You are a Dear, so see
    friends that pop in here will understand, I know I do. 😉
    As to the Fall of Casey A. before the Hearing, I see no need to get hateful about it, it doesn’t solve a thing.
    I do have to say I can’t wait for the Day when Justice will finally be served for that beautiful little Girl Caylee who’s Life was taken away in such a tragic Way!
    I do believe Justice will come, we just have to be patient.
    Casey will have to answer for what happened to her Daughter, there is no Way around it!

    • Andrea
      Jun 7 2010

      Hi there, Hilde!

      So good that you dropped by! I do agree, the hatred-filled vitriol gets us no where real fast and like you say, solves nothing.

      And although Casey anything will probably never really come to grips what we are all convinced she has done, she will have to answer for it, either on this earth or in the great beyond where there will be real hell to pay.

      All the best -you are another dear heart, like auntdeedee!


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