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June 6, 2010


my gossamer-dream symphony

by Andrea O'Connell

To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common — this is my symphony. ~William Henry Channing, clergyman, reformer (1810-1884)

I love to dream. I dream in color and often dream of vivid landscapes with remarkable colors.

I am so desirous of being in nature, having nature around me.  Many times the only thing that makes me serenely happy – really happy, is to be surrounded by trees, flowers, and nature.

There are three things (aside from a good camera), that I want in abundance:

  • butterflies,
  • birds, and
  • flowers.

I need to be close to nature, and often go to Butterfly World to get all three of my life’s nature requirements.  (P.S. if ever you plan a trip to South Florida, and you love nature, it’s all there at Butterfly World, in Coconut Creek, Florida.)

Butterflies are literally everywhere you look!  They can be seen in droves and yet they are still elusive so you do have to have some patience and wait for them to stop and suckle a flower.

There is an amazing laboratory at Butterfly World where thousands of butterflies are hatched.

There the butterflies hang from cocoons on display for all to see.  When they are ready to emerge, it takes some time to dry their wings.  Then, when nature says they’re ready, their little feet wiggle free from the larvae and they are ready to fly!

It’s just an amazing sight!  The video I posted delightfully displays the wonder of the butterfly emerging.  It’s a soothing sight – just may give you goosebumps…. It does me.

At Butterfly World, you can literally watch the butterflies coming out of the larvae.  It’s remarkable and educational.  I have photographed some of the Pupae on display at Butterfly World:

Butterfly "Pupae" aka: Hatch-lings

Wishing all my friends boundless symphonies, gossamer dreams, and endless happiness.

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  1. auntdeedee
    Jun 6 2010

    Those are the best things in life~what nature supplies us.

    I got to see a butterfly emerge from a cocoon once. It all began when I had planted some herbs in a pot, one of which was dill. I came outside to see this catapillar chewing it down to nothing. I wasn’t pleased but since it was a future butterfly I let it eat away. I watched it grow fatter and fatter. Then one day I saw that it had made its cocoon on one of the dill stalks. I remember saying a breath prayer hoping to see it emerge when the time came. After all, I should get something for having to sacrifice my dill! I really didn’t expect to see it and plum forgot about it. One day, my dog had to go outside so I let him out. He kept barking so I brought him back in the house. Then he kept barking at the door so I let him out again and went with him. While waiting for him to get his job done, I turned to see the herb pot and the cocoon wiggling! My neighbor came out of her house to run to the beautician’s but I called her over to see the sight. I had lamented to her about my dill loss and told her about my silly prayer. When it emerged, my neighbor exclaimed, It’s a Black Swallowtail! It was beautiful, that’s all I knew. It fluttered to my ditch lilies and rested on one of them. I was so fascinated by it that I forgot I had a loaded camera until it was too late-it flew off to who-knows-where. My neighbor was a half hour late to her appointment and my dog never did his job-he just rolled in the grass. I saved that cocoon in a baby food jar with the writing, “even small prayers are heard” on the lid. I still have it, too.

    Hey! This seemed like the perfect post to share that story. I do have a picture of these Swallowtail caterpillars, 3 of them, on another year’s batch of dill. I sometimes use it as my comp’s wallpaper. I’m smarter now-I plant a ton of dill everywhere possible in my gardens-for the butterflies. For me, I just buy the dill seed and weed in the store. LOL

    Thanks for the post-it made me smile!

  2. Andrea
    Jun 7 2010

    Wow! What a lovely and charming story! It is so true that every prayer, when it’s from the heart, is answered!

    I was thinking about this tonight. So often, when I think or pray about someone and really focus on a person, they more often than not either end up writing or calling – contacting me in some way.

    It happened tonight – an old friend who has been intensely on my mind this past week, contacted me….

    This happens all the time to me, so I completely understand your prayer to see the butterfly come to life!

    Today I took pictures of my dog, Jazz, out back by the canal. We didn’t see any butterflies out back, but we saw quite a few ducks. I captured Jazz rolling and doing tumbles in the grass today. It was such fun! The pictures are on my photo-blog.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this priceless story.

    You have a lovely way with words and stories, auntdeedee! I feel blessed that you shared this…. I truly do.


    • auntdeedee
      Jun 7 2010

      It blesses me to read your posts like this! Shame on me! I bookmarked your photo blog and have forgotten to visit! I’l make a note of that, too, and see ya there!

      HAVE A GOOD NIGHT! Okay, my caps button stuck-I’m not yelling at you-I’m just too poohed to redo it…zzzz

  3. Andrea
    Jun 7 2010

    me too! it’s zzzzzzzzzzzzz land for me now…..


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