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a terrible anniversary – isn’t it ironic

A Terrible Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago today was probably the last day of dear little Caylee Anthony’s life. A life heinously cut short, we believe, at the hands of one who should protect the toddler from harm: her own mother.

Her own Mother.

A mother who is sent, I read today, a Mother’s Day card while in jail.  Yes.  Cindy Anthony sent Casey a Mother’s Day card!

When I read this today, it literally turned my stomach.  I am sorry if I have turned yours.

Let me ask you.  Who would send the suspected murderer of their grandchild a mother’s day card?  The answer?  Yes, you got it, it’s Cindy Anthony.

Casey Anthony, sitting in the Orange County jail, charged with the murder of Caylee was the last one to see the child and NEVER reported her missing, but was forced to admit the child was missing when her mother called the police – she gets a Mother’s Day card!

Casey Anthony, who lied to police about everything under the sun, who partied like she was at Woodstock, getting a “Good Life” tattoo, and who never shed a tear for the angelic child she brought into this world – she gets a Mother’s Day card!

Isn’t it ironic.

Cindy and George were on Good Morning America (GMA) today.

And soon, just as we mark the second anniversary of the last day of Caylee’s life, there will be a  court hearing where the state will argue the admissibility of Cindy’s 911 call.  And today Cindy Anthony makes another bold and untruthful statement.

Cindy Anthony said this, reflecting on why she said what she said about the smell: “I said I smelled a dead body just to get the police out to our house.”

Isn’t it ironic.

Today, to mark the second anniversary of the death of their grandchild, the Anthony’s choose to lie to cover up additional lies.

What Cindy Anthony chooses to forget is the fact she has woven so many different stories with regards to the smell in the car:

  • First, it was a “rotten pizza smell.”  (Yes, her story for some time was blamed on there being pizza in the trunk.)   Okay. But, copious tests were done to disprove that even in the Florida heat; pizza will not emit an odor as potent as decomposition – EVER.  Plus, it was a pizza BOX – an empty Pizza box!
  • And now, today, adding insult to injury, Cindy dissembles by telling us that she said those words “it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car” to get the police to her home much quicker.

The fact is, not a soul on the planet, familiar with this case, believes it!

Isn’t it beyond the beyond of irony?

Mix tragedy with farce with bad melodrama and you get the Anthony clan.

What more is left to say?

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