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June 15, 2010


a terrible anniversary – isn’t it ironic

by Andrea O'Connell

A Terrible Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago today was probably the last day of dear little Caylee Anthony’s life. A life heinously cut short, we believe, at the hands of one who should protect the toddler from harm: her own mother.

Her own Mother.

A mother who is sent, I read today, a Mother’s Day card while in jail.  Yes.  Cindy Anthony sent Casey a Mother’s Day card!

When I read this today, it literally turned my stomach.  I am sorry if I have turned yours.

Let me ask you.  Who would send the suspected murderer of their grandchild a mother’s day card?  The answer?  Yes, you got it, it’s Cindy Anthony.

Casey Anthony, sitting in the Orange County jail, charged with the murder of Caylee was the last one to see the child and NEVER reported her missing, but was forced to admit the child was missing when her mother called the police – she gets a Mother’s Day card!

Casey Anthony, who lied to police about everything under the sun, who partied like she was at Woodstock, getting a “Good Life” tattoo, and who never shed a tear for the angelic child she brought into this world – she gets a Mother’s Day card!

Isn’t it ironic.

Cindy and George were on Good Morning America (GMA) today.

And soon, just as we mark the second anniversary of the last day of Caylee’s life, there will be a  court hearing where the state will argue the admissibility of Cindy’s 911 call.  And today Cindy Anthony makes another bold and untruthful statement.

Cindy Anthony said this, reflecting on why she said what she said about the smell: “I said I smelled a dead body just to get the police out to our house.”

Isn’t it ironic.

Today, to mark the second anniversary of the death of their grandchild, the Anthony’s choose to lie to cover up additional lies.

What Cindy Anthony chooses to forget is the fact she has woven so many different stories with regards to the smell in the car:

  • First, it was a “rotten pizza smell.”  (Yes, her story for some time was blamed on there being pizza in the trunk.)   Okay. But, copious tests were done to disprove that even in the Florida heat; pizza will not emit an odor as potent as decomposition – EVER.  Plus, it was a pizza BOX – an empty Pizza box!
  • And now, today, adding insult to injury, Cindy dissembles by telling us that she said those words “it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car” to get the police to her home much quicker.

The fact is, not a soul on the planet, familiar with this case, believes it!

Isn’t it beyond the beyond of irony?

Mix tragedy with farce with bad melodrama and you get the Anthony clan.

What more is left to say?

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  1. auntdeedee
    Jun 15 2010

    I can’t believe Casey got a Mother’s Day card from the grandmother of the child she murdered! Look, I know that many women have lost their only baby no matter the age, but wouldn’t it hurt something awful to get a Mother’s Day card after the child has died? The day is hard enough to bear. So, wth is going on here?!

    Oh, forgive me, my head was shaking so hard from disbelief I thought Cindy had done something abnormal-my head is back together to realize this abnormality is normal for Cindy.

    Cindy says: A liar doesn’t make a murderer. Well, depends on why the lie is said!

    Cindy says: My daughter was set-up in the jail by the one who was exchanging letters with her. I say, what for? LE has long, long ago figured Casey is a pathological liar so why would they do this?

    Cindy says: Casey is innocent. I ask, of what?

    Good post, Andrea! Sad anniversary…

    • Andrea
      Jun 15 2010

      Hey my friend,

      Yes, me too….I thought I’d heard it all until this. send a Mother’s Day card??!!! That is just too much…. it’s beyond the pale of sanity. LOL! Yup, abnormality is the norm for this cast of characters. You know, it’s really sad that they are their own worst enemies. Everything they do backfires, and it’s because they don’t have goodness or truth in their heart, perhaps. They are ignorant people, is all I can say, why else would they make so many stupid mistakes?

      The family just doesn’t think clearly. how in the world they could say that LE set Casey up is too confounding. Perhaps LE made a mistake, or two, but they did a damn good job with the family they were given to work with. After all, in these cases (missing children cases) the families are USUALLY on the side of LE, not working against them!


      And, I always thought that the 16th was the last day of Caylee’s life…. I am kind of confused that the Anthony’s didn’t correct this. Wasn’t the 15th Fathers day in 2008, a Sunday?

      If this is the case, then Caylees last day on earth was really the 16th, or am I missing something?

      I thought that George saw Casey and Caylee leaving for “work” and “babysitter” on the morning of the 16th?

      Perhaps it’s true that Casey and Cindy had their physical altercation on the evening/early afternoon of the 15th and Casey took off then? Perhaps the story of George seeing Casey and Caylee that morning is a lie, too?

      I have always wondered about this and hope that the state has evidence about what really happened from witnesses.

      I’m really anxious to know these things – I know we all are!

      🙂 (((((Hugs))))

    • Patti O
      Jun 16 2010

      Even if Cindy did not really think it smelled like a dead body how does she explain everyone else who thought it did?

      I think Casey’s letter content was strategically planned by her. I’m sure her psychologists have planted the seed with her about having been sexually abused. Now Casey can claim sexual abuse as the reason behind her behavior. Murdering her daughter was not her fault its because she was sexually abused.

  2. auntdeedee
    Jun 15 2010

    Oops! I forgot to click for follow-up comments… 😳

    So this isn’t wasted bandwidth let, me ask an OT question~have you seen the new Andrea WP blog theme? I haven’t but I thought you might have had a gander at it.

    Take care, Caylee’s friend!

    • Andrea
      Jun 15 2010

      LOL! Yes, I did see the Andrea theme it and it’s pretty!

      I may consider changing my photo blog theme to it…we’ll see.

      Did you see the pics of the little ducklings that I added….OMG, they are sooo cute! There are ducklings everywhere! It’s so darling to see them…. 🙂

      • auntdeedee
        Jun 15 2010

        I’m jealous~why couldn’t they come up with a Sherry theme? Sherry is my name. Sherry is just as cute a name as Annnndreeeeaaaa!!! LOL (ouch! I just got a crick in my neck from snappin’ it back and forth! I think I’ll just to the “give ‘er the hand” thingy from now on…)

        Did you know today is Nature Photography day? :mrgreen: Okay, gotta buzz over to your other blog!

  3. Andrea
    Jun 15 2010

    LOL! I didn’t know it was nature photography day! Darn, I wish I’d have taken the day off to photograph nature! Yeah, that would have gone over real big with work!

    Yes, Sherry is a lovely name! But, Sherry, you have a song about you, and now you want a WordPress theme, too?!!!

    There’s no “Andrea” song… but I love the Sherry song that the Four Seasons sang: Sherrrreeeee, Shareeee bayaybeee, Sha-ar-reeeee, won’t ya come out tonight…come, come, come out tonight!”

    oh dear – now that song will be stuck in my head forever! tee hee.

    • auntdeedee
      Jun 16 2010

      And my head now, too! LOL!

      I have another song in my “honor”, too- Short People by Randy Neuman…

  4. Ideas
    Jun 16 2010

    I think the Caylee tatto should have been much bigger.

    Was George paid special for baring his tattoo, like an additional picture? No other news media got such a good shot of it.

    • Andrea
      Jun 16 2010

      Hi Ideas… OMG I agree…it’s just not big enough, is it?!!! What a sight! I wish I hadn’t seen that… LOL! I just can’t put into words what I felt when I saw that – suffice it to say, it did kind of repulse me. Now, I understand it has great meaning for George Anthony, and that’s just fine that it’s important and meaningful to him, but did we really need to see it, too? Eck. It’s like everything else with that family….they need to keep some things to themselves…. 🙂

  5. Hilde
    Jun 16 2010

    sending Casey a Mother’s Day Card while she is sitting in Jail accused of murdering her Child is tasteless at best and top it of Cindy being the Grandmother of Caylee sent her the Card, that just tops it all! 😦
    I just wonder how Casey must have felt when she got that Card, not that I really care how she feels, I just wonder!
    Did Cindy really sent that Card to be thoughtful which it definitely wasn’t or did she mean to rub it in what she believes Casey has done to Caylee.
    I don’t know their Mindset and I really don’t think I want to know.
    Anyway You look at it sending a Mother’s Day Card to Casey was just plain stupid for Cindy to do under those Circumstances! There just isn’t any Explanation for it which would make any Sense whatsoever.
    Nothing Cindy or George are doing has made any Sense for the last 2 Years.
    For Gods Sake can’t they just accept what has been done to their beautiful Grand Daughter and see their Daughter for what she really is. I am sure it would be hard but at least they could try and seek Justice and the Truth for
    Caylee. JMO

    • Andrea
      Jun 16 2010

      Hi Hilde… I know, it’s the oddest thing. I wonder how Casey felt, too, but venture to say she didn’t feel a thing.

      Maybe Cindy did send out of spite – that’s a really good point, Hilde.

      In truth, I can’t figure out the mindset either…we probably don’t want to know! Nothing about it makes any sense!

      The only thing that I can think of, is that Cindy is in total denial – a pathological denial – and nothing really connects with her – the truth just won’t set her free in the least!

      It’s very, very odd. They just cannot accept it, Hilde, you’re right there….

      I do pity them, in some measure, but then again, I wonder if they’re crazy like foxes? I just can’t figure it out…and like you, I probably don’t really want to. A good psychologist could tell us….I wish one would lend some insight into why they behave in this confounding way all the time…. sheesh!

  6. jon
    Jun 16 2010

    All this makes me sick. Cindy Anthony will still be in denial when Casey is strapped to a gurney and given the needle. I truly believe the reason for this is that if she admits to the world and herself what Casey is, then she (Cindy) has to own up to her shortcomings as a parent which would explain a great deal of Casey’s attitude/behavior. Cindy is too ego-centric to do that though so she’s going to keep blabbering and spouting this crap for as long as she can. Why do these shows keep paying them for appearances? They have nothing new to say. I think George smokes weed; he always looks stoned. I guess that might be his way of coping with reality. Given the women in his life, he probably needs whatever he can get to cope.

    And, what’s with that hair? Let’s face it, Cindy was never a dream girl that but new hair-do looks like a wig you’d buy off the home shopping channel. Makes me think of a butch lesbian who’s trying to look feminine. It just doesn’t work.

    I also think she should keep her mouth shut about the VanderSloot thing and maybe watch some videos of Natalee Holloway’s mother to learn a little bit about what it means to have some class. Somehow I don’t think Beth wants/needs Cindy’s support. CIndy shouldl really be sympathizing with Joran’s mother since they both gave birth to murderers, but then again that would be facing reality.

    That’s my “say” for today!!!!

    • Andrea
      Jun 16 2010

      Hey Jon,

      Your “say” is pretty darn good! I agree with you 1000 percent….. Did you read Hal Boedeker today? here’s the link to his blog article:

      I really like what he said and agree with him… The fact is, they cannot keep their mouths shut… And, you know, I really did not want to see that tattoo. That was kind of too much for me…. Why must they bear all is what I’d like to know…. Like Hal, or someone said, they really must think they’re helping Casey by doing these crazy appearances! You’re so right, if Cindy could at least try to emulate Beth Twitty, she’d be so much better off.

  7. Patti O
    Jun 16 2010

    IMO Cindy sent the Mother’s Day card to rub it in and cause Casey some pain. If Casey is guilty the card is a reminder of what she did. If Casey is innocent the card would be a sorrowful reminder that her daughter was dead and she would not ever get a card from her again. Casey learned how to be a spiteful Bit.. from her mother.

    • jon
      Jun 16 2010

      You said it. The apple never falls far from the tree. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did send it for spite. Maybe because she can’t expect a grandmother’s card for Mother’s Day any more (athough I doubt she ever got one if Casey had to be responsible for sending it). Not until Lee reproduces anyway.

    • Andrea
      Jun 16 2010

      Hi there Patti! Yes, why else would one do something so shallow like that, unless the person is just completely shallow is lacks empathy or sympathy…or, like you said, wants to just rub her the wrong way…. it just doesn’t make sense otherwise, you know?

      So good to see you, Patti! 🙂

  8. dancehappy
    Jun 16 2010

    Evidence I never heard before, from JVM yesterday – transcript 6/15 – When you look at the affidavit in support of the arrest warrant which I have a copy of and you look at all the facts the cops have laid out — and I`m talking direct evidence, not circumstantial. There is some circumstances as well. But there`s pages, Jane, and pages of direct evidence including the fact that the rug that the baby was wrapped in when she was found in the park, they actually have fibers from that same rug that was found in the truck of the vehicle that belonged to George.

    Now, how they explained that, I don`t know. But let me tell you what, that`s direct evidence.


    • Andrea
      Jun 16 2010

      Hi Dancehappy! (I love your name!)

      I didn’t see JVM, darn! I will go back and look at the affidavit you mention….I remember reading Yuri Mellich’s arrest documents, and they were very compelling. I think what you say is very true. When the state lays out everything they have, all the direct evidence with the circumstantial, and put together the story, the timeline, the witnesses and recreate Casey’s whereabouts, there is truly no doubt in my mind that she will be convicted.

      thanks so much for your comments!


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