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monday 6/21/2010 status hearing….

Monday’s status hearing in the case against Casey Anthony, though brief, was chock full of interesting bits of insight.

There are two Orlando attorney’s who regularly comment on this case and who always share valuable insight.  They are Richard Hornsby, and Bill Sheaffer.  And yesterday Attorney Sheaffer gave an excellent explanation about “excited utterances.” Specifically he discusses what it means according to the law, and also, more importantly, what it means in this case.

To review the excellent interview of Bill Sheaffer by reporter Kathi Bellich – please click here.

There is an important motion hearing coming up July 15th.  At that hearing the admissibility of the 911 calls will be argued by both sides.  Also argued, the EquuSearch files, as well as whether Roy Kronk will be put under the microscope with regards his supposed “prior bad acts” and the feasibility that he could be a suspect in the case.

However, according to WFTV, and other sources, the Defense may be backing off of the Kronk angle.  Attorney Bill Sheaffer feels it’s a weak argument – most of us with knowledge of the case do as well.

Check out the coverage on WFTV by clicking here.


Father’s Day randomness (via Loving Jazz Photo Blog)

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