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June 22, 2010


monday 6/21/2010 status hearing….

by Andrea O'Connell

Monday’s status hearing in the case against Casey Anthony, though brief, was chock full of interesting bits of insight.

There are two Orlando attorney’s who regularly comment on this case and who always share valuable insight.  They are Richard Hornsby, and Bill Sheaffer.  And yesterday Attorney Sheaffer gave an excellent explanation about “excited utterances.” Specifically he discusses what it means according to the law, and also, more importantly, what it means in this case.

To review the excellent interview of Bill Sheaffer by reporter Kathi Bellich – please click here.

There is an important motion hearing coming up July 15th.  At that hearing the admissibility of the 911 calls will be argued by both sides.  Also argued, the EquuSearch files, as well as whether Roy Kronk will be put under the microscope with regards his supposed “prior bad acts” and the feasibility that he could be a suspect in the case.

However, according to WFTV, and other sources, the Defense may be backing off of the Kronk angle.  Attorney Bill Sheaffer feels it’s a weak argument – most of us with knowledge of the case do as well.

Check out the coverage on WFTV by clicking here.

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  1. Ideas
    Jun 23 2010

    It will be interesting at the next hearing when Judge Perry addresses these situations. Both the excited utterance and Kronk are key elements for the defense, and both expose the extent these people are willing to lie to defend Casey.

    I don’t think JP will be nice in these instances. He will be straight forward based on the definition for excited utterance and the clarity of Kronk’s ex’s. It’s too serious of an accusation to lightly fling Kronk’s way.

    This next hearing should show the weakness of the defense’s reasonings, but I’m sure they will play it off with a huff and a puff.

    • Andrea
      Jun 24 2010

      Hey Ideas,

      You got that right. The defense does appear to need to have Kronk be a bad guy, and have the 911 calls thrown out, but neither will happen, I don’t think.

      I agree that JP will be pretty cut and dry about these issues, as he should be. LOL! Yeap, a huff and a puff is what they’ll bring, but will end up whistling Dixie when it comes to these items, I believe!

  2. sophie
    Jun 23 2010

    I was in a restaurant this last year and seated across from Roy Kronk. I tried not to register recognition, as I am certain he’d rather not be bothered by anyone. I wanted to pay for his breakfast, but it would have been obvious to him that the person right across from him was doing it, and I preferred anonymity. I still feel bad that I didn’t do it.

    Would I want to buy George and Cindy breakfast? Hell no.

    Without Roy Kronk, Caylee would never have been found. I don’t care if he didn’t get along with his wives, was a lousy husband, smoke, drank or cheated at Old Maid.

    He did a good deed and was persecuted for it. The defense has a job to do, but ruining the lives of innocent people in order to ‘win’ and free a child murderer is apalling.

    • Andrea
      Jun 24 2010

      Hi Sophie!

      Wow, that’s amazing that you were there when he was. And, how kind of you to respect the poor guys privacy. I feel badly for him. Like you say, he did an incredibly good deed and its really atrocious how he’s being treated by the defense. However, the defense is just doing their job, as slimy as that feels, they have to pursue every angle unless it’s just ridiculously clear that it’s not going to raise reasonable doubt, or raise the stakes.

      Some reports are saying that the defense is backing off of the Kronk angle… I hope so because it makes them seem really desperate. I mean, we’re talking “ex” wives that have a beef with the guy – no kidding! Lots of divorced folks have it out for each other…it’s just silly.

      Anyway, Sophie, I really appreciate that you shared this!


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