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Oh, this is pure eye candy!

Oh, this is pure eye candy! I am honored to have talented friends who give freely of both their friendship and photography! Janice Sisk, like me, is someone who is both a lover of nature and a photography enthusiast.  These are her flowers – grown in her backyard garden. Janice lives in a part of the country where Cardinals and other lovelies frequent.  (Her shot of the Cardinal is a major delight!) I know that you will enjoy her work.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity … Read More

via Loving Jazz Photo Blog


new discovery documents set for release

According to WESH, WFTV, and others, there will be 5,000 new pages of discovery released Friday, 6/25/2010, in the case against Casey Anthony.

WESH is reporting that the documents revolve around letters sent to Casey while she’s been incarcerated.   According to an unnamed WESH source, these discovery documents are supposed to be “interesting.”

But, oh my…. 5,000 pages?  Please, will someone read them and report back?!  LOL!

Read the WESH report here

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