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July 25, 2010


casey anthony headlines & knick knacks

by Andrea O'Connell

I would rather have a root canal than move.  At least a root canal, though painful, is over and done with within a matter of hours.  But a move?  It’s a long and arduous operation!

Today and yesterday I unpacked the last of the boxes.   Knick knacks. (I left the godforsaken “knick knack” boxes for last.)

I “used” to love knick knacks.  Now?  Well, I’ve concluded that now I only love other people’s knick knacks.  Mine are treasures, sure, but I have too many of them!  Even the words “Knick Knack” sound unwieldy and cumbersome……

I am up to my eyeballs in Knick knacks and it’s too much. I think I’ll create a knick knack photo album.  I’ll take pictures of all my knick knacks (for the memories) and give the actual knick knacks away to Goodwill.  Well, that’s the plan.  Whether I can really part with all the treasures is another story all together.

But, I digress.

Although I have had so much help from family and friends helping me pack, unpack, get organized, clean, and remain sane, moving has been a challenge – and a blessing, too.

I am blessed with dear friends and family.  One of my dear friends even flew down from NYC to help me.  That’s a true blue friend.

But, I am blessed.  Let me tell you briefly about the blessings before I get to talking about everything I’ve missed in the Casey Anthony case over the past month (so much to catch up with!).

So, I am one of the millions of Americans who got caught up in the real estate debacle.  Well, not just caught up in it, drowning in it is more on point.  Drowning in it and by it.

In 2006, while I owned a lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo, which was well within my means, I entered into a contract to purchase/build another more expensive condo.   Shortly thereafter, the real estate bubble burst and I could not sell my first condo (I relied on the sale of that condo to afford the second condo), and soon I was paying for two places that I could not begin to afford.

I struggled to keep up the payments on both places. It took every penny I earned.

The second condo I purchased for over $250,000, is barely worth $99,000 today.  But, I have a buyer and so I’ve walked away from that condo with high hopes the bank will accept the $99,000 and we can all wash our hands of the mess.

I moved back to my original condo.  I thought originally that it would be a step down for me to go back.  I felt defeated, in a sense.  Not any more.  Moving back was the best thing I could have done; and I realize how lucky I am.  There are countless millions of Americans who are, if not homeless, are on the verge of it.

So, that is where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

And, I have not kept up with the Casey Anthony case.  The last post I wrote on the case was exactly one month ago.  And, my oh my, have I missed a lot!

I see the news today is that Casey Anthony is in arrears and owes the jail commissary upwards of $40.00.

George Anthony used to commit funds to Casey’s jail-house coffers.  Has his generosity all but dried up since the publication of Casey’s allegation that George abused her?  I wonder if that is the reason.   A more likely scenario is that George and Cindy are probably broke, too.

Recent headlines that I missed include:

  • Andrea Lyons stepped down from the case. I was shocked and mad to read this.  I haven’t had time to read the details or the reasoning behind it.  Who is going to fight against the death penalty now?  Cheney Mason? Hah!  I don’t think so.
  • The defense is investigating George Anthony. Really?  This is not so curious when you consider the damning evidence her hapless father reluctantly holds against his only daughter.  It was George, after all, who testified, reluctantly, in front of the Grand Jury.  It was George, the ex-cop who knows the smell of “decomp” who spoke of the smell of death.  It was George, the not-so-doting-father who characterized his daughter as less than truthful.  George Anthony could quite unwillingly, if seen as credible, be the nail in his daughter’s coffin.  Of course the defense wants to discredit him.
  • There are recorded prison calls between Jose Baez and the witness Robin Lunceford?  On its face, this sounds juicy and nefarious.  It seems that Jose Baez believes that this witness has critical evidence to help the defense case.  This is just plain sad.  If the defense if resting its hopes on this witness, well….. it’s just sad.  There may be a hearing on this matter in the coming days or weeks.
  • The 911 calls are coming in.  No surprise there.  What is surprising was that Cindy Anthony behaved herself and we did not have to suffer through a repeat performance of the Morgan deposition.
  • Cindy Anthony believes Caylee is still alive????  I am sorry for her denial.  It is terribly sad.
  • The defense is backing off of the Texas EquuSearch angle?  Good.  It’s about time.

I am sure I am missing a few items here.  I’ve been away for a month; a lot can happen – and it usually does in this case!

I’ll be busy for a couple of days trying to decide what to do with my knick knack memories, but I will be back soon.  That I do promise!

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  1. Sherry
    Jul 26 2010

    Pack up those dust collectors save your absolute favorites or those that go with your decor. Put them away…if they are meant to be, you will drag them out and keep them. But if the love is lost, then there is someone who will fall in love with them in some charitable thrift store…take heart, they will find a good home. This advice comes from a knick knack collector who has weeded them all out myself in the past. And I know how hard it is with the sentimental value of many of them. But! You can do it! Be strong! The shakes you get when you box them up is only for a moment, trust me. The time saved on dusting them is a great reward. :mrgreen:

    Yes, we can be grateful for our blessings of a roof over our head that’s not made of cardboard or an interstate running above our place of residence.

    I’ve been keeping up with the goings on in the Anthony saga but haven’t felt much like commenting on it lately. I’ve enjoyed the banter of Caylee’s friends concerning the latest, though. Looking forward to your articles on the case! So glad the move is done for you, too. 😀

    • Andrea
      Jul 26 2010

      Hey Sherry! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom – for your experienced and sage advice re: Knick Knacks!! LOL!

      I am very sentimental, too and like you I am caught because it’s not so much the object – the knick knack – it’s the feelings and thoughts about the person who gave it to me, that is associated with the object.

      I think that’s why we knick knack collectors have such a hard time letting go. But, I WILL! I will be strong! My mom even offered to keep them boxed up in her garage for me. So, it’s either that or off they go to Goodwill and into the hands and heart of someone who will enjoy them.

      I wonder what’s happening in the Peterson case? I like to keep up on that one, too…. Will you fill me in?

      I will get back in the groove soon! This would be a perfect time to have a quest writer….hint hint hint….LOL!

      Talk to you later, Caylee’s friend.

      • Sherry
        Jul 27 2010

        “…hint, hint…” Haha! We need to figure out the best way to submit anything I write-‘k? You can contact me through the Pearls contact address. But, lately, haven’t had much to say about anything-not even the oil spill disaster. 😕

        As for the Peterson case, I go to Justice Cafe for the latest. The latest is that Drewpy’s attorneys want the gun charges dropped (they brought this up once before) and the judge will hear it next month sometime. It’s unrelated to the murder case. The lawyers contend that this gun, illegally too short in the barrel, is the very same gun Peterson carried the whole time he was on the Bolingbrook police force. I wouldn’t doubt it-there was a hush-hush system going on it that force when Drewpy was an officer.

        All the best with those knick knacks-take it slow…

      • Sherry
        Jul 27 2010

        Just another suggestion about those knick-knacks~buy a pretty curio cabinet to put them all in. Well, some can be grouped throughout the home, too.

      • Andrea
        Aug 2 2010

        Yes! We do need to do this…. It’s not difficult at all, you know. Perhaps if you’d think of what you’d like to write about, and in the mean time, I’ll figure out how to create a guest writer identity on this site for you (yay!!) and we’ll take it from there….
        And you should have my email address, too… If not, I also have the email address for this site:

        Thanks for the Peterson update… I love “Drewpy” LOL! It does fit him… tee hee…. 🙂

  2. Hilde
    Jul 26 2010

    Andrea~~ Girl You have been busy! 🙂
    Don’t worry about the Anthony Case too much, You have a Life of Your own which You need to take care of.
    I kind of had to smile when I read about Your Knick Nacks, trust me I have enough of my own and they seem to multiply as time goes on. My Kids seem to think they need to give me more every Chance they have, they mean well, at the same time I need to tell them to stop buying me more.
    I am glad You are getting settled and are satisfied with Your Decision to move back to Your first Condo. Good Thing it worked out ok for You.
    This is a hard time for so many People and we truly can be considered blessed, if we have a Income and a Place to leave and are fairly healthy, that is so much more than some have.
    As to the Anthony Case, even though You been away for a Month You sure summed up every thing in a Nutshell what has happened in this Case and even gave Your Take on it.
    I say, good Job Andrea! 😉 and glad to see You back and posting again. 🙂

    • Andrea
      Jul 26 2010

      Well, Hi my dear Hilde!

      Thank you for posting here, you dear LOL, so you have the knick knack issue, too! Oh, it’s so funny, I think back to all the knick knacks I gave my mom over the years, like you get from your kids, and I laugh to think back at how my mom was probably thinking, in the back of her mind, “oh, not another knick knack!”

      My mom was there as I unpacked them all and it occurred to me that she too has hundreds of them! My brothers and i gave her soooo many over the years. Oh, the care we took to pick them out with such love! And, don’t ya know, she still has them all! I’m sure you have yours, too from your kids (well, I don’t think mom kept them “all” as some were probably a bit wacky! LOL)!

      Maybe I’ll post pictures of my treasures here! Now that’s a thought…. we’ll see!

      yes, I truly am at peace here. Just tonight, I had neighbors come over to chat. And today, a neighbor, while I was at work, planted some new grass in front of the little garden area by my front door! It was totally unexpected, but she knew that I’d wanted to see new grass there, and she just went and did it! Now, that’s a blessing.

      And, another neighbor came over tonight to look at my camera – to see if he could help me get some dust off of the mirror inside the camera. Then he gave me a lesson in using PhotoShop!

      So, yes, I have missed “my home.” Where I belong, I’m now calling home once again. And it sure is nice.

  3. jon
    Jul 26 2010

    Hey Andrea! I was wondering what happened to you. Glad to hear you’re settled. Next year this time, I’ll be moving from the east coast to Honolulu (talk about major). I was out of town as well and when I checked the blogs and videos couldn’t believe that I actually heard Cindy say she believes Caylee isn’t dead. Heavy duty denial there. Either that or she’s looking to cover herself with an insanity defense if and when she gets prosecuted for perjury (which I sincerely hope happens). I don’t blame them for not putting any money in Casey’s account. Also, where are those other “anonymous donors” who were sending her money. Guess that pool dried up as well. Maybe reality set in.

    • Andrea
      Jul 26 2010

      Hey hey hey Jon, buddy! I hope you’re enjoying your summer – I bet you are! Well, that is so cool to be moving to Honolulu! Talk about paradise on earth! Good for you!

      You know, I thought something similar to what you said about why Cindy may have said that she feels Caylee is alive…. I think it’s to protect Casey – discredit herself, perhaps, so she’s not totally believable?

      Maybe it’s a far fetched thought, but who knows… It could also be a self-defense mechanism, to try to “cover” for her actions of the past – try to get people to believe that her grief pushed her over the edge so far that she lost all grasp of reality or sanity…. Like how the defense may be trying to discredit George, maybe Cindy is trying to discredit herself to make excuses for her past bad behavior?

      Anyway, it all comes down to major issues in that family. if only they’d learned to keep quiet…. It’s their hubris – the whole lot of them – they just can’t stop talking! Lugubrious foot-in-mouth disease they have…LOL!

      So glad to hear from you! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  4. jon
    Jul 27 2010

    As the trial date draws nearer, I think it will be interesting to see who throws whom under the bus. Personally, I think Cindy will do whatever she can to make anything look like someone else’s fault and not hers. I’ve always felt that she took this whole thing as an affront to her own parenting skills and that’s why she’s been as vocal as she has been. Let’s face it, she also has to have a considerable ego problem.
    As you say, she may be putting on a front that her grief pushed her over the edge, but to me it doesn’t hold water. Grief, especially for the loss of a child, is pretty much a private thing and going on a constant circuit of TV shows and shooting one’s mouth off to anyone who’ll listen hardly seems to me to be the m/o of a grieving grandparent.

    I still say the only one who’s going to come out this okay is Lee. I know he laughs a lot when under the gun, but I honestly think it’s just nerves on his part. He’s done a good job of keeping his mouth shut for quite a while now and staying out the limelight and I think he should get some credit for the way he’s behaved. His parents could learn from him.

  5. brandon bob
    Jul 28 2010

    Is there somewhere on this site that has the list of upcoming hearing dates for Casey? I was just curious when the next hearing is. anyone know?

  6. Sherry
    Jul 28 2010

    Hi, Brandon Bob~

    Humble Opinion has a calendar of events here:

    • Andrea
      Jul 31 2010

      Thank you so much, Sherry for steering Brandon in the right direction! You’re the best. 🙂

      I’ve been a little distracted lately…. my home was robbed and it’s just been a terrible shock to my system, internal and external shock to my system, I guess you could say. The cops have fingerprints and I am just hoping they get the creeps. hugsssss

  7. brandon bob
    Jul 28 2010

    thanks that was huge help, looks to me like august 30th is next hearing by that calander

    • Sherry
      Jul 28 2010

      YW! :mrgreen:

      Humble Opinion does good on this case!

    • Andrea
      Jul 31 2010

      Hey Brandon,
      I am sure glad you found my site, thank for looking up those dates! And I agree with my friend Sherry, Humble Opinion is a terrific resource… 🙂

      All the best! I look forward to chatting with you in the days and weeks to come…

  8. brandon bob
    Jul 31 2010

    your welcome!


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