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August 5, 2010


jail letters released show a pitiful cindy anthony

by Andrea O'Connell

Other than the monumental decision by Judge Belvin Perry to let the 911 calls made by Cindy Anthony into the case in chief, there has been little to write about with regards to the Casey Anthony case.

Of course there is Jose Baez’s embarrassing pratfall  regarding a taped conversation he held with a prison inmate.  The Orlando Sentinel did a good job reporting this story.  You can read their report here.

In addition, the Orlando Sentinel ran an equally enticing story recently titled: Does Casey Antony’s Right to a Fair Trial Trump the Public’s Right to Know?

I have honestly wondered that, too.  But always come back to the fact that the Public does have a right to know!  Will the public’s appetite to chew every morsel inhibit the defense from finding jurors who can be fair and impartial?  No, it surely does not.  There are more people who know nothing about this case then there are people who read about it.

Casey Anthony will find fair jurors, I have no doubt about it.  Casey Anthony must have a fair trial and she will get it.  There will be (there is already) such scrutiny with regards to the goings on in this case – so many people scoping all the details with a magnifying glass, that a fair trial is assured for her.

Today’s Revelations

Back to the news of the day.  A plethora of documents were released today with regards to the case.  The WFTV website has the full details, and every document posted.

Among the documents are fascinating letters from Cindy Anthony to Casey.  I hope you will take the time to read these sad, pathetic letters from a mother who is desperately trying to convince herself of her daughter’s goodness, innocence, beauty, and friendship.

Cindy Anthony takes a mother’s devotion to another level as she painfully writes of her belief in her daughter, and in the fact that she believes Caylee is still alive.

The letters are painful to read as they are written by a soul so troubled that she is hanging her hopes on dreams.

Should you take a moment to read these letters you’ll see Cindy is in total denial.  Perhaps she is better off living in her dream and denial?

I am almost sorry for her though pity is more like it.

Here are Cindy’s letters:

1. After Casey’s elevator accident.

2. Discussion of using Baez Law Firm as return address

3. Betrayal, faith, and death (among other things)

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  1. jon
    Aug 6 2010

    Hi Andrea. Forgive me for being an old cynic, but I think these letters are all pure unadulterated “BS”.

    I listened on HLN news this morning as one of the commentators was reading some of these and my immediate thought was that these letters were written with the view in mind that someone ELSE was going to eventually be reading them. Given what we know of the dynamic of Cindy and Casey, the gushy loving letters just don’t fit in.

    Also, now she’s seeing Jesus! Spare me…………

    • Andrea
      Aug 6 2010

      Hey Jon…

      LOL! You’re not a cynic, you’re just saying what you know! And yes, it very well could be she was purposely playing to the crowd as the letters are really over the top. But, she’s all drama – that’s all she knows, I think.

      However, I’m not yet convinced that it isn’t her speaking from her heart… I am probably wrong, but that’s the tone that I heard from reading her letters… The letters sounded written by someone who’s confused, very much in pain, and very lost in a fantasy and a dream world, thinking Jesus speaks to her….

      I can hear it now… people will think I’m off MY rocker too, for saying all this….but truly, she’s got to be hurting and she’s in total and complete denial. I do think her denial is a protection mechanism she’s wrapped herself up in. She knows the truth, but I am sure it’s buried deeply within; she’s likely to never accept the fact that Casey murdered her own daughter… If she were to accept that truth, she might go over cliff into complete despair.

      It’s sure weird, though. I mean, I know the animus she and Casey had for each other over the years, but I think she’s speaking from her maternal longing for her daughter….

      I don’t know…

      I am trying to account for the possibility – even though it’s a remote one – that she may have changed..

      And I read some of George’s letters – a moment ago -that’s another story all together…….

  2. Venice
    Aug 6 2010

    These letters are nothing but a FRONT, just like all the rest of their deceptive behavior.

    • Andrea
      Aug 6 2010

      Hey Venice…. Yeah, you could be right, but I’m not totally convinced yet. I think she’s totally in a separate reality from the rest of us…. I would not want to be in her shoes….heaven forbid!

      I think she cannot accept the truth, Venice. I truly think she believes her own deception.

  3. Sherry
    Aug 6 2010

    Yeah, what jon said…! Plus, you made a good point, Andrea, about those letters being written in such a way as to convince Cindy that what she says is true.

    Have a lovely day, Caylee’s friends!

    • Andrea
      Aug 6 2010

      Hey Sherry my dear….. Yeah, I think she’s really out to sea, and so lost that she’s trying to hang on to her own truth. If not, what is the alternative? I mean, if she didn’t believe Casey was innocent she’d have to believe in her guilt and there’s just no way she’s capable of going there.

      She doesn’t seem to have the psychological backbone to go there. So, there she is, still sticking to her old stories about Jesse, and the police not following leads, and on and on – one excuse after another excuse. But, she has to make these excuses because the alternative is just not possible for her. If she began to believe in the real truth, she’d be a complete basket case – right now, she’s over the top and delusional, but not yet a total basket case. It won’t be long before she cracks… It’s sad, really.

      Anyway…. I must go read Georges letters! They are something else, too.

  4. Aug 6 2010

    would someone please Backer Act Cindy? I think her family and what friends she has, are doing a great disservice by not taking the cat by the tail and seek help for Cindy. i realize they are a dysfunctional(really) family, but Cindy’s behavior and thoughts are just a wee bit off the wall.

    • Andrea
      Aug 6 2010

      LOL! Midget, it’s too bad there has not been an intervention….truly… But, they’ve been fairly quiet lately. Do you think maybe they’ve been getting help? I wonder…

      Yup… just a “wee bit” off the wall… totally off the ole wall!

  5. Linda
    Aug 6 2010

    Andrea…….Come on now…….A lepard doesn’t change her spots…….We are talking about Cindy Anthony…She is still evil…..She wants people to think Casey is her bff..She tells Casey she was a good mother to Caylee?????????? Then why was she seeking custody?Cindy wants people to think she is crazy, and she is……….”crazy like a fox” all this time and she is still looking for someone else to blame……at the last hearing the state went easy on her……..I think when the trial begins for real the state will tear her apart……..And one more thing….Cindy knows everything she writes to Casey will be released and she is just trying to taint the jury pool………..Same old Cindy…….wait till the jury sees the love in Caseys eyes when she looks at her mother……and they won’t believe her either…….

    • Andrea
      Aug 7 2010

      Hi Linda….LOL! I know, I know!!! I think this leopard has not changed her spots at all…I think that perhaps she’s only regressed and cut off her claws for a time.
      She’s just a very sad figure, is what I am saying.

      I don’t think she’s crazy like a fox, because a fox is cunning and will do things that make sense. Cindy, on the other hand, is not “crafty” because she has no filters or boundaries or sense of truth. Though still the same ole Cindy, she seems incapable of seeing the forest for the trees. I do think it’s quite possible that she is on medication to better control her outbursts. I can’t begin to know the truth, but I suspect that’s the case.

      The fact that she sent Casey a mother’s day card is absurd and disgusting but it also shows the depth of her denial.

      She lives in a different world – even in those very early FBI tapes when she was given the assessment about Casey in which she answered as if Casey was Homecoming Queen – remember? Even then, with the “FBI” no less, she either outright lied or her “reality” is so skewed that she cannot tell fact from fiction.

      I think that her psyche won’t allow her to believe that her daughter is capable of such a crime. And the fact that she’s also mean and nasty just makes her personality all the more despicable…..

      I don’t know, Linda… I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes, and I would hope that if I were, someone would slap me silly and tell me the truth.

      Wait until you read George’s letters…omg… they are pretty bizarre.

      In his case, he KNOWS the truth and has known it from day one but he’s “chosen” to recant and act like he’s playing the denial game, too.

      But, his actions are not believable because we know he knows better since he’s said a number of times that he smelled decomp, and spoke of Casey’s character….of all the stealing, and the lies, not working, etc.

      Whereas Cindy, since the 911 calls (the excited utterance), she’s has been in complete denial…..George, on the other hand, is just an outright beguiler.

  6. offthecuff
    Aug 7 2010

    Cindy is an intelligent woman. She has also been a nurse for years. Not saying that all nurses are the same, but when one is a nurse, they are taught to calculate the facts and make an assessment based upon those facts.

    IMO, Cindy has calculated the facts of Caylee’s death, including the DNA confirmation on the bones, but her assessment is to spin the denial bottle to keep Casey “supported” in Casey’s own delirium and raise reasonable doubt in order to save Casey.

    But how many hoops does she have to jump through for this denial? She has to act “paranoid” of all the facts. She’s already stated that LE was out to get Casey, which means lie about all their forensics.

    My question with all this is WHY does Conway not help this woman??? WHY does her church not help???

    Obviously, Conway lets Cindy play her game her way for her GREAT CAUSE, even though it makes him look silly and even callous supporting her! There are doctors and counselors out there for paranoid delirium who can help her face the truth and cope at the same time!

    This is why her denial doesn’t add up as denial. There are no professionals in the picture helping her.

  7. Andrea
    Aug 7 2010

    Hi Off the Cuff…. I totally agree with you with regards to the denial…. yes, she has spun that bottle and keeps on spinning it over and over and over some more.

    I think you could be correct about the game she’s playing to see if she can “help” in the reasonable doubt department. But, the sad thing is, every move she and George make ends up costing the Defense. The more Cindy and George do or say does seem to make matters worse for their daughter. I understand why the defense has insisted they stay clear of the jail.

    Yes, I don’t understand why Conway is enabling Cindy. As you say, it makes him look the fool! At first I thought he was a decent attorney – not any more. How he continues to put up with the antics is baffling to say the least. Unless, he’s become emotionally tied to them, who knows. It’s very odd.

    Thank you for visiting and posting!!!!

  8. Harriette Poppleton
    Dec 14 2010

    Quite a beautiful website. I recently built mine and i was looking for some design ideas and you gave me a few. Did you develop the website alone?

    Thank you

    • Dec 14 2010

      Thanks for your feedback. I added the photos of the butterflies from a photo I took. But, it’s a WordPress theme that I am able to customize. WordPress has a number of cool themes to choose from.


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