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the death penalty… stop the madness!!!

I live in Florida.  If you  live in a death penalty state, too, then you and I, We are the People who the State Attorney Office serves when they find cause to charge an individual with a crime and/or put them to death.

We the People, though not “present” in the courtroom, are represented in good faith by the State Attorney’s Office.

In the Casey Anthony case, in Orlando Florida, these good people are Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane-Burdick.  And of course, the Judges: the popular and kind Judge Stan Strickland, and the serious and even tempered Judge Belvin Perry, (who does seem to have a sense of humor, but of course, the courtroom is not place to show it.)

These are good people, all. And they are doing, with honor, the work that the People of the State of Florida would expect.

I don’t want to dishonor these good people as I rail and I scream about the death penalty.  All these fine folks who are working diligently for justice for Caylee, are doing their job….

However, and you can holler at me all you want, they didn’t HAVE to go with the death penalty in this case, did they?

Remember, they originally had it on the table, then took it off, then put it back on – after the discovery of the body?

Judge Perry, the Judge overseeing the Casey Anthony case in Orlando, Florida, recently ruled on eight motions put before him regarding the death penalty.

Eight arguments denied.

The heretofore Defense attorney, Andrea Lyon, attempted to argue that the death penalty was unconstitutional.  Not so, says the Judge, as he must follow the law.  He must follow the law, bad or not, he must follow it.

Andrea Lyon had an uphill battle anyway.

The death penalty IS unconstitutional and unconscionable, in my mind, anyway.  The death penalty belongs in Third World Countries, but not in the United States of America – the land of  the free and the proud.

According to the PEW Charitable Trust organization, there are still 38 states who allow the death penalty.

Time and time again you’ll hear this study and that study declaring that the death penalty does nothing to thwart murderous villains from acting as they will.  But, jail does stop them.  Jail works, for the most part.

I don’t want Casey Anthony sentenced to death, and she very well may be, though it will be overturned on appeal if she is.  I say that because her second trial will take place with a real lawyer who will focus on her mental illness, as should have been done at the outset of this trial, I believe.

Being in jail and facing the certainty of death changes the criminal, for the most part.  Time and time again I have read how the criminal does a 360 about-face, becomes more human and totally repentant.  So, how do we play God and kill such a person?

In the name of God, is capital punishment part of His teachings?  Isn’t God a totally forgiving God?  Why we won’t emulate the forgiveness versus relying on a vengeful God is something I will never understand.  It reeks of contradictions.

Death is too final and we are merely mortals.

What if we make a mistake and we put to death the wrong person?  It has happened time and time again.  That has got to bolster the argument AGAINST the death penalty. Right?  Wrong.

But, I’m singing in the wind. Who is listening?  Nary a soul.  Does anyone think about this anymore?

Did you know that in Utah a prisoner was killed by firing squad very recently?





….bullets to the heart, and


In the name of the people of Utah, in the name of God and the law, a human being was placed before a firing squad and killed for the wrong he did to society over 25 years ago.

25 years ago. We kept him alive for 25 years only to kill him.

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