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I wonder, if you took the time to read the Anthony’s letters to Casey, did you come away with the feeling that you were eavesdropping, too?

In all the letters from Cindy and George there were two constants: they continuously begged Casey to allow them to see her and begged (Casey) to write back to them.

When I got to George Anthony’s letters, I wanted to stop reading.  I felt as though I were intruding.  I also believe that George never imagined that his letters would be public.

I have read that some people believe the letters were “staged” and that the Anthony’s were putting on an act to create more reasonable doubt…. well, I can’t agree or disagree with that contention because I just don’t know.  But, I do know my gut reaction, and I feel like an eavesdropper on their private family issues.

I no longer have a great deal of sympathy for the Anthony’s, but part of me feels so sorry for them, for their total denial – it’s got to be painful and completely unhealthy, would you agree?

It was the every-day tone of the letters that told me so much by saying so little.  It told me of their mundane lives, their lack of a life outside of their grief that is the only constant.

Poor George wrote to Casey and begged and begged her to allow him to see her.  So did Cindy – they begged her to please, please give them just ‘one more moment’….  The family, including Lee, were hanging their hopes on the request before Judge Perry to allow the Anthony’s to visit Casey sans video taping.  Of course that motion was recently denied, but the Anthony’s were desperately hoping it would be granted as they desperately want to see Casey.

(Of course Judge Perry denied that motion, as he should have.  Why give Casey Anthony privileges beyond every other inmates rights?  He couldn’t do that.)

Back to the mundane letters.   In a couple of George’s letters, in a typical father-to-his-daughter tone, he tells her twice that her license renewal recently came in the mail and to please have Jose get Casey to sign it.  He warns her that if she fails to sign her driver’s license renewal, she’ll have to take the drivers test all over again.

George wants to make sure Casey can drive and I said to myself, this can’t be!  If this were fiction, we’d not believe this!  Poor George; does he think Casey is concerned with her drivers license when she’s fighting for her life?

And, Cindy suggesting that someday Casey would make a fine attorney.  Casey, when this is all over, could go to law school.  (I am not making this up.)

There are additional instances of pure absurdity, but I feel as if it’s just mean of me to discuss them; as if I am making fun of them, and that is not my intention.

The letters are mostly about family things – the everyday things that happen in nearly every family at one time or another: the drama of a beloved pet dying and when and how to bury it; cousins, the aunts and uncles; Grandparents health.  But underneath it all is the one great burden that few of us will ever have to bear: losing a Granddaughter at the hands of a daughter.  How one deals with the sadness of that, I hope you and I never know.

And then, all of a sudden, the letters stop –  not with their characteristic whisper, but with a heavy bang and a punch in the gut.  It was a letter from George regarding Casey’s abuse allegation that brought the deafening blow.

In this March 25, 2010 letter, George says:

Casey Marie,

Where do I begin???

Well, met with Jose & Cheney Mason on Wednesday, March 24th.

Jose in Cheney Mason’s office delivered me disturbing news & ask me 2 heart breaking questions?

You know what 2 questions he asked.

and I am num ….. (sic)

Why, why also destroy Lee…

Why, why also destroy Mom…

Why, why also destroy me, your family…

Why, why also destroy Caylee Marie…

After all I have tried, sacrificed, continued to have you, my daughter, why???

Continually coming to court, continually wanting to see you, why???

Poor George.  I don’t know if I have the words to express what he might be going through.  However, there was another very curious piece of material among the letters.  It was a clip from a piece that blogger “Blink on Crime” wrote.  I’m paraphrasing here, but basically it said:

‘Casey will get the death penalty when all is said and done, because she has a smarmy lawyer who will try to blame Casey’s parents for the crime, which won’t work and will backfire.’

And, sure enough, it has come to pass with the recent investigation of George.

Poor George.

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