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August 9, 2010


she would have been 5 today

by Andrea O'Connell

Sadly, another year has gone by – another birthday – and still no resolution to the murder of little Caylee Anthony.

The First Degree Murder trial of Casey Anthony is set to begin in May of 2011, nearly a full three years since Caylee’s untimely death.  Yes, justice has its own time table and will travel its own pace despite how anxious we are for resolution.

Through it all, however, we will remember Caylee.

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  1. Weezie
    Aug 10 2010

    Dear Andrea; Yes it is up to the rest of us to carry the torch for this little girl’s justice. I can’t believe that she is 5 today. I put that in the present tense for she is not really gone, nor forgotten by millions of people, who are for reasons unknown, riveted to this case.

    My thoughts are this: Many people’s lives have changed due to this horrific crime. Some would say A WHO DUN IT board game of CLUE. Perhaps that is why it is so entrancing to people out there. I’m not sure. It might be that the evidence is so overwhelming that we want to stick around to make sure fancy pants Baez doesn’t somehow get her off!!!! The twists and turns have more than kept a frezied media busy for over two years. The case doesn’t loose steam, it’s simmering until the trial begins. Every time an Anthony opens their mouths, something splashes in our eyes. A stinging sense of lies.
    How is it a very common family with no celebrity can take on such a broad scoped appeal? Because it’s the day of REALITY TV. That’s what’s in right now. Very popular to those that wish to spy, or peek at others without having to pay any consequence. Just look and gossip. Yes it is hard core, but it’s every day life, unfolding with a canker on all of the body parts. It’s growing larger by the day. Soon the trial will be here, and then we will have a chance to see a whole new lot of characters. Like Survivor, SEASON 3.

    I am relieved that Caylee is under God’s protection and not that of the Anthony’s. I have always felt that way. I am not mourning the loss but celebrating the child on the right side of God, not the wrong side of a family so disfunctional, they can’t tolerate each other.

    Have a nice day Andrea. I just thought I should comment. I didn’t realize it was her birthday till I opened yours and Dave’s posts. You know I have memories of being 5, but not a lot just some. It seems like two life times away. For Caylee she never had a chance, not one.

  2. Andrea
    Aug 11 2010

    Hi Weezie, my friend…. Thank you for your lovely comments here…. You have a lovely way with words. 🙂

    It’s truly an enticing case for so many reasons, I agree. For me, what’s fascinating are the cast of characters, but also the tragedy of poor Caylee’s death and wanting so much to see justice happen – real justice. God forbid the OJ Simpson case happens all over again…. But, I don’t think that will happen – Orlando is on top of this, despite Baez, the state is reigning him in pretty well – he’s not going to get away with any funny business because the prosecutors and now the Judge are on to him.

    Yeap, this will be like Survivor, with the truth left standing. I know that justice will prevail for Caylee and her death will not be in vain.

    hugs, weezie… ❤

  3. weezie10
    Aug 12 2010

    Hey Andrea; thanks for your sweet comments. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m writing what I write. It just comes out like layers of pudding. Sometimes it’s rough like sandpaper but once in a while I actually think I made a point. Oh well, today is shaping up to be a sunny and hot/humid summer’s day – AGAIN! I shouldn’t say that cause WINTER will be upon us and I will be wishing for the godforsaken HUMIDITY AGAIN. lol

    How are things in general? What have you been up to?
    I went over to Snoopy’s blog but most of it is under private pin numbers so unless I get one I won’t be commenting there. I find it more difficult to read because many people can comment on one’s comments. I get confused on how it works.

    Funny about this Word Press. I get emails when you post but I don’t get them from Dave’s anymore. I used to. I wrote to him to ask if he could somehow change the bottom. I don’t even get them in junk mail? When I see you new post I comment click on both at bottom and then I get an email asking me to click so that I will get ongoing comments. Only yours works. Dave’s and Snoopy’s does not, atleast for me anyway.

    I have to go back to my paperwork here. Talk at you later.
    hugs to you Andrea.

  4. Andrea
    Aug 12 2010

    Hi Weezie, Well today was hotter than blue blazes here too.
    I’ve been busy as can be and still trying to get settled, especially after the robbery, I am trying to regroup and reorganize.

    About the emails, I think that if you go to Dave’s page and add your email to “subscribe” it should fix the issue for you. It’s possible there was a bit of a mix up as Dave appears to be updating his site – I took a quick peek and it looks nice!

    I do love your comments! You always either give me a lot to think about or you make me LOL!!!

    I have been so busy that I’ve not had the time to write as I’d like to, but things will calm down soon for me. 🙂

    Big hugs you dear heart….


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