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August 29, 2010


shoe fly

by Andrea O'Connell

The latest sad story in the Anthony Family saga has to do with shoes and some embarrassment.

The story has to do with a small not-for-profit organization that collects shoes from the community to assist people in Honduras who go without.  They hold “shoe drives” and attempt to assist the unfortunate in Hondurus.

When the Anthony’s learned of the most recent shoe drive, driven by the not-for-profit group , they thought a nice gesture (and perhaps a bit of good publicity) would come from their donation of some of Caylee Anthony’s shoes.

Not so fast.  The report of the Anthony’s determination to share the shoes came with its usual negative backlash from the community who saw the effort by the Anthony’s as yet another attempt for publicity and self-aggrandizement.

However, the Anthony’s were not swayed by the negative press.  The Anthony’s donated shoes after all, but reportedly they were not Caylee’s.  Rather the shoes the Antony’s donated were new soles.  Not soles that had once borne Caylee’s soul.

New shoes were a better fit.  The organization did not want to be associated with the Anthony’s.  They didn’t want that kind of publicity.  One cannot blame them.

Sad that the Anthony’s wear the soles of their worn out feet on their battered hearts for all to see and mock.  I wish they would simply go quietly into that good night, allowing little Caylee’s soles and soul some rest for a bit.

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  1. Sherry
    Aug 29 2010

    So do I wish they would just shut up. To make a public announcement like Cindy did, under the guise that the organization is a fine one and people should know about it (per what Cindy told the press, as if this organization would not be known without her speaking up about it) was an opportunity for publicity-hers, not the organization’s. If she is a christian she would know that spouting off about giving for the sake of everyone giving kudos is a no-no. I’m glad it backfired on her.

    Aw, she must have been told that they wanted new, not used, shoes. As many shoes as Caylee had, maybe there were a couple of not yet worn pairs, though, to be fair.

    • Andrea
      Aug 29 2010


      Oh my goodness, I have missed you!

      Yes, I do wish they’d shut the @#$% up, too! I read Cindy’e comments and I thought, what gall she has, she’s bound and determined to continue this holier than thou farce …. and now, a perfectly ordinary and good-intentioned organization has to say “shoe fly, don’t bother me” to the Anthony’s. It’s pretty sad; they are sad souls, those Anthony’s. Their hubris (the fact that they need such attention) continues to be their undoing.

      They are terribly self-aggrandizing and it’s not doing any favors for Casey, that’s for darn sure!

      Hugs my dear!

  2. Hilde
    Aug 29 2010

    Andrea~~ You were very polite when You wrote this Post but that is just the kind of Person You are.
    Me on the other Hand I can’t be that polite about the newest Stunt Cindy A. pulled with the Attempt of donating according to her Caylee’s Shoes.
    One thing bothers me, Cindy stated at Court not too long ago, she still believes Caylee is alive! We all know that is not the Truth! My Question is, if Cindy want every one to believe Caylee is still alive, what then is she doing trying to donate Caylee’s Shoes?
    She is contradicting herself once again, saying one thing and believing another.
    Also if You donate anything out of the Goodness of Your Heart and wanting to help others, there would be no Need to e-mail the Media to let them know You are donating to a Charity!
    God knows I have Compassion for any one who has to go through what the Anthony’s have gone through at the same time I won’t condone their Behavior for every one to see and hear.
    It is their Right to do as they wish but we don’t have to like it especially if they constantly go to the Media and make everything public and that is why most People are furious by their Behavior. The Anthony’s need to do the Things they wish to do, right or wrong quietly and don’t get the Media or the Public involved, if they would do that they would spare them selfs a lot of Headaches!
    All I want like so many others is Justice for little Caylee!

    • Andrea
      Aug 29 2010

      Hey hey hey, Hilde!

      Thanks for your comments… as usual, you’re right about Cindy’s absurd behavior… She’s out of control, she’s just lost all sanity – probably never had much of it in the first place – and I cant’ blame the public for the reaction to the latest stunt. The reaction was warranted.

      Why the Anthony’s continue to use Caylee to gain attention even though it always ALWAYS back fires, is beyond me.

      it’s astounding, really. Regardless, it is a nice organization, too bad they had to deal with the soul-less Anthony’s.

      big ole hugs to ya Hilde dear!

  3. Hilde
    Aug 29 2010

    (((Andrea))) back at Ya 🙂

  4. Aug 29 2010

    Hi Andrea~~I always say that when one gives anonymously, they give from the heart. Cindy’s actions were so very obvious. Thanks for this write up.

    • Andrea
      Aug 29 2010

      Hey Snoopy!!

      Thank you for visiting! I totally agree with you; her actions speak too loud and really show the desperation to stay in the media at all costs. It’s terribly artificial.

      All the best Snoopy!


  5. offthecuff
    Aug 29 2010

    Good title, good post.

    Cindy needs a good friend to take her by the hand and help her know day by day what is appropriate behavior. She seems to have no sense of what to say and how to behave. She is so calculated and disturbed, and she needs a little help.

    Who can be that friend for her?

    • Andrea
      Aug 29 2010

      hey Off-the-Cuff…. You got that right, she is very calculated, very disturbed and very sadly in need of help. I wonder if a good friend could help her? I think that first she needs to see that her actions are and have been so inappropriate, but I’m not sure she’s capable of that just yet. Now, she has quieted down; the gum chewing and soprano screams have abated, but her actions do speak loudly just the same.

      I do feel sorry for her, I truly do and wish she would get some help. It is doubtful she will, unfortunately.

      So nice to hear from you and thank you for your comments…. 🙂

  6. jon
    Aug 30 2010

    Hey Andrea, nice to see you back. What if we all took some old shoes and mailed them to Cindy?

    • Andrea
      Aug 30 2010

      Hey Jon! That’s too funny. Well, I’ve added a shoe to the post just for you! 🙂

  7. jon
    Aug 30 2010

    Of course, it goes without saying that the box will be secured with duct tape. Since she’s so broke, I might even throw in a package of chewing gum.


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