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Baez: “…I could really care less what a lot of people say”

Today’s status hearing was one in which Judge Belvin Perry banged his figurative and literal gavel, and told the attorneys, in no uncertain terms, they had better be ready for this case to start, or else!

Or else what?

Well, said Perry, the attorneys will be working six day weeks, and without sleep, if that’s what it takes to stay on schedule.

And, oh dear….After the status hearing, from his own lips, Baez claimed that he knows that “a lot of people” believe he is incompetent.

Baez was referring to Mark NeJame who said the following to Attorney Cheney Mason:

I believe your partner is not only a liar, but incompetent. I’m going to say this in light of what he said to me — he made up complete and total fabrications.


To which Baez replied:

I know I’m competent, I know I’m doing what’s good for my client and, what’s more important, she does, and so does my team. So I could really care less what a lot of people say.

Personally, I don’t believe Baez is completely incompetent, although his inexperience makes it appear like he is incompetent.

Could it be that Baez plays at being incompetent?

Could it be that he meanders around the law, making excuses and acting shadowy to try to slip a few zingers into the record?

I am speaking hypothetically, as I don’t know this for a fact.  However, I wonder, does he takes short cuts to attempt to fool the court, as evidenced by a few of his motions?   Most recently, his motion and claim that he did not realize his conversation with a prison inmate would be recorded, was preposterous.

Perhaps a neophyte lawyer could get away with that one – maybe! Did Baez go a little too over the top with the neophyte lawyer act in that jail recording scenario?

Baez has the right to dissemble and stretch for excuses when it suits his client, all in the name of “reasonable doubt” right?


There is this non-theoretical, non-judgmental thing called TRUTH!

Reasonable doubt may not require utter “truth” but it does require “reason” versus any excuse under the sun.

The Defense Submits its Amended Witness List

The Defense Witness List was published today.

I did NOT see Roy Kronk as a witness.


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