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September 1, 2010


no angel or ghost on defense witness list

by Andrea O'Connell

So, Roy Kronk and Zanny the Nanny are absent from the defense witness list.

There was a time that Roy Kronk loomed large in the Casey Anthony saga.  And of course, Zanny the Nanny was Public Enemy Numero Uno.

Heck, at one time we may have thought that Kronk would be burnt toast should Baez get his hands on him at trial, or in deposition.  But, lo and behold, Kronk, the angel, and Zanny, the ghostly kidnapper, are conspicuously absent from the defense witness list.  Now isn’t that interesting!!!

Was this omission an error?  Nah!   The defense was always just blowing smoke about Kronk!

Any one with any kind of  “reason” who listened to the police interviewing Kronk, or read the interviews could easily conclude that he was just a good ole guy trying to do a good deed for little Caylee Anthony.

I always said that if Angels exist, Kronk was Caylee’s angel.

Now, the defense will try to make mince meat of Kronk during their cross examination, or attempt to bring his “supposed” prior bad acts, his troubles with his ex wives, and so on, into focus at trial.   But, it won’t work; Kronk is not the one on trial, Casey is.

I truly think the defense realizes it is completely futile to try to tie Kronk to some kind of nefarious scheme at this point.  That is why they truly want those Texas EquuSearch records…. there’s reasonable doubt somewhere in those records, by George!


And, the ghost Zanny the Nanny?  Didn’t she escape from the Sawgrass Apartments with Caylee?  Oh, no…  Zanny knocked Casey out cold at Blanchard Park and stole Caylee.  That’s the story, right?  No?

Well if not Zanny…. who then?  Well, it wasn’t Casey Anthony who killed her own precious child?  Surely not her own mother?  Who will be thrust in the spotlight next?

Some poor soul could very well be plucked from those records and be thrust center stage as the murderer in this debacle.

Heaven help them.

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  1. offthecuff
    Sep 1 2010

    Does the defense have to have Someone to point the finger at? Can’t they simply maintain that she isn’t tied to anything, and refute the evidence posed by the State?

    Are any of Kronk’s ex’s on the list? Even after all that fuss with the judge at the first hearing about getting cooperation from the ex’s lawyers?

    • Andrea
      Sep 1 2010

      Hey there! No, the defense doesn’t have to put up any witnesses at all if they don’t believe the state has met its burden…. it’s up to the prosecution to prove its case. Well, we all know that the burden in this case is on the defense since we’ve been privy to much of the discovery and seen how damning it is. The discovery coupled with Casey Anthony’s statements (and the statements of her family), plus the 31 days before Caylee’s whereabouts were even questioned means the state has a strong case right out of the gate.

      If the defense were to call Roy Kronk as a witness, they would presumably require a basis for calling him, and they have no basis (reason). The prosecution will use him as part of the time-line and to establish the whereabouts of the body.

      the defense will hope that the prosecution will open the door to allow them to probe into Kronks background, but that won’t happen, there’s no relevance and the state is too wise to allow that to occur.

      I did not see his ex-wives on the list either. All that stuff about taping the ex-wives a few months ago was all smoke / mirrors to get the focus of the media and the press off of Casey….. never works!

  2. weezie
    Sep 1 2010

    Well done Andrea. I don’t know where you get all this information? I haven’t seen a darn thing on t.v. I guess you have to be in the state to get all this coverage. Anyway, I thought they were going to accuse George! Isn’t he the latest candidate? And then there is Cindy, perhaps that phone call to George was all a setup, and they threw their own daugter under the bus. ha ha ha ha ha. and fah lah lah lah lah. I am so suspicious of the Defence and what they pull out of the hat. I think they will add to their list as they go along. Do they have to stick to what they say or can they add people as the trial proceeds? Isn’t it risky to leave Roy Kronk off the list? Who’s to say that the Prosecution will have him on their list? I don’t think they need him to prove that she did it? Just my thoughts.

    • Andrea
      Sep 1 2010

      Hey Weezie, thanks!

      Well, I kind of put this information together from the things I read. And, YES! you are right, there was a great deal of talk about them accusing George; and he is on their witness list, so chances are they will be trying to establish reasonable doubt from inconsistencies they may have found in George, Cindy, and Lee’s depositions and statements.

      I am fairly certain that they must publish a witness statement well in advance of the trial start date so each side can depo the other side’s witnesses. However, if in the middle of the trial, there is cause to call a new witness, they can do that as long as there is sufficient time for investigation by the other side into the allegations that the witness may make. You can’t just willy-nilly call a witness or an expert.

      I am fairly certain that the prosecution WILL have Kronk on their list because he’s part of the time line and establishes Caylee’s whereabouts.

      They don’t need Kronk to prove Casey “did it” but they need him to set up the circumstances as to where Caylee was ultimately discovered, when she was discovered, and how she was discovered. Kronk is a very critical witness for the state.


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