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bail-ers, bugs, and bobble-heads…

I have to admit I’ve grown weary of reading or hearing about the Casey Anthony case.  There seems to be very little “new” news – just more digging up of old dirt.

The only news of real note, (troubling news in my opinion),  is the fact that so many of Casey Anthony’s lawyers are exiting stage left before the lights even come up on the stage… I mean, on the CASE.

I know very little of the newest lawyer on the case – I can’t even remember her name right at this moment.  But I do remember the names of those who’ve bailed.

Bail-er number 1:  Todd Macaluso, disbarred in California, was the first to go.  Oh, but he doesn’t really count, does he?  I mean, clearly he would have stayed with this show until the final curtain had he not been disbarred.

The others who less than ceremoniously bailed are: Andrea Lyon, the death penalty expert who never did win a motion nor gain any sympathy for Casey Anthony, recently claimed her costs outweighed her ability to work on the case.  Personally, I was looking to Ms. Lyon as someone who could really make a difference and get the death penalty off the table, but she failed.  (That was a lofty task, the Florida law is what it is despite what Andrea Lyon tried to make of it.)

And now, a few weeks ago, Linda Kenney Baden has exited stage left without even so much as a round of applause.  The lights kind of just dimmed on her as she left the case with very little fanfare.

I find it so interesting, thinking back to the pomp and circumstance that brought these lawyers, especially Ms. Lyon, to the case, that they’d bail with so little fanfare.

Oh, they came on the case with mighty goals, didn’t they?  My, they were going to help Mr. Baez prove Casey “innocent”.  Yes, “innocent” they cried!  Hah!  They were so confident in their ability to prove Casey Anthony innocent that, instead of just selling books, they’d be hawking their own bobble-heads on QVC!

So, I ask you, would these lawyers abandon an innocent client on a trial that will surely have all the press as the O.J. Simpson murder trial?  Would these lawyers walk away from an innocent with millions to be made in books and bobble-heads?

Not on your life.

They saw the writing on the wall.  They saw what is coming for the defense, and it doesn’t look pretty.

Let me state the obvious.  In my – non-lawyerly opinion, there is very little chance Ms. Anthony’s attorneys will bring forward a viable case.  For goodness sakes, we know the tricks and the games they’ve played to date!  The most recent of which is the fiasco surrounding Laura Buchanan, the woman who worked with EquuSearch in the early days, prior to the body of Caylee Anthony being discovered.   It seems Ms. Buchanan has changed the tone, tenor and details of her story numerous times.  Furthermore, this witness, allegedly, has been “playing” with evidence, too and is now under investigation herself.

Ms. Buchanan, allegedly, was a witness that the defense was hanging its hat on to “prove” that the body of Caylee Anthony could not have been in the vicinity where it was found until AFTER (or during – take your pick) the time when Casey was “unavailable” or rather, under arrest.  Ms. Buchanan, it is also alleged, “tampered” with a document claiming the body could not have been placed off Suburban Drive….blah, blah, blah. It is all nonsense. All whole cloth.

There’s more to this Laura Buchanan story, but it’s mostly old news now.  What is unknown at this time is whether the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will being filing charges against this witness who perhaps will be turned into a witness for the prosecution.

So, well, the defense team seems to have gained little from the EquuSearch records they fought so hard to get, but then never looked at, then fought again to get, then never looked at.  The defense seemed to endlessly fight with Mark Nejame over who has access to those EquuSearch files.  It was all quite tiring.

Now the latest fight will be over those terrible “coffin flies”.

Oh my.  It turns my stomach to think of it, but sure enough, the presence of these tiny bugs means there was a process of decomposition happening with a human body in the trunk of the car driven by Casey Anthony.  (A BODY, not a squirrel.)

It seems there are different types of bugs that accompany different stages of the human decomposition process.  I am not at all sure I have the stomach to discuss this, so suffice it to say, coffin flies don’t just “show up” on the scene.  They have to be invited by a deceased human body.

So, this is all the news that’s fit for me to print.

The next movement in the case will come on November 29, 2010 when a status hearing will be held.  Casey Anthony should be in attendance…

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