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November 23, 2010


bail-ers, bugs, and bobble-heads…

by Andrea O'Connell

I have to admit I’ve grown weary of reading or hearing about the Casey Anthony case.  There seems to be very little “new” news – just more digging up of old dirt.

The only news of real note, (troubling news in my opinion),  is the fact that so many of Casey Anthony’s lawyers are exiting stage left before the lights even come up on the stage… I mean, on the CASE.

I know very little of the newest lawyer on the case – I can’t even remember her name right at this moment.  But I do remember the names of those who’ve bailed.

Bail-er number 1:  Todd Macaluso, disbarred in California, was the first to go.  Oh, but he doesn’t really count, does he?  I mean, clearly he would have stayed with this show until the final curtain had he not been disbarred.

The others who less than ceremoniously bailed are: Andrea Lyon, the death penalty expert who never did win a motion nor gain any sympathy for Casey Anthony, recently claimed her costs outweighed her ability to work on the case.  Personally, I was looking to Ms. Lyon as someone who could really make a difference and get the death penalty off the table, but she failed.  (That was a lofty task, the Florida law is what it is despite what Andrea Lyon tried to make of it.)

And now, a few weeks ago, Linda Kenney Baden has exited stage left without even so much as a round of applause.  The lights kind of just dimmed on her as she left the case with very little fanfare.

I find it so interesting, thinking back to the pomp and circumstance that brought these lawyers, especially Ms. Lyon, to the case, that they’d bail with so little fanfare.

Oh, they came on the case with mighty goals, didn’t they?  My, they were going to help Mr. Baez prove Casey “innocent”.  Yes, “innocent” they cried!  Hah!  They were so confident in their ability to prove Casey Anthony innocent that, instead of just selling books, they’d be hawking their own bobble-heads on QVC!

So, I ask you, would these lawyers abandon an innocent client on a trial that will surely have all the press as the O.J. Simpson murder trial?  Would these lawyers walk away from an innocent with millions to be made in books and bobble-heads?

Not on your life.

They saw the writing on the wall.  They saw what is coming for the defense, and it doesn’t look pretty.

Let me state the obvious.  In my – non-lawyerly opinion, there is very little chance Ms. Anthony’s attorneys will bring forward a viable case.  For goodness sakes, we know the tricks and the games they’ve played to date!  The most recent of which is the fiasco surrounding Laura Buchanan, the woman who worked with EquuSearch in the early days, prior to the body of Caylee Anthony being discovered.   It seems Ms. Buchanan has changed the tone, tenor and details of her story numerous times.  Furthermore, this witness, allegedly, has been “playing” with evidence, too and is now under investigation herself.

Ms. Buchanan, allegedly, was a witness that the defense was hanging its hat on to “prove” that the body of Caylee Anthony could not have been in the vicinity where it was found until AFTER (or during – take your pick) the time when Casey was “unavailable” or rather, under arrest.  Ms. Buchanan, it is also alleged, “tampered” with a document claiming the body could not have been placed off Suburban Drive….blah, blah, blah. It is all nonsense. All whole cloth.

There’s more to this Laura Buchanan story, but it’s mostly old news now.  What is unknown at this time is whether the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will being filing charges against this witness who perhaps will be turned into a witness for the prosecution.

So, well, the defense team seems to have gained little from the EquuSearch records they fought so hard to get, but then never looked at, then fought again to get, then never looked at.  The defense seemed to endlessly fight with Mark Nejame over who has access to those EquuSearch files.  It was all quite tiring.

Now the latest fight will be over those terrible “coffin flies”.

Oh my.  It turns my stomach to think of it, but sure enough, the presence of these tiny bugs means there was a process of decomposition happening with a human body in the trunk of the car driven by Casey Anthony.  (A BODY, not a squirrel.)

It seems there are different types of bugs that accompany different stages of the human decomposition process.  I am not at all sure I have the stomach to discuss this, so suffice it to say, coffin flies don’t just “show up” on the scene.  They have to be invited by a deceased human body.

So, this is all the news that’s fit for me to print.

The next movement in the case will come on November 29, 2010 when a status hearing will be held.  Casey Anthony should be in attendance…

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  1. offthecuff
    Nov 23 2010

    So, if it’s so obvious to these exiting lawyers that the case amounts to hopelessness, i.e. no $$, why is Baez and Mason digging their heels in? They must fight now for every cent, and must realize there won’t be much in it for them. Baez must realize all of the other cases he could be profiting on if not tied with this one.

    Why not a plea? Is it too late? Does he think with this one he will at least get his face in the paper whereas with other cases he could take on he would go unnoticed? Does he want to ride that big wave of a trial just for the lime light?

    At this point, which decision would fare better for Casey? If everyone says “Plea, Casey, Plea!” do you think she will, or would she hold out so wrapped up in her lies that she can’t know the truth?

  2. Andrea
    Nov 23 2010

    Hey Offthecuff…

    Well, I think Cheney and Baez must love the fight and the lights. It could be they live in a bubble and choose not to see what everyone else sees. But I’m not entirely sure that’s the case. I think they truly think they can win this case. How, they will do that is anyone’s guess – I have no clue!

    As far as a plea goes, it is not something that Casey can request…it has to come from the state. It’s offered by the state then negotiated between both sides, usually early on – before the death penalty (DP) gets on the table. Now that the DP is there, there is very little chance of a plea because the state is in it until the end…. it’s gone this far and they want to prove their case.

    It would be really surprising for the state to offer a plea at this late date.

    I think Casey had a chance early on to negotiate plea deals but she and Baez scoffed at the offers – they turned their nose up at the idea way, way back in the beginning….

    Oh well! I’m afraid Casey has made her bed, in more ways than one. But, I also think she will never admit guilt…she will hang on to her lies until the very end, I am sure.

  3. jon
    Nov 24 2010

    Hey Andrea: i was wondering what happened to you. I too am growing weary of this whole thing. I check in because the blogs are the only way to know what’s happening; very little is on television any more. This entire thing has dragged on for far too long. Casey should by rights already be in the ‘big house’ or on death row. Let’s hope by this time next year……

  4. Andrea
    Nov 24 2010

    Hey Jon!

    So nice to hear from you! Well, I’ve been around, just lost interest in writing about the Casey Anthony case as it just seemed kind of “same-ole-same-ole” for a while. I’ve been keeping up with the case every day in the news, but just haven’t felt much interest in writing about it, I guess!

    I agree with you, the case really needs to get going. I do have faith that this judge will keep the trial on track for a May start…. so, yes, I think that this time next year, all will be said and done! Wow… it’s been a long ride on this case!

    Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  5. Molly
    Nov 24 2010

    Casey does not HAVE to attend status hearings, so I doubt she will even make the effort to go to court for this one.

    I don’t think she’ll ever agree to any plea deal if ever offered, she would have to admit something & that will never happen.

    • Andrea
      Nov 24 2010

      Hey Molly! I was thinking the same thing – that she’d not show up, but WESH is reporting that she’ll be in court.

      I also agree with you about the plea… she’ll go to her grave denying she had anything to do with Caylee’s death. And, now we find out that Cindy will also deny, deny, deny.

  6. Hilde
    Nov 24 2010

    Andrea~~ Good to see You 🙂
    I do understand what You are saying as far as losing Interest in writing about this Case.
    I agree 100 % with You, this Case has been for a long time the”same-ole-same-ole”. It has been dragging out way to long and Life is going on with other Cases which aren’t any less important than the Anthony Case.
    Like You I will follow this Case till the End when Justice for Caylee will finally be served.
    It is about time that Casey Anthony gets what is coming to her.
    In my Opinion an innocent Person like Casey pretends to be would do everything in her Power to get to the Truth and find Justice for her beautiful Daughter who’s Life was tragically taken away from her at the tender Age of not even yet 3 Yrs. old.
    That and All the Evidence against Casey A. tells me she is definitely not innocent of Caylee’s Murder. So, lets get on with the Trial, enough time has been wasted!.
    Casey A. is not Special! Why the Special Treatment?
    That is All I would like to know! JMO
    Well, I better be going back to cooking for tomorrow, lots to do. 🙂
    If I shouldn’t come back in here before tomorrow
    I want to wish Every One

    • Andrea
      Nov 24 2010

      Hey Hilde,

      Well, it’s good to hear from you! Thanks for posting even though you’re so busy with Thanksgiving!

      Yes, I got bored with the case and angry at the games that the defense were playing… It just gets under my skin to see the defense making a mockery of the justice system.

      The girl is guilty. They know it, we know it, everyone knows it! Now, she is innocent until proven guilty and her attorney’s must test the states case, yes, but I feel they are not doing Casey any favors by the scheming they are doing. It makes them look so desperate.

      I have to say, if Casey had other lawyers, we’d not be here right now. This case would have been plead out and Casey would be facing life w/o parole. I really believe that.

      oh well. LOL!

      Have a lovely holiday, my dear! 🙂

  7. Rob
    Nov 24 2010

    Andrea, It has been a while since you posted on your blog. You are so right. This case is getting old. Most of my friends can’t believe there is still interest in it. We use to discuss the case. However, most of them have lost interest, so I check the blogs for news of the case. This situation is not the same as the OJ case, and Casey is not the beloved celebrity whom OJ Simpson was. She is a nobody who’s beautiful toddler captured the hearts and minds of so many Americans. I want justice for that little doll, that was taken too soon by one who should have protected her. I believe this case is similar to The Scott Peterson case, a sociopathic evil liar who wanted to be free of the person they saw standing in the way of their freedom.

  8. Andrea
    Nov 24 2010

    Hey Rob,

    Yeah, I have taken a hiatus from the ole blog… I have missed it, but the Casey Anthony case has not kept my interest and I’ve been a busy bee just keeping up with life itself!

    Anyway, you are so right… it’s about Caylee after all is said and done. And, Casey Anthony is not the celebrity that OJ was at the outset, though i do think that this case will get major media attention, unless the Judge pulls the plug on cameras in the courtroom. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to pull the plug, like in the Laci Peterson trial. But, it may not work here in Florida – our public “right to know” is so liberal that he just might loose if the issue is taken before the Florida supreme court.

    We’ll just have to see how it plays out, I guess.

    Anyway, thanks so much for posting here! Hope you have a great turkey day (if you’re in the US of A!!)

  9. sophie
    Nov 25 2010

    Perhaps Baez sticks with this case because no one’s knocking on his door anymore. I think he stuck with it initially because he saw fame and fortune.

    I think he sees the writing on the wall that this may have cost him his career…and he has to drag it out as long as possible.

    While on one hand he might have had the sympathy of the Hispanic population, and therefore their business…. unfortunately he represents someone who not only claims her mother hates Hispanics, but actually went to great lengths to invent a Hispanic woman to take the hit on this. And when the poor innocent woman with a matching name, address and car was located, she’s been unfairly drug into this mess.

    So if I were a Hispanic woman living there, I sure as hell wouldn’t EVER want to hire Jose Baez.

  10. Andrea
    Nov 25 2010

    Hey Sophie…
    Boy, I totally agree with you. And, I swear I thought that Casey picked Jose Baez because her mother is so prejudiced against Hispanics.

    What irritates me the most about Baez is how darn cocky he is…. it’s not appealing in the least, in my opinion. Think how a jury will react to him… he’ll need to cool it and act a tad humble in front of the jury, I think…


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