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red herrings and black eyes? just another casey anthony hearing

Tomorrow’s hearing in the State versus Casey Anthony involves high stakes for the defense.  They have filed a motion asking for permission to hire an expert witness who specializes in the analysis of bones and fossils.  Presumably this witness will be using photographs of the remains at the crime scene to analyze and then determine a time period for when Caylee’s body was placed in the area off of Suburban drive, since it was reported that Caylee’s remaining bones were cremated by the family.

Red Herrings

In a recent hearing, however, the defense was granted the funds to hire an out of state DNA testing firm to test both a laundry bag (which served as a carry-all bag for Caylee’s body), and the shorts that Caylee was wearing.

The testing of these articles could possibly turn up foreign DNA (belonging to an unidentified source). If that turns out to be true, it could be an argument for reasonable doubt for the defense, as they hope to prove that someone other than Casey “bagged” Caylee and placed her body in an area off of Suburban Drive.

Richard Hornsby, Orlando Attorney and frequent contributor to WESH News, says it best with regards to the testing of the laundry bag and the shorts:

You’re seeing them trying to find the next red herring…. ~source:

Black eyes

It remains to be seen if Judge Perry will grant the defense the bone/fossil witness.  The ruling should be made tomorrow.  Regardless, the defense needs this bone/fossil expert witness since they’ve lost Laura Buchanan – who has given the defense team it’s most recent black eye.

As you may recall, Laura Buchanan was a Texas EquuSearch volunteer who was certain that she (and others) were in the Suburan Drive location where Caylee’s remains were later found, and  saw nothing.  She has since changed her tune, stating she was actually not in the area.

In addition, Laura Buchanan, who has been discredited, is being investigated for falsifying documents related to the search for Caylee.   Yet the defense, surely aware of the shady intent of this witness, was allegedly relying on her testimony to prove that the area was clear of any sign of Caylee’s body (when it was searched, in July / early August), inferring that Casey Anthony could not have placed it there.

As it turns out, Buchanan never visited the Suburban Drive area and has, allegedly, falsely sought the corroboration of Joe Jordan, another defense witness and EquuSearch volunteer.

Again, Richard Hornsby gets to the heart of the matter in a recent news report:

The defense seems willing to rely on questionable witnesses and incredible people to try to save Anthony’s life, and in the end it’s only going to do her more harm than good.  ~Source:

Following the money

And finally, on tap for tomorrow’s hearing is a Prosecution motion requesting an itemized accounting of all defense spending to date.  This is bound to be a colorful and interesting argument!

No doubt the defense will play the blame game and claim that the State, with it’s limitless resources, is harassing them…. It’s a blame game for the defense.  They will not lay down softly for this motion, of that we can depend.

It’s been reported that Casey Anthony will be present for the hearing, which is set to begin at 1:00 pm.


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This is a short, but powerful, video featuring one of the most famous speeches by Harvey Milk, given in 1978.

Listen to Harvey Milk.  Listen to his message of  hope, peace, equality and justice for all.

We are all one people in this wide world.  Let us stop bullying each other.

Our classrooms are filled with children who, because of ignorance on the part of their parents, condone Gay hatred and thus we have young people committing suicide.  Young people who were born Homosexual but are too young to understand what it means to be Gay.  They are too young to know that being Gay is RIGHT for them.  Children who are too young to appreciate that no one should care about an individuals sexuality because it belongs to the individual.

There is no right or wrong in being Gay or Straight.  One is not better or worse than the other.  Believe this.  Live this for the sake of our children.  For the sake of children who will grow up to be lovely human beings, not necessarily because of their homosexuality, but because they will have grown up with a sensitivity that will become a lovely sensibility.

Believe this.  Stop the hatred.  Stop the bullying.  Condone kindness, empathy, and appreciate the different colors and the different sexuality that others own.

Live your own life without fear or judgment.

Just.  Live.

Say no to fear.

Somewhere in Des Moines or San Antonio there is a young gay person who all the sudden realizes that he or she is gay; knows that if their parents find out they will be tossed out of the house, their classmates will taunt the child, and the Anita Bryant’s and John Briggs’ are doing their part on TV. And that child has several options: staying in the closet, and suicide. And then one day that child might open the paper that says “Homosexual elected in San Francisco” and there are two new options: the option is to go to California, or stay in San Antonio and fight. Two days after I was elected I got a phone call and the voice was quite young. It was from Altoona, Pennsylvania. And the person said “Thanks”. And you’ve got to elect gay people, so that thousand upon thousands like that child know that there is hope for a better world; there is hope for a better tomorrow. Without hope, not only gays, but those who are blacks, the Asians, the disabled, the seniors, the us’s: without hope the us’s give up. I know that you can’t live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you, and you, and you, and you have got to give them hope. -Harvey Milk, 1978

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