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November 29, 2010


If Kronk didn’t do it, then….

by Andrea O'Connell

Well, the hearing in the Casey Anthony case today was sans major fireworks, but quite interesting nonetheless.

As for the motion put forward by the State concerning the disclosure of defense spending, Judge Perry’s response was to deny the motion.   The defense can keep private how the monies were spent prior to the time Casey Anthony was declared indigent.  However, since the Florida taxpayers are footing the bill from here on out, there should be full disclosure of monies spent going forward.

The State did prevail on the issue of the defense being required to, under the rules of discovery, provide to the State any reports, notes or photographs that defense experts may have created with regards to their investigation and analysis.

As far as the defense penalty phase witnesses being kept private, Judge Perry ruled the defense may keep the names of these individuals under seal until such time as a penalty phase is required. This ruling came as no surprise.

Finally, the matter concerning Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found Caylee’s remains off of Suburban Drive, the defense now says they are unsure if they will call him as a witness!  This was a major about-face, but also no surprise.  This disclosure by the defense comes on the heels of Roy Kronk’s stepson, Brandon Sparks, having little of value to add to the defense’s ability to have cause to open up Kronks “prior bad acts” in trial.  As it appears, Brandon Sparks was unable to pinpoint any bad acts, nor provide any damaging testimony about Kronk.

The defense has relentlessly slandered Kronk in the press in the recent past.  They were flaunting the fact that he is a viable suspect to have killed Caylee.  Why, the defense even went so far as to speak to Roy Kronk’s ex-wives, trying to get the community and the press to buy-in on the testimony of these ex-wives as being credible.  (You may recall their sordid yammering about duct-tape.  One of the wives discussed how Kronk had a sick yearning to use duct tape in all sorts of weird ways.)  Of course, all this cooked up blather turned out to be of no value to anyone, it was just inflammatory in the press.

However, the defense did leave the door open on Kronk, meaning they “may” refile the motion to look using Kronk’s prior bad acts in trial.

So, you may ask, since they were using Kronk as a patsy for killing Caylee, now that it is unlikely that Kronk will be a defense witness, who then could the defense now flambe?

All I can say is, good luck on that fishing trip, Jose.




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  1. Hilde
    Nov 30 2010

    What the Defense is doing at this time and has been from the Beginning is trying to establish reasonable Doubt.
    They don’t have to prove that Casey Anthony is innocent of this horrible Crime.
    The latest with the 12 Witnesses the Defense has who
    supposedly can show that Casey A. didn’t dump Caylee’s Body in the Woods it is just another Try to blame some one other than Casey for Caylee’s Murder.
    Nothing what the Defense is trying to come up with surprises me.
    Their ultimate Goal is like I mentioned before to establish reasonable Doubt! Basically it is a Fishing Expedition on their Part, throw everything out there they can, maybe just maybe something will stick. The same with the DNA Results, they would just love it if they could find some one elses DNA on any of the discovered Items.
    It has been already established that DNA from one of the Technicians working at the Crime Scene was found on one of the Items, however the Way I understand that has been
    cleared up so I don’t think the Defense can use that DNA
    We will see a lot of throwing the Blame around for who could have murdered Caylee from the Defense’s Side.
    So much time has passed since this Case first started and
    the Defense is counting on People not remembering the Details. I for one do clearly remember and so do so many
    Lets not forget we haven’t heard anything from the Prosecution yet which will be the Voice of the Victim Caylee.
    Lets just wait till the Trial starts and Justice for Caylee will finally be served.
    As for now IMO all the Defense has is a Smoke Screen, basically not much of anything.
    The Evidence will show Casey is the one and only one responsible for Caylee’s Death. Why in the World would she be sitting in Jail if she could show from the Beginning she didn’t commit the Murder? JMO

  2. Hilde
    Nov 30 2010

    BTW the Kronk Theory that he could have had something to do with Caylee’s Murder or even be a Person of Interest in this Case according to the Defense is getting old!
    What ever happened to Zanny the Nanny the perfect 10 took Caylee?
    I guess the Defense realized that they better find a different Story and some one else to blame for Caylee’s Murder as long as it is not their Client. Very transparent what the Defense is doing in my Opinion.

    • Andrea
      Nov 30 2010

      Hey Hilde,

      yeah, it was really getting old about Kronk. It used to make me so angry when they’d talk so badly about him in the press. I really think he’s a decent human being, and honest, too boot. I always thought he was Caylee’s Angel on earth. 🙂

  3. Diana
    Nov 30 2010

    LOL *Hilde

    Yeah…..whatever did happen to Zanny? Never hear her name mentioned at all by the defense. I guess jurors should just forget about all those lies concerning her.

    • Andrea
      Nov 30 2010

      Oh boy, I do remember how it was “all Zanny all the time” at the outset with the Anthony’s and the defense.

      I agree that since Casey Anthony, her family and her lawyers floated that theory for so long, it will turn out to be “prime-time fodder” for the prosecution.

      My goodness, all the state has to do is play those damning tapes and video with Casey and the whole fan-damily talking up Zanny like she was the Queen Murder Bee, and then discuss the 31 days Caylee was gone w/out being reported, and you have a pretty solid case for beyond reasonable doubt – for the prosecution.

      It is going to be so interesting to see how the prosecution weaves this case together and builds one fact, then another, then another to paint the picture of clear, unequivocal quilt. Oh my! That will be so great!

      I cannot wait until May!

    • Andrea
      Nov 30 2010

      PS…. It’s sure nice to see you Diana!

  4. jon
    Nov 30 2010

    The jurors won’t be able to forget Zanny the Nanny because I’m sure the prosecution is going to keep dragging it when they question Cindy and George, not to mention during their closing statements. I’m sure Bozo won’t bring it up at all, but if he and his team think Zanny is going to disappear, they should think again.

    Andrea: good to have you back although I’m kind of ready to sign off until something solid happens. I’m getting soooo sick of all the trivial crap that’s floating around. Seeing the princess in her orange blouse grinning like an idiot in court yesterday made me wish I could give her a good slap across her face.

    • Andrea
      Nov 30 2010

      Thanks Jon. I hear ya about the trivial crap…. I really got tired of it after a while. There was really very little to report and yet there was always something in the media to discuss – I got a bit tired of the meaningless stories – it was overkill sometimes.

      But, I think it may start to get interesting again as we get closer to trial. But, then again, maybe not!

      So, if you take a break, I’ll sure understand, but please come around and say hi, okay buddy? 🙂

  5. Hilde
    Nov 30 2010

    jon, “trivial crap” floating around 😆 very well put and I agree with You also with the princess Casey and her grinning like an idiot in Court yesterday! What does she think is so funny anyway? 🙄
    Its about her murdered Daughter Caylee. you would think there isn’t anything to laugh about, especially since Casey A. herself is charged with her Daughters Murder.
    Lets see if she still grins when the actual Trial starts and All the Evidence linking to her will be presented!
    I guess Casey A. keep grinning while You can, the Truth will come out eventually and wipe that Grin of Your Face! JMO

    • jon
      Nov 30 2010

      Hilde: given her mood swings from one hearing to the next, I wonder whether Baez doesn’t tell her prior to the hearing that it’s going to be a good day for them or if they expect it to be bad and that influences her behavior in the court room. A few weeks ago, when it didn’t go their way (I don’t remember exactly over what…..trivial again) she was somber and yesterday it kind of did go in their direction and she was all smiles.

      Either that, or they got feedback from the last court appearance and she was coached to act differently this time. I can’t believe they don’t have someone checking the television shows and blogosphere to see what’s being said about all of this. Maybe Cindy, in which case: Hi Cindy!!!!

      I think to Casey’s mind, Caylee is a past issue and over and done with. I really think she thinks she’s going to be back on the club scene within a year or two.


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