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it was a day of butterflies, blossoms & birds

Oh it was a glorious day!   Very sunny with a nice cool breeze and not a cloud in the sky.

And, oh, the butterflies were especially active – so busy today!  They acted like hummingbirds today…. crazily going after that nectar – wings going a mile a minute –  like dancing sprites!

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wren (via celadon)

My friend Celadon writes so beautifully…. enjoy.

wren Such a little bird with an attitude that is an example. Knowing that greatness shows itself not by number of admiring or outer appearances. A bird living and being in this world. A gentleness, a courageous searching for food and looking after her young ones when necessary. Being in this world. Remember me in the moment the wren visits you. A message of Love. Watching the snow falling down. Some moments a snowstorm. Wind blowing with freezing cold … Read More

via celadon


happy beautiful morning!

It’s Saturday – the weekend is finally here!  Weekends – a chance to breathe and just be.  Work weeks are the opposite of calm most times.

So, it’s a crisp morning, maybe 65 degrees (that’s cool for us in South Florida!)  I do wish it were a bit cooler, but I can wait a couple more days for the cold spell they say is coming!

This is the perfect day to avoid shopping and find birds and butterflies to photograph.

I think this is exactly what I will do!

All sorts of wonders await!

Happy beautiful morning to you!

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