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December 4, 2010


happy beautiful morning!

by Andrea O'Connell

It’s Saturday – the weekend is finally here!  Weekends – a chance to breathe and just be.  Work weeks are the opposite of calm most times.

So, it’s a crisp morning, maybe 65 degrees (that’s cool for us in South Florida!)  I do wish it were a bit cooler, but I can wait a couple more days for the cold spell they say is coming!

This is the perfect day to avoid shopping and find birds and butterflies to photograph.

I think this is exactly what I will do!

All sorts of wonders await!

Happy beautiful morning to you!

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  1. Sherry
    Dec 4 2010

    Uh…we could use some help shoveling snow… :mrgreen:

    Our first snow and its beautiful-all white and crisp and clean! I love to go to our backyard and soak in the undisturbed snow blanketing everything. This morning I won’t be able to enjoy that since hubby has already trudged through it to feed the tree rats. 😦

    • Andrea
      Dec 4 2010

      ohhhh how I envy you with that white snow! I love to walk in the snow….I love to just fall into it and make snowballs and have a snowball fight! But, that’s the beauty of it for a visitor! I know living in it for months gets rather tiring, so enjoy it until that ole spring fever comes a-calling!

      Feeding tree rats? Do they hide in the trees in the winter? This Florida girl is not familiar with such things! 🙂

      • Sherry
        Dec 4 2010

        Surely, you are familiar with tree rats?! They’re squirrels! lol

        Yes, the first snow is my favorite then its downhill from there.

      • Andrea
        Dec 4 2010

        Oh! Squirrels! LOL! My, yes, I am familiar with them! They are cute little rodents until they invade my bird feeder then I just hate to see ’em!

        LOL! Never heard them called tree rats, but that is just what they are, too!

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