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this sodden horse bucks!

According to WESH news, a recent ruling from the Justice Administrative Committee (JAC), denied additional funding for Anthony’s investigator.  (JAC is, by the way, the authority who must approve costs associated with the defense of individuals who are found to be indigent.)

This request for more funding was in regards to a hoped for allocation of more defense funding for a case investigator.

However, the trouble with this request?  The defense  already used up its  investigative funds on its fishing expedition of EquuSearch volunteers who allegedly searched the area where Caylee Anthony’s body was eventually discovered.

I will never understand why the defense is riding this horse.  Surely they must know that there are so many more witnesses who will say “hogwash” to that piggish claim because the area was under water at the time!

There are dozens of witnesses who will substantiate the fact the area was under about two feet of water!

I mean, there are facts and then there is the fabrication of smoke and mirrors. This crazy notion, in my opinion, does not even rise to the level of smoke and mirrors, even!  This is more like the act of hungry and desperate cats looking for a few red herrings to chew on.  This is as far away from reasonable doubt as you can get, in my humble opinion.

So, my goodness, why the defense wants to ride this sodden horse is anyone’s guess.

The WESH article has a GREAT tag line, by the way!  It reads: No Way, Jose!  Now, that’s a good one!

Read the story here:

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