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December 8, 2010


this sodden horse bucks!

by Andrea O'Connell

According to WESH news, a recent ruling from the Justice Administrative Committee (JAC), denied additional funding for Anthony’s investigator.  (JAC is, by the way, the authority who must approve costs associated with the defense of individuals who are found to be indigent.)

This request for more funding was in regards to a hoped for allocation of more defense funding for a case investigator.

However, the trouble with this request?  The defense  already used up its  investigative funds on its fishing expedition of EquuSearch volunteers who allegedly searched the area where Caylee Anthony’s body was eventually discovered.

I will never understand why the defense is riding this horse.  Surely they must know that there are so many more witnesses who will say “hogwash” to that piggish claim because the area was under water at the time!

There are dozens of witnesses who will substantiate the fact the area was under about two feet of water!

I mean, there are facts and then there is the fabrication of smoke and mirrors. This crazy notion, in my opinion, does not even rise to the level of smoke and mirrors, even!  This is more like the act of hungry and desperate cats looking for a few red herrings to chew on.  This is as far away from reasonable doubt as you can get, in my humble opinion.

So, my goodness, why the defense wants to ride this sodden horse is anyone’s guess.

The WESH article has a GREAT tag line, by the way!  It reads: No Way, Jose!  Now, that’s a good one!

Read the story here:

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  1. offthecuff
    Dec 8 2010

    Maybe they don’t know how to ride!

  2. Dec 8 2010

    LOL! They sure need riding lessons! (Swimming lessons, too, come to think of it!)

  3. Louise Fell
    Dec 11 2010

    I would think there will be many weather experts to refute the claim that the area was suitable for searching for Caylee’s remains. Like anything in question, it will be the experts to lay to rest the ridiculous notion that the body was laid to rest after Casey was sent to jail. There is no proof whatsoever that the trash bags were moved from another place to the resting place. If they think they have a way of blaming Roy Kronk for the dasterdly deed, they better have more than his ex wife to do it on. Are we to believe he was the only person set on finding Caylee. We were all anxious for an outcome and if you were residents down there in the area, it would have made most of us become search agents for the truth. I applaud his tenacity and do not think it out of the question to be agressively tracking the mising girl.

    • Dec 12 2010

      Yes, absolutely, I agree that the state will find weather experts to report on how much rain soaked the area at the time. I am sure they will bring forward a great deal of evidence to prove that fact. That’s why I wonder why the heck Baez is riding this horse! It’s a lame theory he’s trying to float. And, i agree with you… Roy Kronk is a stand up guy, honest and kind who was truly Caylee’s angel here on earth. she may have never been found had it not been for him. And like you say, so many people were looking for her… so many people cared about the outcome of this heinous story. The last thing that Casey Anthony wanted was for little Caylee’s remains to be found. Without a body it is more difficult to prove capital murder. It is because of Kronk that the trial took on the DP, I believe.


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