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December 12, 2010


all the white horses

by Andrea O'Connell

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

Sometimes the absurdity of the Casey Anthony case, and the pre-trial hearings, leave me speechless.

It’s so confoundedly irritating that someone like Jose Baez can exploit the courts time defending a client who, if not completely guilty, is at least guilty of negligent child abuse resulting in murder.

Attorney Baez said that the recent hearing (in which Judge Perry, for the second time, advised Baez that he must comply and provide discovery to the State), was

a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Casey Anthony used similar phrasing during a startling phone call to her home during her first night in jail.

You may remember that phone call in which Casey starts out yelling at her mother, her brother, and then to a young girl named Kristina?   Kristina tried desperately to beg Casey for information on the whereabouts of Caylee, to no avail:

Kristina:  Casey, you have to tell me if you know anything about Caylee.  If anything happened to Caylee, I’ll die — you understand, I’ll die.

Casey: Oh my God.  Calling you guys was a waste – a huge waste.

A waste.  A huge waste.

Yes, to those of us devoted to justice, this case is becoming a waste of the courts time and certainly a waste of taxpayer money.  Casey Anthony, let me state plainly, deserves good counsel, but not even she deserves Jose Baez.

Casey’s White Horse

And as hapless as Jose Baez is in the courtroom, all that Casey Anthony can see in him is a mirage – a white horse to ride off in the sunset on.

When you string together all of the lies, all of the finagling that Baez and team have tried to perpetrate in the media about supposed suspects (white horses to ride), they just amount to a sleigh full of white plastic horses on a Christmas display.

These fake white horses go nowhere and do nothing but turn the focus back on Suspect Number One, Casey Anthony.

Let me attempt to recall some of the white horses that Casey and Baez thought would result in a ride to innocence.

Suspect White Horse #1

Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales.  The Orange County Sherriff’s Office (OCSO) quickly ruled her out.  Oh, but that was a horse the family got on, too!  Early on, you may recall, Zenaida was galloping all over the Casey Anthony case.  She was certainly their prime suspect and lead horse for a long while.

Surely Baez read the reports from OSCO Detective Yuri Mellich regarding the multiple lies Casey told in the early days about Zenaida?  Surely Baez knew that Casey Anthony, not Zenaida, was the last person on earth to see Caylee alive?

Perhaps Baez avoided reading any of the OSCO reports or findings in order to suspend his disbelief in Casey’s innocence?

Suspect White Horse #2

Once the Zenaida horse got too tired, the Jesse Grund horse looked pretty good!  Oh, he seemed like a fine pick in the horse race!  (I believe the Anthony’s are still riding the Jesse-Grund-Did-It-Horse, however.)

Ah, but herein lies a rub!   Cindy Anthony has been stating publicly that Caylee is still alive, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to blame anyone, now would it?!

Suspect White Horse #3

Cindy’s horse tales.  Remember the painful videotaping of her interrogation with OSCO and the FBI?  Remember how Cindy Anthony was hooked on Casey’s “friends” as perfect white horses (suspects) in the disappearance of Caylee?  A lame attempt that went nowhere.

Suspect White Horse #4

Then, Kronk became a solid contender for a blue ribbon in this horse show. Baez was so sure that he had a winner when he got a whiff of possible prior bad acts related to Kronk.  Now the Kronk horse has morphed into plastic fodder for Christmas memories, too.

Latest report on Kronk as a white horse?  Baez may be abandoning him all together as a contender (suspect).

Lady Godiva’s Horse

Goodness, all these white horses.  Why, it’s just like what Lady Godiva rode when she rode naked in the streets of England to revolt against taxes!

Casey, with that long Lady-Godiva-like hair, sees as her white stallion, Jose Baez.  He, she believes, will ride off with her into the sunset – her innocence carrying them both to live happily ever after.

That’s why Casey Anthony smiles each time she enters the court room.  Baez is her white horse, and she is certainly his.

Oh, he was going to ride this Casey Anthony horse to fame and fortune!

Aren’t fame and money a potent aphrodisiac when one has questionable scruples?

This case should have been plead out in the very early days. Casey Anthony, who clearly is not playing with a full deck of cards, desperately needed an attorney to explain all the evidence against her. Doesn’t Baez see that his job is to save Casey Anthony’s life from the death penalty?  That’s all you can do when you have no defense.  And if you have a client like Casey Anthony who is a sociopath and refuses to admit any guilt, a good attorney (seeing the evidence) would walk away from the case and from Casey Anthony if she refused to deal.  (I still think an insanity defense should have been tried in this case.)

Yes, Casey Anthony deserves a trial, but she deserves a Public Defender, not a hapless lawyer who wants to be a white stallion before he’s wet behind the ears in a court of law!  Baez is too inexperienced for this case, plain and simple.

But, Baez is staying put, I’m sure.  And Lady Godiva will continue to enter that Orlando courtroom, smiling as she jumps on her high horse to bilk the taxpayers.

What a waste.  A huge waste.

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  1. grownyoungmom
    Dec 12 2010

    great article, I enjoyed reading it. Jose doesn’t give a sh*t about the tax payers of florida, and neither does Casey. She stole from her family and friends, so no doubt she has no problem stealing from the rest of us.

    In my opinion, she likes Jose’ b/c he’s so much like her, will lie when everyone knows it’s a lie, is arrogant and full of self-importance. I don’t understand however how he can feel all this exposure is good for him. It makes him look like such a fool, I don’t know who in their right mind would ever hire him even for a traffic ticket.

    The high profile attorney’s that were on her team have jumped ship, they know it’s sinking.

    Mason came onto the case and had a reputation of being a good lawyer, I don’t see that either.

    If she DID have good attorney’s they’d be trying to plea and save the state a florida huge amounts of money.

    • Dec 12 2010

      Hey grownyoungmom, thanks for your feedback. I totally agree: they don’t care one whit for the taxpayers of Florida, Heck, if you can steal from your own Grandmother, what’s a few thousand from the State of Florida – you are right there.

      Yeah, she and Jose are two peas in a pod alright. I wonder too what keeps him going on this case – surely someone told him that this case is lethal to him? If they did, he wouldn’t listen, perhaps.

      I don’t get what’s going on with Mason. He was supposed to be a lawyer with a good reputation in Orlando…. This is a sure way to kill a reputation, i think…..

  2. Louise Fell
    Dec 12 2010

    I have just one worry. If too many people get on the bandwagon about Baez et al, we surely will get what we are asking for: A MISTRIAL. Heavens above we can hate the master but let’s not take it to a revolt stage or all this time is actually “A HUGE WASTE, A HUGE WASTE OF TIME!”

    • Dec 12 2010

      ha! You know, you aren’t far off there, Weezie. I have thought that, too. But, first we have to see Judge Perry give him (Baez) some hell for being so recalcitrant and not following orders. If this keeps up, and Baez continues to mock the system, I would hope the Judge slaps him with a couple of contempt charges. Maybe then Casey will see he is not helping her in the least. I truly think he lacks the skills to try this case. And, Casey Anthony is either too ignorant or too in love with Baez to realize he is not helping her.

  3. Louise Fell
    Dec 12 2010

    Funny you say that. I think Casey is as shrewd as she is neurotic. One thing that Psycho’s have in common. They love the limelight and relish the attention it pours onto them. Both Baez and Casey are glowing in that stadium. Perhaps Baez is Casey’s SVENGALI and we all have to put up with the shenanigans of them both. Even though Casey never speaks, you can read her body language which she is developing quite a skill for. I wonder if she is allowed a mirror in your cell? Guess not, but she has a great and vivid imagination. I hate to give her all that credit, but unless the jury sees her for what she is,( hoping the Prosecution will deliver on that), she just might garner enough sympathy to create a mistrial. God forbid that should happen. And yes, Baez should be sanctioned but there’s lots of time for that. Don’t you remember the O.J. trial and the sanctions during that trial? Baez is just stirring the pot until it starts to scorch. ha ha

  4. offthecuff
    Dec 12 2010

    Maybe Jose will step down and she will get a better lawyer during her appeal.

    • Dec 12 2010

      I think that is exactly what will happen, if an appeal happens, that is. If the DP is granted, then there is an automatic appeal process. The case doesn’t get re-tried, but it does get heard in the appellate system, which is much different than a regular trial. Jose is surely not going to represent her in the DP phase because he is not DP qualified. It’s crazy that he’s trying a DP case without being qualified. Although Cheney is with him, he seems of little help to Baez. I guess that’s Anne Finnel’s area…. the DP penalty phase.

  5. Diana
    Dec 13 2010

    Great read *Andrea

    Casey is smiling now when she enters the courtroom, but once the trial starts, and all the evidence stacked against her starts rolling in, mabe she will not relish the attention so much. Who knows though with her.

    I’m wondering if she will try to sqeeze out a few tears in court when they descibe Caylees body as it was found, or will she just keep dapping her dry eyes like she sometimes does. Baez needs to start coaching her on how to fake cry now, so she can practice before the trial starts.

    • Dec 13 2010

      Hi Diana! Oh, I totally agree with you there. She is going to enter a whole new reality when the trial begins. I think she’s going to get the shock of her life when the state presents its case. She’s been enjoying the attention now, after all, most of the attention has been on goofy Baez, she lives in la la land right now, I think. She’s in for a whole new ball game.

      She’ll have to use onions or something to get those eyes watering!

  6. Louise Fell
    Dec 16 2010

    Do we know if she Cindy or George have visited her at all??? Why would they go to court if she sanctions them from visiting her in jail? I just don’t get the dynamics of the family. Perhaps it’s the parents that are the nut jobs and Casey is just a pawn in the game. The worst thing that could happen is that Casey decides to fire Baez. That would really put the state of Florida in a huge uproar and oh what would Nancy Grace say? Care to flick a little guess?

    • Dec 16 2010

      hey my dear! Nope. Neither Cindy or George have visited her in jail. Had they visited her, we’d certainly have heard about it.

      I think they go to see her in court because they support her and probably don’t want her to get the DP. However, George has not been in the courtroom lately. He has not been to the last two sessions.

      there is a hearing on Monday, not sure if Casey will attend, but if she does, it will be interesting to see if George shows. It could be that he’s having a tough time now that the holidays are upon us.

      I sure wouldn’t want to walk in his shoes. As far as who’s the biggest crazy person in the family, I think they run neck and neck with each other, Cindy being more troubled than George, but not by much.

      I think that Casey firing Baez is the BEST thing that could happen, as I think he’s doing her more harm than good. Though, hopefully as the trial commences, he will prove more able. I sure hope so as I want Casey to have the best defense possible… We don’t want a mistrial! Gosh, that would be just awful.


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