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December 12, 2010


Two Years Later

by Andrea O'Connell

Two Years Later.

This is Marinade Dave’s video tribute to Caylee Anthony two years later.  It is quite touching and very well done.  Thanks, Dave.

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  1. Sherry
    Dec 12 2010

    That was a good video. I liked how he put the words to it-it has changed us.

    Haha! I just discovered that the snowflakes will follow your mouse… 😀

  2. Dec 12 2010

    LOL! Yes, he did an awesome job… the music was perfect, his dialog was perfect, too. 🙂

    Snow follows the mouse! I didn’t realize that until you said it… tee hee!

  3. Dec 12 2010

    Thank you very much, Andrea. You, too, Sherry! I wish it could all come back and that I’d never have to be in a position to shoot any sad videos. Alas, what’s done is done, and all we can hope for is justice. It will come, I’m sure. I can sense it in the courtroom.

  4. Dec 12 2010

    You’re very welcome, Dave. It’s really a lovely tribute, tasteful, professional, and extremely eye-opening. I thought it was really interesting to see where Dominic Casey and Hoover were searching. And particularly interesting to see where Roy Kronk stood and where he must have looked.

    I am grateful to Roy Kronk for being so vigilant that day in December. And, thankful that you cared enough to bring us this special piece of video. 🙂


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