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they come out of the woodwork

A bizarre email that found its way into the courthouse records today makes some bizarre claims and inserts Zanny the Nanny back into the case.

The email claims that one “Gloria Gonzalez” mother of Zanny, abducted Caylee and renamed her Caylee Gonzalez!

The email is so bizarre there is no way I can do it justice by explaining it to you – you just have to read it for the full affect.

Here is a link:  Caylee is alive EMAIL

Although it is priceless in its absurdity, it is sad, too.  Clearly whoever wrote this has a twisted soul.

You may remember the name “Wanda Wery” and her son, Nicolas Hunt?   Remember, they swore to the high heavens that they saw Caylee during an airplane trip to Atlanta?   Well, the email refers back to that alleged sighting of Caylee, in 2008.  And then, the email goes even further by discussing Caylee’s whereabouts today; including her activities since her abduction by “Gloria Gonzalez”, aged 55, mother of Zenaida.

I recall that Cindy Anthony put a lot of stock in the Wanda Wery story in the early days of the case. Perhaps this bizarre claim is what keeps Cindy believing that Caylee is still alive?  I wonder if Cindy is still speaking to Wanda after all this time?

Strange.  Very strange indeed.

In other news today…..

On the heels of last Friday’s, 5:00 pm Anthony hearing, the defense has today filed two motions for the court to hear.  These motions will be heard tomorrow, December 14th.  It is not known if Casey Anthony will be in attendance at the hearing, scheduled for 4:00 pm.  In addition, the hearing is reportedly going to be held via conference call with the members of the JAC.

The two defense motions are:

  • A request for more hours for the defense investigator, and
  • asking if the defense will be reimbursed for its experts travel expenses when they came to Florida to examine evidence.

In its motion to request additional hours for a defense investigator, Baez wrote the following:

The defense is respectfully requesting additional hours for investigative services rendered in-state in order to continue investigating evidence alleged in the State’s discovery, which continues to be on-going.

Now, this is the second time the defense is asking for additional hours.  You may recall Baez’s first request, not too long ago, for 300 hours.  That request was soundly shot down by Judge Perry who instead gave them 60 additional hours.

I can’t imagine this second request will be appreciated by the Judge; Baez sure better have a good reason for asking for taxpayers to dole out these funds.

No more fishing expeditions, please.

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