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Blog Talk Radio got an exclusive and fascinating interview with River Cruz, former mistress of George Anthony.

The interview is with Levi Page and it’s billed with the following information:

River Cruz the former mistress of George Anthony breaks her silence in her first Live interview.  Plus we take an in-depth look at the Caylee Anthony murder case!  The toddler’s skeletal remains are discovered not far from her home, her cause of death is unknown. But prosecutors charge the toddler’s mother with her murder, and are seeking the death penalty!  Will the state of Florida be able to prove their case?  We will break down one of 2010’s biggest court cases and take your calls!  Prosecutor Donna Pendergast, Statement Analyst Peter Hyatt, and former police chief Dr. Richard Weinblatt break down the latest!

The interview is quite revealing in that she discusses the dysfunctional dynamics within the Anthony family.  For instance, River discusses the fact that George Anthony would tell Cindy that he was working, but would really be with River. Sound familiar?

Please note: the audio of the interview takes a few moments to load.  There is about 60 seconds of silence after the commercials – before it begins.

Click below to listen:

Exclusive: George Anthony Mistress Speaks.

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