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December 14, 2010


river cruz talks

by Andrea O'Connell

Blog Talk Radio got an exclusive and fascinating interview with River Cruz, former mistress of George Anthony.

The interview is with Levi Page and it’s billed with the following information:

River Cruz the former mistress of George Anthony breaks her silence in her first Live interview.  Plus we take an in-depth look at the Caylee Anthony murder case!  The toddler’s skeletal remains are discovered not far from her home, her cause of death is unknown. But prosecutors charge the toddler’s mother with her murder, and are seeking the death penalty!  Will the state of Florida be able to prove their case?  We will break down one of 2010’s biggest court cases and take your calls!  Prosecutor Donna Pendergast, Statement Analyst Peter Hyatt, and former police chief Dr. Richard Weinblatt break down the latest!

The interview is quite revealing in that she discusses the dysfunctional dynamics within the Anthony family.  For instance, River discusses the fact that George Anthony would tell Cindy that he was working, but would really be with River. Sound familiar?

Please note: the audio of the interview takes a few moments to load.  There is about 60 seconds of silence after the commercials – before it begins.

Click below to listen:

Exclusive: George Anthony Mistress Speaks.

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  1. Dec 14 2010

    Andrea~~thanks for putting up the link to the blog radio. I just finished listening to River. I didn’t stay to hear the guest panelists. I am sitting here shaking my head because I honestly don’t know what to think.

    Now she is saying she slept with George. I figured he wasn’t going there to just get his back rubbed. She had to have been a fool or a very lonely woman to keep passing him over money, $4200, approx. I am not even sure if the suicide wasn’t staged.

    River sounds like a scorned woman or maybe that should be jilted. It seems that Casey is like her father in some ways and her mother in others. River said George was always sticking up for Casey. That certainly wasn’t the case when George’s friend from Ohio had to get him out of the house when he went after Casey to tell him the truth. Cindy told her co-workers that Casey and George did not get along.

    River lied to LE so what is to say that she was not lying to Levi? Being frightened or embarrassed is not really a good excuse to lie when it involves the murder of a small child. I also thought River had cancer? Maybe that was her twin’s story. Okay, I will continue to shake my head on this one. Thanks again, Andrea

    • Dec 14 2010

      Hey Snoopy,

      You know, I am of two minds with regards to this interview. My first reaction was to believe her because of the details, the common place details she adds when she recalls moments – so many details she gives that it tends to lend credibility, in my opinion.

      My big question however, is why she breaks her silence now, after so long, especially since she’s going to be a prosecution witness.

      With regards to the lie she told LE, it was about sleeping with George…she didn’t want to admit that. I do understand that…Gawd, I’d be embarrassed about that too! LOL!

      And then I listened to the guests on the panel. One of the panelists is someone who analyzes statements for a living – a “statement analyst”. And he stated that he felt River is very truthful. But, he said her sister was deceptive.

      I do think she’s probably a woman scorned, too, since George bilked her for so much money. But, she also sounds like she wants her side to get out there and clear the negative comments from the media.

      And, the media was pretty rough on her, too.

      I feel badly for her. She was totally used… Oh, and I think it was interesting about the Anthony’s using money from the Kid Finders funds.

      And, one of the panelists said that the Anthony’s and the two criminals from Kid Finders are still friends. In fact, one of the panelists said that those two (can’t think of their name at the moment), are living with George and Cindy right now!

      the fact that the Anthony’s would align themselves with those awful people from Kid Finders, is really telling.

  2. midgesmom
    Dec 14 2010

    All I can remember about them is their last names Milsteads. Is it Sherry and Denis maybe ?

    • Dec 15 2010

      Yes!!! Thanks Midgesmom – that’s it! The Milsteads. You’re the best! 🙂

  3. midgesmom
    Dec 15 2010

    New story at CH 13 news ! The defense has turned over their lists of experts nd what they will testify to “if”called. The Docs are there.

    • Dec 15 2010

      Thanks so much! Wow – I’m surprised they acted so fast! The document is posted here. Thank midgesmom 🙂

  4. midgesmom
    Dec 15 2010

    Hi. I was shocked that they didn’t wait til the 23rd of Dec, which was the deadline. The part about the dogs not being able to testify cracked me up. Shish !

    • Dec 15 2010

      Me too! I haven’t read it yet, I wonder if the state will find it sufficient. They actually said dogs can’t testify??? LOL! Oh, if those dogs COULD talk, what tails they’d tell…tee hee!!!

  5. Louise Fell
    Dec 16 2010

    Thanks Andrea; I have often listened to blog talk radio. It had some very good sessions about Haleigh too. I actually have it saved to my desk top because there is going to be a lot more forthcoming as we get closer to the trial. You go girl.

    How can anyone believe River. She must be so stinking mad at how she was bilked by George that she would say anything. As far as sleeping together. As long as George could manage it, he would have done the deed with worse. I just wonder if George and Cindy are still together?


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