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I am certain you will find this to be so darn funny! Please enjoy this parody by a fellow WordPress blogger.

Local Attorney-idjit Surprises Court With Reverse Insanity Plea

This article is brought to you by Egg Tree News Correspondent Spacely “The Bull Dawg” Bullstopper: -Orlando, FL In a twist worthy of a straight-to-DVD movie-of-the-week, local attorney-idjit Jose Baez surprises the Orange County Court administrating the Casey Anthony murder trial with a pleading of insanity, but not for his client or his over-aged co-counsel. During an emergency hearing Friday evening, Mr. Baez demonstrated several signs of disor … Read More

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what’s next on the agenda

There has been some interesting movement afoot in the Casey Anthony case.

Recently, as you’ve likely heard, Jose Baez of the defense submitted its response to the State of Florida’s motion to supply expert witness information.   The content of the material submitted, in my opinion, does appear to lack substance.  Therefore, it will be extremely interesting to see how Jeff Ashton, Assistant State Attorney, responds.  I am anxious to know if he will accept the few paragraphs of findings with regards to the defense experts.

We should hear some discussion about this topic in Monday’s status hearing, which begins at 1:30.

At that status hearing, the Orlando Sentinel is going before Judge Belvin Perry to argue for release of the Casey Anthony Penalty Phase witness list.

The Orlando Sentinel asserts that the rights of the people to know (who the defense will call in penalty phase) trumps the rights of the Defendant in this case.

They may have a point, actually.  Because of the Florida Sunshine Law, which has allowed all material in this case to be public knowledge, it stands to reason that this material would likewise be made public.   The Judge will decide, of course.

Personally, I hope the information is kept under wraps.  Let’s give these witnesses and Casey Anthony a fighting chance should she get sentenced with the Death Penalty.

As Judge Perry has pointed out, “Death is different.” For this reason, he may err on the side of Casey Anthony.

And, it is reported that there will be more documents released by the State tomorrow.   WESH is reporting that among the material being released, there will be videos of Law Enforcement interviews, jail letters, and more.

Now, that should be interesting!

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