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Merry Christmas Roy Kronk!

Roy Kronk, a hero to so many for finding the whereabouts of Caylee Anthony’s final resting place, may be let off the hook – not pursued by the Casey Anthony Defense team as a patsy to create reasonable doubt.  However, the much maligned defense attorney, Jose Baez, is saying, ‘whoa, not so fast‘ –  as if he’s not done cooking Kronk like a turkey.

Jose Baez had until this week to file a motion regarding his intent to use Roy Kronk’s supposed “prior bad acts” to create reasonable doubt in the case against Casey Anthony.  But, as of Christmas eve, there has been no sign of any motion suggesting Kronk will be treated as a red herring in this case.  However, according to Channel 6 News, a local Orlando news station, Jose Baez is asserting that the defense is still focusing on Kronk, and any reports that they have given up on Kronk are false.

It must be noted that given Judge Perry’s insistence to hold fast to deadlines in this case, it is doubtful the Judge will entertain a hearing on the issue of Roy Kronk now that the deadline has passed.  Though stranger things have happened, the Judge did seem resigned and did firmly insist that if Jose Baez wanted the Kronk matter heard, he had better file the motion for a hearing prior to December 23rd.

Given the fact that Jose Baez has troubles of his own as a result of the State of Florida requesting sanctions, it seems unlikely the defense will get its act together and persuade Judge Perry to hear a motion on this matter.

Furthermore, the defense recently filed several motions requesting to exclude witness testimony, but failed to make mention of Roy Kronk.

The recent motions filed by the Casey Anthony defense team request that the following topics be stricken from the case:

  • Brian Burner’s testimony about Casey borrowing a shovel.  (This will come in – no way will this be excluded.)
  • A table knife found in Casey Anthony’s car. (Though a knife does not play a part in this case, its presence in Casey’s car may have significance.)
  • Testimony in which Casey was asked to point to an area on a map as to where Caylee’s body may be found. (This should come into the case.)
  • Any mention by the Anthony family that Casey has a history of lying.  (This will come in, so will her stealing since she’s now a convicted felon.)
  • Sexual relationships with Tony Lazzaro and Anthony Rusciano.  (Casey’s history with Tony Lazzaro should definitely come in.)

The motions to exclude the above can be found at this link.

With all these items to discuss, it looks as if the month of January is going to be quite interesting indeed.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for Monday, January 3, 2011.  Should be a big day!

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