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but this is death

Something is wrong here. Something is terribly wrong and no one is doing anything to stop it.

Have we forgotten that Casey Anthony has her nose pressing against the glass of the death chamber?

We spend so much time lambasting Jose Baez – making fun of his incompetent antics in the courtroom, that we forget there is a human being who, as a result of his incompetence, is likely to pay the ultimate price.

Death is looming large.  It is getting more and more certain as each day unfolds unto the next.  Days are falling off the calendar so swiftly.  It will be 2011 in a few days and the start of the Casey Anthony trial is a mere five months away. This means that the certain pronouncement of death is coming like a train that will not be derailed.

As I sit here writing this, I know I am powerless to do anything. I am writing words that few will see and even fewer will really care about.  As I sit here I am envisioning Jose Baez as conductor of the certain death sentence for Casey Anthony.  He is stoking that death engine like a conductor who is blinded by the thrill of the train’s speed.

Casey Anthony seems oblivious to the chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chugging of Jose Baez’s incompetence.

On her young and pimply face, she wears a school-girls crush on Jose Baez.  She sits in that courtroom, vacant, seemingly without awareness of the fate that awaits her.  She sits there, dazed, looking out of eyes that do not see the train that’s coming.  We see her smiling, too.  She’s foolish, this we know, but I can’t stand to see her being bamboozled so badly that she smiles at death.

Who will protect Casey Anthony from herself? Baez is not even qualified to try a death penalty case, and yet he is doing so!  Aren’t there protections in the system to ensure this doesn’t happen?

Why are the people of Orlando and the State of Florida allowing this to happen?  Do they hate Casey Anthony so much they will allow an incompetent defense, and pay for it too?

She is facing death, and most likely a retrial, if Jose Baez is left to his own devices.

Death Penalty cases are thrown out all the time when it’s determined that the defendant had ineffective counsel.  But, it’s always after the fact.  It is always post trial that death cases are retried to the cost of thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Death is expensive. However, I am not writing about the money. I am writing about the final judgment of death and how wrong the system is that allows it to happen so easily.

Doesn’t the State of Florida have the power to stop Jose Baez from continuing to make a mess of this case and serve death to his client?

Can no one intervene?  Where are the watchdogs?

Is this happening in other courtrooms across Florida?  Are defendants being represented by attorneys that are incompetent?  What about the truly innocent who are lead to their death?  We know that happens, but that’s a different topic for another time. This is about Casey Anthony who is not innocent but is being lead to her death like a horse is led to water.

It is not a fair system when a defendant assists in assuring they receive a penalty of death.

Why are we allowing this to happen?  Is it because we despise the act Casey Anthony has committed?  We care about justice for Caylee, that goes without saying.  But something is wrong with this kind of justice.

We know Casey Anthony is vapid, unfeeling and blank.  But, she sits between people in a courtroom who care not for her but for the fame her crime delivers.  This in itself is wrong.

Death is different. It is final and something is wrong with a system that allows a defendant to unwittingly walk themselves to the their own death as if suicide were an answer.

I have no answers here.  I have no answers, only questions.  I hate the death penalty, though it is just for the John Wayne Gacy’s of the world – and other monsters like him.

People who read this are likely to think I’m a worry-wart because I’m putting the cart before the horse here.  And it’s true, but I see death coming in this case; I see it and hear it chugging along just as sure as I see the sun in the sky.

And I don’t like it. I don’t like what I see in that Orlando courtroom.

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