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hula hoops and the post-a-day challenge for 2011!

Well, I’m going to try to see if I can manage posting every day in 2011!

Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.

In addition, I am going to buy a hula hoop and twirl and swirl my middle inches right away!

A blogger named Edrn came up with this fabulous idea and she’s gotten a few of us really psyched about this hula Hope challenge.

So, if you’d like to hula hoop with us and hope to loose inches around the middle, that would be super!   Some of us will share results, others may be too shy, but either way, we will motivate and cheer each other on.

Oh, and with regards to the daily post challenge…. I know it won’t be easy, but it will be fun and inspiring.  To help me with this challenge, I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals – we’ll help each other along the way.

The goal of this daily post challenge is to become a better writer, and daily practice does help.  So, even if it’s a little paragraph, or a long article, I’m going for it!

Happy New Year once again!  Cheers to all!


Happy 2011!

My goodness, the year 2010 just flew right by!  It was not a great year for me, so I’m glad it flew by and will soon be history. 

I am not one to party on New Years Eve, and usually am in bed while the new year sneaks in.  Tonight I’m cooking for my folks – it will be an early dinner – because they’re cooking tomorrow to celebrate the New Year.

I have enjoyed this holiday more than most.  My two grown nieces came to town to visit, and we had a ball together – they are beautiful and talented young women, one is an artist, the other, a writer.

It’s been so nice to have this week off, too.  The university I work for closes during the final week of December, and the employees are so grateful!

I wish I could say that I accomplished a lot over this past week, but I really didn’t do too much.  Well, I did do a lot of writing on the blog, which I enjoy so much, and wish I could do more of.  And, I did watch quite a few movies (thanks to Netflix streaming movies through my Wii player!).  And, I did clean house.  And I did shop. And I did visit with friends and family…. and, well, I guess I did accomplish a lot after all!

As far as resolutions… well, I am not very good at keeping New Year resolutions, are you?  However, the older I get, the more my waist grows, and grows and grows… So, a diet is part of my game plan for the new year.  I also want to do more photography, perhaps try to do a little free-lance photography work, too.  I want to keep writing, of course, and want to start a new blog dedicated to Training and Development, which is the work I do for a living.

But, my main goals for 2011 are to write as much as possible, loose about 50 pounds, and loose myself in photography.  If I can accomplish this, I will be happy!

Oh, and for fun, I’d like to go to London for the vacation my friend Kathy and I have planned to do for a couple of years now. It will be nice to take a real vacation!  Also, for fun, I need to be kinder and gentler to myself…. in the mad rush of life, I oftentimes forget me.  Do you do that too?

So, I propose that 2011 will be our year for great happiness and prosperity!  Yeah, I think that’s a good plan!

I have enjoyed chatting with everyone who posts and reads on my blog.  What a great bunch of folks you are!  I wish you so much happiness, prosperity, and joy in 2011 and beyond.

Big hugs to you all!


throw out the kitchen, too

The Casey Anthony Defense Team has filed a flurry of motions to challenge more of the discovery from entering into evidence at trial.

The defense is doing what it should be doing and challenging what it deems the most damaging pieces of discovery.  At some point there will be a hearing where all the evidence is laid out and both the State and the Defense stipulate (concur) or argue about what discovery will be entered as evidence into the trial.

In the meantime, we will see a flurry of motions asking that the Judge not only throw out the kitchen sink, but also the kitchen!

Late Thursday evening, WFTV reported that over 100 pages of motions were delivered to the court by the defense.

Some of the items included in the motion to exclude evidence are:

  • The tattoo “Bella Vita” (Italian for Beautiful Life) that Casey got while her daughter was “missing”.
  • Traces of chloroform – discovered in the trunk of Casey’s car.
  • A stain in the trunk of a car that is reportedly in the shape of a small child in a fetus-like pose.
  • The MySpace content from Cindy Anthony’s page where she wrote: “My Caylee is Missing,” and talked about how jealously took her granddaughter from her.
  • Casey wrote a post on MySpace that said, “Everyone lies, everyone dies….life is never easy.”

Those of us following this case know that there’s an avalanche of evidence, and the above is only the tip of the iceberg.

When it rains, it snows.  It will take a gargantuan snow plow to hide all the damaging evidence in this case. (You can bet the State won’t be snowed!)

Source: WFTV  Defense Wants Casey’s MySpace Postings Tossed Out

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